Personal training discount

So, big news….I’ve started working out with a trainer. Ok, so you may not think thats HUGE news, but it is for me. I’m pretty lazy, and its about time I did something about that. Funny thing is, I was NEVER this motivated before my own wedding (someone raise their hand and tell me they felt the same way!) I don’t know why, I had the gym membership, maybe even a trainer at one point, but I never went. And the wedding came and went, and I still never went. So now I’ve started at NY Personal Training…a week and a half in, and I’m feeling pretty sore, but in that good sore way. The nice thing is that the gym is private, so you’re working with trainers the entire time. Its been a good way to keep me accountable for going and excellent motivation for you brides who are like me.

As something very cool, the owner of the gym, Mike Shaw, is offering you NY brides $250 off their Wedding Shapeup package. Just mention Brooklyn Bride when you call to schedule an appointment!

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6 Comments to “Personal training discount”

  1. Kim @ Inspired Goodness Says:

    That’s great news Vane!

    I did the PT the entire year during wedding planning – I def felt better and stronger, but in the end, the internal lazy gal in me won out and I just stopped going.

    Best of luck..

  2. amber of Says:

    I got a 404 error with the link.

  3. Vane Says:

    it should work now, sorry bout that

  4. Globetrotting Bride Says:

    That’s exciting news. I had a trainer before the wedding and he totally kicked my butt. I did like him but it felt so weird to pay to be tortured but he definitely get me motivated.

  5. Julianne Smith Says:

    this is so great! good for you!

  6. Newly Domesticated Says:

    God, I wish I was that motivated. I totally just finished a bowl of ice cream before I read this. But now that I’m engaged, I’m thinking this may be a necessary course of action.

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