Quickie contest


Sarah Drake is offering up a chance to win 50 personalized Flight thank you cards to one lucky reader out there, so leave a comment below with what your color scheme is for your wedding and the winner will be announced on Monday!

Also, since she’s EXTRA nice, she’s offering everyone 20% off escort cards through Aug 15. Just use the code BRKLYN when ordering.

Thanks Sarah!

[images from Sarah Drake Design]

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65 Comments to “Quickie contest”

  1. kaitlin Says:

    am I the first to comment?

    This is such a lovely giveaway, and such perfect timing too (I’m a week away from being wed, and don’t have my thank you cards yet!)

    Thanks Sarah!!

  2. Lindsay H Says:

    My colors are black and white for our wedding on the beach in Santa Barbara, CA in 2 weeks! …and we have a feather theme so birds would be a good thank you card! I would love to see the birds in a kahki color or black…thank you!!

  3. kaitlin Says:

    Ack. I didn’t think to leave my colors. Probably, because it’s turquoise and chartreuse and so I immediately thought, “Wow, this thank you cards couldn’t be more perfect!”

    Also, all of our paper goods so far have had the words, “birds of a feather, flock together” on them. All the more wonderful for the flight series.

    Thanks again Sarah & Vane

  4. Alexa Says:

    woo-hoo! My wedding colors are chocolate brown, sage green and mustard yellow. Would love some thank you cards!

  5. Lynn Says:

    The birds are so sweet!

    Our colors are shades of blue (everything from sky to navy).

  6. www.chickdowntown.com rob Says:


  7. LittleWit Says:

    Our color scheme is navy blue, ivory and grey.

  8. Meredith Says:

    Those cards are adorable!
    I’m getting married in February. Our colors are chocolate brown and light blue.

  9. Bridget Says:

    We’re getting married at my grandparents’ home on the Balboa Bay in Newport Beach, CA–birds galore! Sarah Drake couldn’t be more charming. Our colors are coral, tea rose and hints of green–with a lot of ecru.

  10. Kiersten Says:

    Simple, sweet, perfect! Our wedding has a patchwork quilt theme, but we’re keeping everything else super simple and clean. Mostly cool whites, and iron grey. Three cheers to the winner!

  11. christi Says:

    would love some thank you notes-my colors are royal blue and white with some black accents. thanks so much for hosting this contest!!

  12. Lillian Says:

    These would be lovely! My colors are white, emerald green, and moss green.

  13. Janna Says:

    Thanks for this offer….the cards are lovely! I love the symbolism of the “flight”.

    We are getting married in Maine in September. Our wedding colors are navy blue and fucshia pink and our theme is rustic elegance.

    Janna & Ryan

  14. kelly Says:

    were getting married this fall…10/10…in a virginia park…the location is a shelter in the woods…and our colors are shades of brown green and white…since nature is our “theme” these cards would be perfect!

  15. Jessica B. Says:

    Our colors are deep purple, lilac, grass green, and chocolate brown. So hoping that I win!

  16. Jenn Graham Says:

    I love the simplicity of the cards! They are so lovely! Our colors are sapphire (dark royal blue), olive green, and slate. These would a great addition! Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Sara Tomko Says:

    Our theme is white and wood and the wedding is in Feb. I would say the colors are white and brown. So cute!

  18. Jen Evans Says:

    My colors our light aqua and a grass green. I always like getting mail, so it would be nice to send a quick note to our friends as well to make their day.

  19. janelle Says:

    our color scheme is going to be a gradient of soft and bright light and robin egg blues… it’s looking more and more like i’ll be wearing a non-traditional robin-egg blue dress at the wedding!

  20. nico Says:

    Ours is marigold and violet :) a couple flowers that we think make a nice combo…

  21. claire Says:

    My colors are yellow and grey! The cards are simple and beautiful! Nothing is more important than a hand written thank you note.

  22. mckay Says:

    what great cards! :)
    our colors are creams, greens and bark
    (ie-shades of brown/grey)

  23. Sara P. Says:

    What a great giveaway. Our colors are eggplant and moss green. I love the fligth design. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  24. Ariel Says:

    Purple, magenta and blue!

  25. NYCDawg Says:

    All neutral tones – whites, tans, beige…
    Such cute cards!

  26. Nicole Says:

    We have chosen green and grey for our colour scheme, along with hints of ivory and black.

  27. Carly Says:

    Love these! Our color scheme is chartreuse, whites, and hints of electric blue!

  28. Zach Says:

    Our colors are black, white and green . . . Right now we’re liking this green: C:69 Y: 0 M: 99 K: 0

  29. Kelley Says:

    I love these! I am a week away from my wedding- woohoo! Our colors are sage green, cornflower blue, and brown.

  30. heather Says:

    Great giveaway! Our colors are robin’s egg blue, spring green, peony pink and white.

  31. Christina Says:

    What beautiful thank you notes — so clean and understated! For our November wedding, our palette is merlot and ivory with hits of powder blue and wheat. Mm, fall…

  32. Abbie Says:

    Our wedding was last weekend, so we’re in need of thank you cards! These are great. Our wedding was in kelly green and pale blue.

