i heart brooklyn designers: The Bubble Roome

Does soap count as a design? Well it should if it comes from the Bubble Roome! They have beautifully packaged all natural soaps, mineral salts, lotions and more….all from Brooklyn! You can order directly from their site or from Rare Device…..

[images from Bubble Roome and Rare Device]

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i heart brooklyn designers: Perch!

There are a few things I love about Amy Adams, designer for Perch ceramics….1) her products are handmade in Brooklyn 2) She went to Pratt (go Pratt!) and 3) her pieces are totally cute, functional, and make great gifts!

I’ve already gotten the small perch basket for myself and keep it near the kitchen to drop my ring in on the rare occasion I wash some dishes :) It looks great next to my Pamela Barksy piggy bank

[images from Perch]

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I heart Brooklyn designers: Jen Causey

I’m a big fan of Brooklyn and its designers, so as a new segment, I want to introduce you to vendors I love from this borough. I think I mentioned before that our wedding is slightly Brooklyn themed, so we’ve been trying to find many of our vendors from here. For my bridesmaids and those helping with the wedding, I’m determined to get only locally designed gifts, so I’ll be posting ones I’ve come across or plan on using – can’t divulge too much in case the ladies check this!

I found Jen Causey of Simply Photo a while back on Etsy, and have been enthralled by her beautiful photographs ever since. She really is the nicest person too…we’ve have some back and forth through emails, and she’s even hand delivered a photo I ordered at the last minute! Anyway, I’ll let her photos do the talking, but I think her postcard sets would make a great addition to any gift set, and her prices are incredibly reasonable, so you can buy PLENTY.

[images from Simply Photo]

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