The DIY Wedding + contest!

I think generally, [and this could be a BIG generalization] engaged couples want to do some DIY for their wedding…whether to cut some costs or add a personalized touch to the affair. The DIY Wedding, a book by Kelly Bare, can really help with that! Its got great tips on how to make lots of wedding day items, from custom cufflinks, to your own invitations!

Sooooo, here comes another contest! Leave a comment below with what you’re thinking about DIY-ing for your wedding, or if you’re married, what you’ve already DIY’d, and a randomly selected winner will be announced this Friday for a copy of the book. Good luck!!

[image from Chronicle Books]

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62 Comments to “The DIY Wedding + contest!”

  1. Casie Says:

    I plan to DIY my favors, personalized tea bags and homemade tea cookies. I also plan to DIY my wedding invitations. It is so much fun planning a wedding, and I have so many people offering to help me with whatever I need. I still need to design my own centerpieces as well, so this book would come in extremely handy.

  2. zee Says:

    As much as I can! One thing I’m looking forward to DIYing is our seating. Hiring chairs is so expensive if we want ones that aren’t ugly, and even the not-so-ugly ones aren’t really to our taste, so instead we’re going to collect old wooden dining chairs (which cost nothing or next to nothing) and paint them all the same colour for this sort of mismatched look –

  3. Anonymous Says:

    We are gocco-ing our invitations, save the dates, wedding programs and even cork coasters for favors. We are also going to be doing the decorations (birch bark tubes and mums), the tablecloths (putting the sewing machine to good use!) and making bags for the bridesmaid’s gifts to go in. The FH is putting together a website rather than using the knot or other pre-formatted sites. Pretty much everything but the food will be DIY! Cheers! – Laura C.
    PS – How would you contact someone who doesn’t have a blogger account and is apprehensive about publishing their e-mail address, if they win?

  4. glamourthis Says:

    I think my collection of wedding books would be happy to have this one to keep them company.

    I will be doing tonnes of DIY. From my invitations, to my cake design, cake topper and place cards… centerpieces and bridal party jewelry… and I know Im missing some.

    So ya, I would love to win this!

  5. Kelly Says:

    I’ve DIY’d my own invitations, am currently working on a DIY program, DIY napkin rings, chair decorations, card box and table runners, and we’re DIYing decor for the buffet table. I’m also DIYing picture frames for bridesmaids’s gifts :-D

  6. roopa Says:

    We’re definitely DIYing the flowers – my mom is an avid and amazing gardener and is wonderful with flowers, so I’m putting that entirely in her hands. We’ll buy them wholesale and she is making all the arrangements.

    Also, I am having my best friend, who is a graphic designer, design my invitations, save the dates, and programs.

    I would love to DIY the cake but I am not making my own wedding cake and none of my friends are good enough bakers to do it for me! (I’m making my brother’s wedding cake, though!)

  7. Adriane Says:

    I am hoping to make my own invitations, both to save money and to have some fun with it! I really think that if I play around with different art papers and fonts I can create something pretty and unique, and as a perfectionist, I will be sure that it looks professional.

    - Adriane

  8. Rebecca Says:

    I plan on DIYing the flowers and invitations/stationery. We are not sure if we even want to have favors or centerpieces at the moment, but if we do decide to have them, then they will be DIY of course.

  9. Kathryn Says:

    I want to DIY my save the dates and possibly the invites. Definitely the favors, and I have some good ideas for decorations. I’d like to do the table numbers and seating cards as well. I love crafting and taking on projects and luckily I have a really crafty and artistic Mom as well! I’d love to have this book as inspiration!

  10. natalie Says:

    I plan to DIY my save the dates, programs, menus and seating cards. My mom and I are going to make a jr. bridesmaid’s dress and the flower girls dresses. I am also planning on making the decor for the cocktail hour. My fiance created our wedding website. I would love a little professional help, however, and this book sounds great!

