Photography week!: Davina Zagury

I’ve loved Davina Zagury‘s work even before I knew she was a wedding photographer…..she used to sell her photo series of vintage toys outside of the Apple store in Soho for a while and I picked up a few for my place. I revisited her website recently and really fell in love with her work all over again…

[images from Dagzag]

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Photography Week!: Sarah Sloboda

Sarah Sloboda contacted me with some beautiful images of weddings she’s done, and I had to share. She’s incredibly good at catching fun moments and the couples personality….

[images from Sarah Sloboda]

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Photography week!: Natalie Moser

This week I want to have some focus on great photographers, so everyday I’ll be featuring a new one. We’re starting off with Natalie Moser….

Erika and Thos’s wedding at The Parker, my new favorite California spot to get married, had some killer photographs taken by the talented Natalie Moser. I swear, that place is MEANT for modern affairs, and Natalie took total advantage of that. Check out her blog for more of her work…

[images from Natalie Moser Photography]

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If’n Books + Marks guest books

If’n Books + Marks has some great alternatives for guest books and wedding albums….I love the wood covers and the Jen Corace designed album.

[images from If'n Books + Marks]

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Super 8 Films

Ahh, the wedding video….originally not part of my wedding plan, but after seeing one shot in 8mm, I was hooked. Super 8 films are becoming the big rage apparently, and I definitely think its the way to go….your film will have a nice, vintage grainy quality, and will always look classic. Depending on who you go with, packages can start at $3000 and go all the way to $12,000! Fifty Foot Films, Super 8 filmsters to the stars, has now come out with a sister company called Paper Tape Films…you’ll get the same quality for a fraction of the price, and in locations all over the US. If I could show a clip here, I would, but just trust me, bring a tissue to the computer when you click the links.

[image shots from Paper Tape Films]

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