Happy V Day!

For your Valentine’s Day viewing pleasure…a surprise cross country proposal, 3 years in the making!  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

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13 Comments to “Happy V Day!”

  1. two brunettes Says:

    annnnd im crying!!

  2. Kathryn Says:

    I too am in tears. That was amazing.

  3. Pita Says:

    this is the cutest proposal ever!

  4. Vane Says:

    i’ll admit, i got a little teary eyed myself

  5. Freck Says:

    Wow. Totally crying. He did so awesome, especially with the ‘rents waiting at the restaurant. Congrats to them!

  6. Angela Says:

    SOOO CUTE! this hits me probably a little harder for me than everyone else because my fiance and i live in sd also and we looove nyc.

  7. Sharon Says:

    That’s too awesome! The parents, the road trip AND the “Glee” soundtrack?! Love it, got choked up too…

  8. Julia R Says:

    Adorable! I love them both. =)

  9. bird Says:

    Jackie and I….

  10. English Major Says:

    Jackie and Me is actually correct…

  11. Katie Slater ~ Photographer Says:

    OMG! How cute was that!!!!!! :) Wiping tears as I type this…

  12. Sherisa (L'elephant Rose) Says:

    omg i just totally balled my eyes out. that’s so beautiful!!!!! congrats to them! xo

  13. Tiffany Says:

    This is so adorable and creative and romantic! I only wish the wedding were sooner because I want to see more! I love this.

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