  11. melissa s. Says:

    I plan to DIY my flowers, my veil and the favors. Hopefully the book will give me even more ideas!

  12. Catie Marshalek Says:

    I am DIYing every paper/stationary item we are using! I designed our invites, our programs, cocktail menus, and will be crafting monograms for the favor tags, and cookie bar. I love graphic design and am having an incredible amount of fun creating special touches for the day.

  13. oslothecat Says:

    Our shabby-chic theme lends itself well to DIY. For “chandeliers” we’re going to paint tree branches white and hang chandelier crystals and votives from the limbs. Have a ton of other projects in the works, but that one is my favorite!

  14. heather Says:

    We held a very fun softball game the day before the wedding “The Weiners Vs. The Franks” (seriously – as to your other post about changing names – I exchanged one hot dog name for another). I designed T-shirts for the two teams (“GOT LINKED” with the date) in our wedding colors anyone that couldn’t make the game took home a t-shirt the next day as a favor.

  15. Marla Bo Barla Says:

    I am going to take a shot at making these very cool paper poofs (from coffe filters!!) that I found on ‘$10K Wedding’ blog.

  16. Emmy Says:

    We’re doing as much as possible.

    1. Wedding invitations
    2. Flowers
    3. Favors
    5. My fiancee’s band mates are providing the ceremony music.

    and the list goes on….basically everthing except catering and the dress.

  17. Beth Howard Says:

    I just got a new letterpress, so of course I’m doing the paper stuff. I also really want to sew the table runners–I’m thinking of having a few long tables.

    Secretly, I want to make the cake, but I think that’s probably a bit much.

  18. meg Says:

    So far I’ve made our invites, place cards, favours (glass marble magnets), and table signs. I am also planning on putting together the bouquets and centerpieces with flowers I’ve ordered from the internet. My wonderful Mum is making our cake.

  19. Emily Pee Says:

    Oh my gosh, what aren’t we DIYing? We (and by we I mean my mother and me) are doing the invitations, favours, flowers, ceremony and most likely reception decor, cakes, hair and makeup (I’ll be doing my BMs’ hair and makeup too, I’m just good like that- haha) and last but not least, if I can’t find what I want for a decent price, I’ll make my wedding dress too!

  20. nole Says:

    I plan to DIY as much as I can — table runners for our long, family-style tables at the reception, aisle markers that hold rose petals and lavender for the ceremony, our menus and programs, a fabric backdrop for a polaroid photo station, and hopefully our centerpieces.

  21. talida Says:

    Let’s see.. invitations, all printed materials, and a few others. But what I’m most happy to DImyself are the favors – some homemade matcha cookies :)

  22. Lyndsey Says:

    I am going to DIY my bridesmaids gifts (sew big silk pillows in the shape of the first letter of their name), my guest book (a picture of the two of us randomly put on each page with suggestion of one signature per page), boutenieres (green leftovers from the girls’ flowers), invitations (specifially the photo of the two of us holding a large white cut out “&”), groom’s cake because he doesnt eat sugar, centerpieces, and thank-you cards.

  23. wetlandsgirl77 Says:

    We’re doing save the dates, invites, music (ipod and sound system), table runners, flowers and BEER ourselves. my best friend’s husband is brewing us all the beer we’ll need (no small undertaking) for the reception. Yay DIY

  24. Chitown Bride Says:

    As much as I can. Invitations, menus and favor boxes!

  25. cass Says:

    we are DIYing (and enlisting the talents of our wonderful friends) as much as possible! we are on a tight budget so we are DIYing save the dates (bookmarks), invites, centerpieces (books), decor, flowers, and a polaroid guestbook. our friends are taking photos, making the cake, doing hair/make-up, and dj-ing. we’re getting married in july so at the moment we are frantically scouring books (and brilliant blogs like this one) for even more ways to save $ and make our wedding a reflection of us.

