Super 8 Films

Ahh, the wedding video….originally not part of my wedding plan, but after seeing one shot in 8mm, I was hooked. Super 8 films are becoming the big rage apparently, and I definitely think its the way to go….your film will have a nice, vintage grainy quality, and will always look classic. Depending on who you go with, packages can start at $3000 and go all the way to $12,000! Fifty Foot Films, Super 8 filmsters to the stars, has now come out with a sister company called Paper Tape Films…you’ll get the same quality for a fraction of the price, and in locations all over the US. If I could show a clip here, I would, but just trust me, bring a tissue to the computer when you click the links.

[image shots from Paper Tape Films]

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6 Comments to “Super 8 Films”

  1. AEK Says:

    check out Well Spun Wedding. Quality and very reasonable.

  2. Chelsea Says:

    I love the idea of these. I will have to check them all out when I have an extra moment.

  3. perfectbound Says:

    Also check out My Wedding Film. More Super 8 New Skool.

  4. diane witman Says:

    Absolutely beautiful, I wish I had an unlimited budget… :(

  5. Tim Halberg Says:

    we had our wedding shot in super eight and we LOVE it!!!!

    we’ve got the film on our website: and I think the videographer has the film on his site at

  6. angela j, brooklyn Says:

    I just watched my girlfriend’s video by Wideangle Weddings and was blown away. Usually I can’t wait for these type of videos to be over , but the blend of little audio moments and beautiful imagery made me think again about hiring a videographer for my wedding!

    I went to their site, which is very cute ( and found a bunch of options. I also saw that they, too, offer Super 8 which I think I’ll have to convince my fiancé we need!

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