Engagement shoot: Joyce + Brian

I just love this engagement shoot that Kelty from Steep Street Photography shot in NYC a few weeks ago…she managed to turn a gloomy day into one special session!

ps. totally unrelated, but a little reminder that I’m still looking for awesomely cool Save the Dates for STD week! yikes, i hate how that sounds…STD week.

[images from Steep Street Photography]

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10 Comments to “Engagement shoot: Joyce + Brian”

  1. kristy Says:

    wow! the clouds make the light incredible!! beautiful photos!

  2. Layla Says:

    Seriously, these are amazing shots! I think most people would have cancelled the shoot on a day like this, but NO! The photos are so lovely and so intimate– did they clear out NYC of its inhabitants for the shoot or what?! =)

  3. The Perfect Palette Says:

    what a great shoot.

  4. Howard Austfjord Says:

    I am so impressed by the sense of serenety you have captured; it seems like the ambience created by your subjects is what you tap into. I went to your site and this is something you tend to do, it seems. That is a talent I would like to have more of in my work.

  5. New York City Wedding Photographer Says:

    Love that first shot…great dramatic fogginess. This couple must be very pleased with the result :)

  6. Dierdre Says:

    I’ve never seen anything like these before- I especially love the train station mid-air one! Wow.

  7. Uma Says:

    That sillouette one is the best. Sweet shots!

  8. simplesong Says:

    so cute. love these!

  9. Penelope Livan Says:

    These are incredible! Does she do weddings, too?

  10. Liv Lundelius Says:

    great shoots. love the flying one in the subway!

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