  26. christel Says:

    I’m already married but I DIY’d almost everything for my wedding. I created my own save the dates, invitations, and ceremony programs. I did my own aisle runner, centerpieces, and favors. The only thing I did not do on my own were the bouquets for the bride and the bridesmaids.

  27. SmoyJoy1 Says:

    We wanted to give favors that have something to do with our married last name. We could give out miniature pails with rock pebble candy ala martha stewart, but mom found LOVE stones…polished stones engraved with words. I found a kit where I can make my own concrete decorative garden stones with impressed letters…Love Hope Joy, etc. I can include the native american legend of worry stones with each one. It’s a DIY that will add personalization and play off our last name.

  28. Marissa Says:

    I will be dying all paper products, website, and possibly a manzanite tree for the card table.

  29. Jocelyn Says:

    i’m going to try to get creative for a winter wedding by DIYing as much as i can to suit my own cozy theme:

    - red and white invitations and paper goods
    - scavenging for a fallen tree to saw up into slices for part of a woodsy table setting
    - collecting pine cones when the season is right
    - collecting clear glass jars of all shapes and sizes for tea lights to string around the hall
    - i’m going to make my own wedding (carrot!) cake with a frosty snowy white cream cheese icing
    - florals will be carefully snipped evergreen branches accented with ethically sourced baby’s breath and filler greenery
    - music will all be done by us and our friends who DJ
    - and of course, DIY wine brewing for extra fun

  30. 99vintageglam Says:

    I DIY’d my wedding invitations and I’m currently working on my ceremony programs-to keep with our 30′s theme, we’re doing telegrams instead of the traditional booklet program.
    I have some pics of my invitations in my knot bio, and I’ll post pics of my ceremony programs as soon as I have time to take some pics of them :)

  31. Preppy Fashionista Says:

    I am planning to DIY wine cork place card holders, cookie favors, a Polaroid guest book, and a few projects that I have not decided on yet.

  32. Marji Says:

    I’m making my own escort cards. In between them will be reprinted photos of our guests getting married. I was planning on dangling the photos intermixed on laundry lines (since we’re getting married at an adorably b&b on the hudson) but I’m hoping to think other quirky ways to present the escort cards / wedding photos. (would love suggestions). Also making my own ring pillow: trying to make a large magnolia-like silk flower if i can pull it off.

  33. Marriah Says:

    I love to make things! I’m going to take on all stationery (via a gocco) and lots of decorations (but not most of the florals). If I come across a feasible project that would be cool, I’ll try to make it! I recently found some awesome instructions in ReadyMade Magazine for making vellum pendant lamps!

  34. Maria G Says:

    I’m DIY:in out
    Save The Dates
    Wedding Favours – A silver pendant with small gemstone, finished them all this weekend, Yipiiee….for all girls. Boys we don’t know yet.
    My Weddding Bands
    My Fiances Wedding band
    (as you can tell I make jewellery as a hobby :-)
    All other paperware, menue, favour tags, thank you cards etc…and activity Books for the kids that are coming….
    Lots of things are finished, but still some stuff to do..:-)
    i’m lucky I don’t need much sleep :-)

  35. Maria G Says:

    ohhh and also i forgott. All the flowers, and my make lots and lots

  36. janeuary Says:

    I like to make cards so would like to at least do the save the dates and put together the invitations. A friend is also encouraging me to do flowers…

  37. amberto Says:

    we are going to do our centerpieces for sure. i’m sure our placecards and other odds and ends will follow

  38. Lynn Says:

    I DIY’d my veil, my mother made her own dress (turned out great), a basket to hold the birdseed bags, as well as the little bags. I have also aided in the DIY of programs and rehersal dinner invitation, placecards, and table numbers.

  39. Parisian at Heart Says:

    I plan to DIY my favors, guest bags, wedding invitations (and all other paper products). I am sure I will end up DIYing more stuff as it comes up.

  40. One Love Photo Says:

    We made our own invitations, which were really cool! Also we made and filled our very own wedding pinata (instead of cake)Yes, it’s true…. we smashed a pinata together instead of cake in the face!

