Studio tour: Belathée Photography (Seattle)

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belathee seattle tour_1

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Since I am not working in NY right now I thought it would be fun to share my workstation here in Seattle. It’s actually a corner in our bedroom which itself feels like a tree house. It’s such a different environment from our NY office (which we will share sometime soon, we just have to photograph it) and at first the transition was hard but my view of the bay is amazing and it’s a great visual contrast to the computer and all the editing done on there. Most of our time nowadays is spent working with our images so it’s nice to have an environment once in a while that is not very technical. When I am not in NYC , Annabel and I work together via “skype” and we always joke that the only thing we can’t upload is our lunch. It’s a treat to be both in crazy NY and mellow Seattle.

The photos at my desk are a mix of old family portraits and other little trinkets that make me happy.

ed. note: If you’re interested in showing off where YOU work, drop me an email!

[images by Belathée Photography]

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4 Comments to “Studio tour: Belathée Photography (Seattle)”

  1. Nicole-Lynn Says:

    Looks so peaceful! Very nice.

  2. redmenace Says:

    Seattle is paradise. I grew up in a big city before moving here. At first, I wanted to kill everyone for walking and driving so slow! Today, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Is that West Seattle? Looks lovely!

  3. Brooke H Says:

    I love seeing people’s work spaces! Thanks for sharing. I was just out of the city for a day, visiting friend out east and as I sat on the couch looking at the water I got lost in thought daydreaming about how great it would be to work there and live there. To just sit with the breeze off the water with my laptop. Ah a girl can dream.

  4. The Perfect Palette Says:

    how cozy & peaceful.

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