Stitch Collection by Anthropologie

Be still my crafty heart….did anyone else get this postcard in the mail? They literally stitched a beautiful flower into the cardstock! I love it! Invitation ideas anyone?

Anyone, this new collection from Anthropologie is pretty darn special….it even warmed my oh so modern heart for a bit of vintage…lovely for the upcoming cooler days….

[images from Anthropologie]

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5 Comments to “Stitch Collection by Anthropologie”

  1. Tammi Says:

    Yes! I received the same postcard last night. As a knitter and quilter, I was quite intrigued. That wrap around sweater is a must have. I almost(!) ordered it this morning, but contained myself. And you’re right, that postcard is a good wedding invitation or thank you note idea. I wonder how my machine will handle sewing on cardboard. Hmmm…

  2. miranda Says:

    Was that sent with or without an envelope? I’m planing on stitching on my RSVPs, but am worried that the stitches will unravel or USPS will have a problem with them if they’re not enveloped.

    Stitching on cardstock works fine, tammi–it’ll probably dull your needle, but that’s fixable.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This collection feels like it could fit into Tera Durham’s book, Loop-d-loop…”knitting with a sense of adventure and a bit of whimsy.” I will definitely check these out!

    I did not receive a card…maybe today.

    Martha B.

  4. Vane Says:

    nope, no envelope. The stitching held up really well to my surprise

  5. jade Says:

    yikes, I can’t beleive I didn’t know about the Stitch collection. Thanks for the info : )

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