  41. cleverpseudonym Says:

    My FH is designing our invites and S-T-Ds, and we’re DIYing our centerpieces and gift baskets for the cabins at our weekend venue. The centerpieces will be pots of herbs and succulents (My mom is doing all the flowers.)
    Our theme is summer campish/ hippie nature retreat as we are getting married over a weekend at a “spiritual renewal center” in the woods, so in our gift baskets we’re going to include fruit leather, granola, mini-sunscreen bottles, a hand-illustrated handout of native plants and animals (including poison oak!!) and maybe a friendship bracelet or two.

  42. Kate Rebecca Says:

    I plan on DIY our centerpieces – candles placed on cake platters, inspired by a picture found on “real simple” with a few flowers placed around the candle.

    Escort cards will be a picture of the person who the escort card is for, holding their table number.

    We’re making our own STD & asking a friend to help make our invites.

    Basically anything that can be done DIY that helps us to save money will be done!

  43. Adrienne Says:

    I’m definitely DIY-ing the invitations, programs, bridesmaids dresses, and the flowergirl dress. Still working on doing some centerpieces and other projects to save money!

  44. Lisanne Says:

    I’ve DIYed my Save the Dates (postcards printed at my local printer), the invitations (screenprinted fabulous, thanks to Martha’s inspiration), and the favors (honey and almond jars), the cake topper and the table runners. And, hopefully, I will be doing the centerpieces as well. Unless I wake up to the insanity before then. LOL! I love being able to get my hands dirty and to really say that I participated in making my wedding personal and unique! Thanks for all the inspiration, Brooklyn Bride!

  45. Melissa Jade Says:

    We’re DIY our Favors. Sounds lame? Well aside from our standard favors (godiva cakes) we’re putting together farewell boxes that everyone (most are staying in hotels) can take. Inside is various breakfast foods and OJ and such. This way nobody has to get up on time for breakfast. It comes right to them.

    Also planned on having wedding portraits of the family around during cocktail hour.

  46. rubygroove Says:

    We are just in the beginning stages of planning, but we are already DIYing our save the dates. With the help of an amazing planner friend, we are doing all the decor ourselves- flowers in mason jars, hankerchiefs on hedges, and not sure what our favors will be yet (aside from a candy bar!) but rest assured, it will be done by us!!! I hope the book has some great tips!

  47. Veroni Says:

    We went a little crazy on the DIY. We DIYed our menus, cocktail menus, programs, save-the-dates, invites, Swarovski table numbers (yes, glued on every tiny rhinestone!), escort cards, escort card trees, soda bottle favors, and bottle opener placecards.

  48. sugarbushfarm Says:

    We plan to DIY as much as possible, invites, flowers and centerpieces, decorations and favors, and anything else that will save some money and personalize the day!

  49. GorgesViola Says:

    Not being “officially” engaged yet is allowing me to have lots of grand plans to do things myself. :-) A lot of the “DIY” things will not be completely hands-on or super-creative but will save a lot of $$$ (iPod at the reception, for one). The thing I’m most excited about and committed to, though, is doing my own produce-oriented centerpieces (I’m thinking that each table will have its own fruit or vegetable moniker) that I hope to be able to eat, donate, or at least compost afterwards. I hate seeing flowers in Dumpsters! So I hope this book will give me some great help at making repurpose-able centerpieces.

  50. Wendy Says:

    Did you know there were so many DIY brides?! I worry about the stress level in these girls- it is their wedding and it should be stress- free! Good luck to all!

  51. Christine Says:

    We have already made our our save-the-dates by scanning, photoshopping, and printing at home some clever photo booth photos (goofy pictures of us holding signs with the vital info). We are also going to DYI the invitations, table gifts, name cards, and centerpieces. My fiance is a huge bicycle fanatic, so our centerpieces will be spraypainted white and decorated bike wheels suspended over each table! My sister is great at binding books and so will make the guest book. I hope to come up with more ideas by the big day in July 2008.

