Save the Date: Bridjit + Matt

Matt and I currently live in different states. He stayed down in Savannah, GA to open a digitial signage company while I moved back to CT to do design & innovations for a marketing agency. When designing our save the dates, we really wanted them to be unique and speak to our situation: madly in love, separated by distance, jumping all the hurdles and knocking down all the obstacles until we reach our goal of our wedding date! Hence, the maze. Matt in one corner surrounded by all things southern, me in the other with all the NYC/CT cues. I scattered things about us throughout the maze like the airplanes we spend so much time on going back and forth visiting each other, our favorite pattern (houndstooth) and even our pet blue lobster, Buster.

[image from Bridjit]

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1 Comments to “Save the Date: Bridjit + Matt”

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