DIY: Kissing clothespin cake topper

I’ve been thinking of fun, alternative caketoppers and when I saw this, I thought it’d be the perfect thing to turn bridal. They’re so quick and easy to make that you could even make a bunch of them and clip them to brown paper bags as favors for your guests. I found an oversized clothespin at the dollar store, which adds a little more drama to the cake than everyday laundry clothespins.

You will need clothespins, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, pencil, (optional lace/tulle for veil)

Step 1: Pencil in your tuxedo with bow tie and wedding dress. Keep it simple. I added a pearl necklace and rosy cheeks.

Step 2: Paint in your lines.

Step 3: (optional) Glue gun pieces of lace or tulle to make veil.

Voilà! — Brittany

I adore this cake photographed by John Cullen and thought it’d be the perfect thing to show off our kissing duo.

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Design*Sponge At Home sneak peek!

The Design*Sponge At Home book gets released today and I’m so happy to share a sneak peek of it with you straight from design*sponge herself! There are lots of DIY projects in there that are not just perfect for your home, but could easily be translated to your wedding, like this succulent wall that a d*s reader submitted.

+ + + + +

Name: Lily Huynh
Location: Seattle, Washington
Cost: $80-$90
Difficulty level: 2
Time: 2-3 hours

Many of us long to have a lush backyard filled with trees and room to garden, but are faced with the reality of limited space, fire escapes, and cement patios. Looking to create an “urban greenscape” for the backdrop of her wedding ceremony, Lily
Huynh of NINCOMSOUP decided to turn to bricks to create the structure she would need for her wall of greenery. By planting tiny succulents into the holes in each brick, Lily was able to get the lush, green feel she wanted, without having to have an actual garden out back. Lily loved her finished succulent wall so much she decided to move it from the background of her wedding ceremony to the front, where it served as a makeshift alter. Whether you’re planning for a wedding decoration or just want to create a small wall of greenery on your fire escape, this is a fun and affordable way to build a small greenspace without a backyard.


- Engineering Bricks (these come in a variety of types, most commonly with 3 large holes, although you can find some that have 10 or 16 small holes).
- Succulents (Look for mature succulents that are have anywhere from a ½ inch blossom diameter to 3 inch blossom diameter.
- Cactus Soil
- Potting Soil
- Large plastic bucket
- 9×12 inch baking pan
- 1 tall, skinny spoon
- The amount of bricks, succulents, cactus and potting soil all depends on how large you plan to make your succulent brick wall.


1. Mix the potting soil and cactus soil in a 1 to 1 ratio to fill a bucket
2. Separate the succulents into individual florets that will fit the various sizes of the brick holes
3. Trim the roots to about 1 inch
4. Fill the baking pan with about a ½ inch of water
5. Place the brick into the baking pan and spoon the soil mixture into the holes, until loosely full
6. Take the back end of the spoon to pack the soil into the hole a bit (not too tightly)
7. Arrange the different sizes of florets into each of the brick holes. Pack the florets with the soil mixture, making sure that each is packed firmly in place. (tip: use the spoon to surround the plants with soil, and then use the back end of the spoon to
help pack the soil into each individual hole)
8. Let the bricks sit out for a few days to acclimate the succulents in their new homes
9. Stack the bricks on their sides to build the “succulent brick wall”

Grab your copy of Design*Sponge At Home right here, here, or here. Thanks for sharing Grace, so proud of you!

[image by Belathée Photography]

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On the Road with You + ME*

Weddings often come with moving; one person moving in to another’s place, moving together to a new home, or relocating after the wedding. Why not take advantage of the summer months to take a road trip with your wedding photographers to get some travel-inspired engagement shots that you can use for a moving announcement after the wedding? For these shots, we took the ever-adorable Lauren and her equally cute boyfriend Aaron out of the city for the day with the lovely and talented ladies from Moss & Isaac, and ended up with a collection of on-the-road photos.

[images from Moss & Isaac]

We used photoshop to create a moving announcement postcard–we’ve provided a blank back for you (download it here!) to either edit using Photoshop or Illustrator or to write your new address on with good old fashioned pen and ink (or a rubber stamp!). You can even use an online printer such as to have your favorite photo printed on the front, and our download on the back. You’ve got so much else on your plate planning a wedding; cross the moving announcement off your list!- Miya & Elisabeth

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DIY Wine bottle wrap

Last week I went to my dear childhood friend’s engagement party, and after seeing these bottles of wine from Swanson Vineyards, knew they were the perfect gift.  However, wrapping wine bottles is no easy feat!  Unless of course, you just HAPPEN to have a darling fabric wrap from Chewing the Cud that is the PERFECT size for wrapping 2 bottles!  It honestly couldn’t be easier…

Start the bottles with the fabric on a diagonal near the bottom, and keep the bottles approximately 2-3″ apart.

Start rolling those bottles like a burrito!  Keep the fabric tight so they dont slide around.

When you’re all rolled up, bring the tops of the bottles together (slide them apart a little if they dont sit flat)…

Tie a double knot at the top and you’re all done!

For more directions, check out Chewing the Cud’s blog where she gives lots of ways to wrap gifts with fabric, or check out Martha Stewart where she shows how to make your own fabric wrap.

[images by me]

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Tablescape challenge: Museum inspired

The inspiration for the tablescape came from a Museum of Modern Art book that Alix got at a used book sale a little over a year ago. The cover of the book is embossed and painted metal making the piece was just too hard to resist. The couple decided to use the cover as their inspiration and pulled elements of color, style, and finish to complete the modern tablescape.

DIY Project: Modern Centerpiece

-3 small succulents
-pea-sized gravel
-white spray paint
-mirrored box/mirror
-black rocks
-newspaper, plastic bags

Buy or gather pea-sized gravel, rinse in a colander, and allow to dry.

Find a box that suits the size of your table and cut to your desired height (mine was about 6 inches tall) or buy a box that’s the shape you prefer. I spray painted my box so that it was all evenly white. Line the box with plastic bags. Place your mirrored box inside (I covered mine in plastic to prevent it from getting dirty) and fill the larger box with soil. Plant your succulents–I used three and left the fourth space free for a tea light candle and some contrasting black rocks. Spray paint your gravel white and let dry. Take the (now) white gravel and cover all of the dirt surrounding your succulents and mirror/mirrored box. Nestle your candle down in the rocks and surround with black rocks. Viola!

Yellow bread plate, silverware, napkins; Crate & Barrel
Tiffany blue and slate colored plates; Z Gallerie
Glasses, Mirrored box; West Elm
All DIY materials, placemats; Home Depot

Design Team: Alix Gates & Jake Levy
Photographers: Alix Gates & Jake Levy

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