the most eco giftwrap ever!


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Two weekends ago I headed out to the Hamptons for my dear friend Christina’s bridal shower…its always nice to catch up with old friends isn’t it?  Anyway, she’s a very eco-conscious gal, and on the invite, it was requested that we not bring wrapped gifts.  (We didn’t have to bring gifts at all, but I like spoiling her)  Since we couldn’t use giftwrap, and I just couldn’t bring myself to bring just the box, I had to come up with a way to jazz it up a bit, so I bought a couple of paint pens from the art store and went to town on the box!  If I had more time, I probably would have colored in all the pattern to completely cover all the text, but I kinda like it like this too.  I threw on a big green bow, and it was all set!   Do you have any interesting ways of dressing up a gift without using giftwrap?

[images by Brooklyn Bride]

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14 Comments to “the most eco giftwrap ever!”

  1. Denise Fasanello Says:

    very cute!

  2. liz Says:

    Loooooooove this!!! While I do love some great wrapping paper – I think you’re dressed up box is really cool!

    I have to say I was really annoyed when we received our wedding gifts with box upon box for one simple cutting board or spatula! What the heck?!

  3. Rebekah Says:

    That’s a great idea! Stealing it now…

  4. Susie Says:

    At my sister’s wedding shower, a few people wrapped their gifts in kitchen towels (bonus gift!) which I thought was a great (if not that new) idea. Other linens or articles of clothing might work for smallish gifts.

    But this is a really great idea for larger gifts where a towel just won’t do!

    I wrapped most of my Christmas gifts in wrapping paper that I made by collaging magazine pages. It turned out pretty cute, but was so time-consuming that I’m not sure if I’d try it again.

  5. Kristi Says:

    This is an awesome idea! I usually use old news paper or flyers and then add yarn as bows. For my friends wedding I used vintage maps that I had found at a garage sale.

  6. c&p Says:

    how clever!! It’s so whimsical! I use old newspaper and draw on top of the words/pictures! But like you, i like to leave the words showing, it gives it a nice feel :)

  7. erin Says:

    My aunt wrapped my wedding shower gifts in tablecloths! It was so awesome!

  8. Michelle @ My Wedding Report Says:

    This is such a great idea! I love creative wrapping.

  9. Molly Jean Says:

    this is so fabulous! thanks for sharing!

  10. Events by Evonne Says:

    I love using the brown grocery bags to wrap gifts, so that I can design it however I wish!

  11. Sarah Says:

    I love this idea! it is so adorable and I love that it’s not completely covering the text. So creative!

  12. two brunettes Says:


  13. DernierCri. Says:

    You are so creative. I love it!

  14. Marnie Says:

    i’m a scavenger at gift giving occasions. i grab the almost discarded wrapping paper, ribbons, tissue and boxes and make off with a present to myself. sometimes the boxes themselves are pretty enough to use without paper and I’ll use ribbons tied with buttons, beads, ornaments. look through your old junk jewelry: those chokers have great ribbons, snip the end of an old beaded necklace, take the flower from an old hair piece. there are benefits to being a saver!

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