  52. Katherine Says:

    Not yet but when the time comes, the plan so far is to DIY as much as we can! I sew, he bakes, so the cake and dress are probably our two big projects, actually (yeah, I know, crazy). I hope to do more, like invitations and at least some of the decor, and favors (if we have them) myself! Right now it seems exciting and a fun break from work, but I expect it may turn into its own job :)

  53. lyrebard Says:

    We DIY-ed our save-the-date postcards through VistaPrint; created our invites with PhotoShop and had them printed at a friend’s professional print shop; will be DIY-ing all other printed material; and still plan to DIY our (flower-free) centerpieces…but need inspiration for that!

    I also created a website from scratch, and am updating it as we get more information.

  54. Diane Says:

    As much as possible! I’m considering making my own dress, my cake, centerpieces, and the invites. We’re paying for everything and I have strong ideas, so the best way to do something special is for me to do it myself.

  55. Royal Icing Says:

    Ok….my fiance and I are DIYing it to the max. We made our own vintage Save the Date Post cards, going to design and letterpress our invitations, I am decorating our cake and we are also going to do our flowers and bake the cookies for our cookie buffet favors. I have an idea that this book would come in handy.

  56. kelly Says:

    I got married in October and did as much DIY as possible. I created the table centerpieces with a slice of wood, glass hurricanes, pillar candles, and wooden flowers. It ended up being a beautiful woodsy piece! I also did my invitations. I tore fabric to back each invitation, designed the pattern/wording, wrapped a shell button on each, and sent them out with a custom stamp! I DIY the flowers, placecards, jewelry, customized my dress, and lots of other things. Saved us a great deal of money and made the day unique.

  57. ceb Says:

    I’m a DIY-er for all stationary; save the dates, thank yous, invitations.
    Also centerpieces – some sort of branch/vase display.
    And cookie cutter with family cookie recipe favors.
    And my wedding dress (with the help of a fabulous friend).
    Um, would even love to be my own caterer, but couldn’t figure out a way to do that, so we’ve hired!

  58. Laura Says:

    I’m DIYing the centerpieces, the ceremony decorations (swags of tulle held up by white dowels to lead the way from the parking lot to the ceremony site), the bouquets, the invitations, the Save The Date magnets, the favors (cookies!), my veil, my make-up, my shoes (decorated flip-flops), and the ceremony programs.
    I had to be talked out of sewing my own dress but a worried bridesmaid who has seen how poorly I sew.

    I need all the help I can get, because sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.

  59. Eipryl T. Says:

    We DIY’d our favor boxes, programs, and send-off c.d’s. Now I’m helping to plan my sister’s wedding, and I’m even more excited, because this time it won’t be so stressful!

  60. alexis Says:

    As much as possible! We’ve already done the Save the Dates. We will be making the invitations, making a website, making the table decorations/flowers, cookie bar, bridesmaids gifts, guestbook, veil, boutonnieres, thanks you, and anything else I can think of. Having this book would be sweet.

  61. Big Shot Says:

    I plan to DIY my escort cards.

    The escort cards are pink, business card size.

    Attached to the cards and on the left hand side will be a small button pin (1.25″ diameter)that will read “I Know The Bride” or “I Know The Groom”, depending on the relative guest.

    The “I Know The Bride” pins are pink w/chocolate writing. The “I Know The Groom” pins are chocolate w/pink writing.

    My colors are predominately pink and brown.

    Next to the pins will have the guests’ name in calligraphy as well as their table number on the back of the card.

    The buttons are small and cute. I figured it could be a good ice breaker for guests who don’t know each other.

  62. Laura Summers Says:

    I’m going to DIY my wedding invitations, table runners, polorid guest book and favors. I’m having a wedding in Maine and am serving lobster for dinner. I plan on making classy lobster bibs (I know what you’re thinking..classy and lobster bibs don’t go together) so they won’t look plastic and cheap.

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