Megan’s save the date

My husband and I met in Brooklyn and he is an airbrush artist heavily into graffiti. I moved him out to the West Coast but we tried to capture some of the spirit of Brooklyn in our wedding. It was styled around art and graffiti and we used our Save the Dates and Invitations to announce this to our guests. We were married at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA where we were surrounded by crazy colors and sculptures. It was wonderful!

Our Save the Dates were ordered on It is their accordian-style card. I found a 30% off coupon code online and it saved me so much. They made a huge impression. We would meet friends of our friends and they would recognize us from seeing the card. People told us we looked like models thanks to our photographer, Cheryl at We had her squeezing behind fences and playing look-out when my husband spraypainted a heart for us to stand in front of. It is a great memory. We are both known by nicknames so we used them on our STD cards which I loved.

[images from Megan]

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Lindsay’s save the dates

Lindsay can’t decide which version she prefers….I definitely like the second one best! Anyone else?

[images from Lindsay]

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Alicia’s save the date

Alicia [from Seaport Flowers, yay!] and her fiance made these adorable save the dates. Gotta love Photoshop!

[images from Alicia]

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Carla’s save the date

Anyhooo….Dave and I are older (he’s 49 I’m almost 42) both of us LOVE LOVE LOVE music. I’ve had a bunch of Americana bands that I worked with as merch chick, den mother, group therapist, promo guru, photographer etc and Dave IS a musician (with a day job).

Since music is such an important part of both of our lives we made our save the dates cards to look like real concert tickets. Our invitations will look like a Hatch Show Print (a very cool place in Nashville that does amazing work and if we were having a bigger wedding I would have them do the actual invitation but I couldn’t justify it for 20-40 invitations when the min order was 100.) The whole wedding weekend is going to be one great big “picking party” since the majority of the guest list are either musician or sing.

[image from Carla]

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Leela’s save the date

i used to live in brooklyn (le sigh) and am now a soon-to-be bride. I don’t know where I found your blog, but it is a refreshing contrast to lots of the wedding broo-ha-ha I seem to sift through . . .
I really enjoy your perspective and the items you share . . .
I thought you might get a kick out of the save date created by myself and my sweety, david.
[image from Leela]
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