  33. Jessica Says:

    Navy, peacock blue, grey and ivory — so not “South Beach” where our wedding will take place, but hot pink and turquoise weren’t really doing it for me :)

  34. Allison Says:

    recently decided on dark purple, with fall accent colors in reds, orange, yellow and browns (lots of wildflowers!)

  35. Jen Says:

    Hi! We would love these darling thank you notes! Our color scheme is navy blue and lemon yellow. :)

  36. Alison Says:

    We’re getting married in Greece in two weeks and our colour scheme is teal and ivory. I’ll keep my fingers crossed as Sarah’s stationery is divine.

  37. Christianne Says:

    We’re getting married in Los Angeles this December and would love some thank you cards! Our color scheme is gold and ivory.

  38. Leah Says:

    Our color scheme is neutral/natural shades – grey, brown, dark blue and green. Summer in Seattle with the trees…

  39. josie Says:

    love these cards! we’re getting married next june and the color of our wedding will be a grass/moss green! these cards would be awesome and fit the scope of our wedding! thanks for the give-a-way!

  40. caroline Says:

    so adorable! my very preppy wedding colors are nautical navy and baby girl pink. love seeing how different everyone else’s colors are!

  41. laura Says:

    LOVE these! we have sparrows on our invites too :)
    our “color story” (as my fiance calls it) is chocolate brown plus green, ranging from sage to chartreuse. really earthy/fall!

  42. Penny Says:

    I’m getting married on Halloween! I would love to win these thank yous!!

  43. Stacy Says:

    light blue and silver

  44. Natalie Says:

    Well, we got married about a month ago in Virginia, and we’re still working on our thank-you cards. We could most definitely use these — we still have a ways to go.

    Our color scheme was sage green and grey.

    Due to budgetary concerns, we’ve just bought some nice but inexpensive thank-you’s from Hallmark. I would love something with a little personalization.

  45. Cicely Says:

    Our colors are navy and fucshia.

  46. Piper Says:

    hmmm… How bad is it that I don’t really have a color scheme? EDIT: My painter fiancé likes Manganese Violet and I’ll throw in some peacock blue and hints of green. Voilà! Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everybody!

  47. Luke Says:

    Our colors are pool, chartreuse, and chocolate brown. :) These cards are beautiful!

  48. Very Married Says:

    great cards!

    We’re purple, black and cream!

  49. Katherine Says:

    These would be perfect for us as there are birds throughout our reception decor! Our colors are sage green and a very pale turquoise/pool color! Thanks Sarah :)

  50. Theresa Says:

    These cards are adorable! Our wedding colors are varying shades of yellows and greens bright happy and organic.

  51. Allison Says:

    We’re getting married on December 19th and I keep telling everyone that our colors are black, white, and Christmas! …think poinsettias and shiny glass ball ornaments in crystal vases.

  52. Pearl Says:

    Sea glass colors since it will be at the beach.

  53. Jenny Says:

    My wedding is bird and branch themed! These thank you’s will be a great follow up. Our colors are lemon and pewter. Thanks!

  54. Allison Says:

    How perfect for our wedding theme these adorable thank you notes would be. Our colors are sangria, pinks,pale lavenders and greens..I am having a French, vintage, garden theme and will have birds, twigs, apothocary jars with little arrangements in them etc. I would love to incooperate the birds into our thank you’s. Love them!! Thanks.

  55. roxanne Says:

    Low-budget weddings do not have to skimp out on high-class thank-yous! My colors are atlantic blue and light chartreuse (much like the wallpaper on this site). The best way to let people know they are appreciated is with a hand written thank you. I’d be so gracious for the chance to have these cards to send out!

  56. Margie Says:

    Sarah – you’ve done it again. How can you make such lovely invitations again and again. After I saw these I went to your website. Everything on it is beautifully designed and simple. Our wedding already happened, but thank you cards just like these would be great. Thanks for the chance to win. What a great contest.

  57. nicole b Says:

    lovely, lovely cards!
    i’m getting married in ausitn texas in a small intimate outdoor ceremony. our colors are navy blue and gray with pops of bright yellow. good fall colors but still with a burst of sunshine. :)

    again, great design!

  58. Jenna C. Says:

    Our wedding is in June of 2010 and our main color is navy. I’m going to integrate bright spring green, dark magenta, and browns as well.

    I love the birds on the thank yous!! I am using birds in my place cards so these would go great with my scheme!

  59. Jenny Says:

    Awesome giveaway!! Our wedding is in just under three weeks, and our color scheme consists of eggplant, plum, lavender, and chartreuse green. Thank you!

  60. Katie Says:

    We’re doing chocolate brown and leaf green!

  61. emie mullins Says:

    Our color scheme is green and ivories with pops of teal blue and copper.
    I adore Sarah’s work.
    thanks for this great contest. :)

  62. Nicole-Lynn Says:

    Our colors are light blue, beige, and white for our spring 2011 seaside wedding!

  63. Katie Says:

    What a great giveaway! We are having a fall wedding, and our colors are suit blue, plum, mustard, and espresso.

  64. Allyson Says:

    Lovely giveaway. We’re doing a Victorian-themed wedding with silver and gold as our main colors.

  65. Margaret Says:

    Lovely!! We’re using slate bluish grey with hints of yellow!

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