Bella Figura contest

There are so many stationery companies out there today, but Bella Figura is really one of my favorites…I love what the company stands for, and how they really embrace new designers. Soooo, I was super happy when they wanted to host a contest here on Brooklyn Bride. One reader will be winning a $100 certificate for anything on the Bella Figura site…it could be invitations, coasters, save the dates, you name it! Just hop over to their site, pick your favorite design, and leave it in the comments below. The winner will be announced on Friday. Good luck!

[Dewdrop, above, is definitely my favorite, but maybe I'm biased since its inspired by Brooklyn Bride :) ]

[images from Bella Figura]

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116 Comments to “Bella Figura contest”

  1. Sarah {esseegee} Says:

    I love the dewdrop that you posted above. Absolutely adorable!

  2. Kendra Says:

    My favorite is the Onalisse design. So many words to describe it: mod, fresh, glam, fun, but above all unique!

  3. Brittany Says:

    Duet is so beautiful!

  4. Tammy Says:

    My fiance are getting married next January and as a designer I want nothing more than to include all the formal parts of an invitation, however I’m currently still seeking a job and cutting out the save the dates would really save us money (plus I still don’t have my letterpress running yet). We love the Majorca design. Please pick us!!

  5. Emie Says:

    Are you kidding? :) What an awesome contest!
    Bella Figura was one of the first invitation sites I came across after getting engaged and I’ve been in love ever since!
    I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to afford letterpressed invitations but this would definitely help.
    I visit their site frequently for inspiration and my favorite set has to be the Linnea! It’s perfect for our location, Magnolia Plantation.
    Thanks for such a great opportunity!

  6. Anita Says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I adore the Lovebird Save the Dates (or honestly, any of them). My fiance and I were just working on designing our save the dates yesterday and it is HARD work, I would so love to have a beautiful letterpressed design instead!

  7. Murphy Says:

    DEVERIL is by absolute favorite! The simplicity of the beautiful fonts is just amazing. I guess I’m a font lover at heart.

  8. Nicki Says:

    Urbanity! Yes please! (Although I’m head over heels with the entire site.)

  9. Andrea Says:

    I LOVE Estrella! It would be perfect for my March garden wedding. I’ve been lusting after all of the Bella Figura invitations for months, and trying to figure out how I can afford to have such beautiful invitations for my wedding. This would certainly help!

  10. Bella Figura Gift Certificate Giveaway with Brooklyn Bride | Letterpress wedding invitation inspiration | Bella Figura Says:

    [...] else you love, one winner will receive a $100 gift certificate so be sure to visit for all of the details and to enter for your chance to [...]

  11. Jen Evans Says:

    Dewdrop is definitely my favorite by far! I love the bright green as well (my wedding in Brooklyn, May 2010 is going to be different shades of green with an aqua accent).

    This design would be perfect!

  12. Elizabeth Adams Says:

    I LOVE the Dewdrop invitations!! Since my love and I are getting married at his family’s lake property in the summer, the bright greens of the dewdrop invite are just perfect. Plus, I absolutely adore letterpress! Maybe with an extra $100 I would be able to spring for those fabulous envelope liners!

  13. Ning Says:

    I love the Nantucket!

  14. britney Says:

    Surya is so simple and pretty

  15. Lauren Says:

    Wow… to have to choose!!! I love the Provenance! A bold, yet tasteful & artistic design!

  16. Tram Says:


    Letterpress that focuses on TEXT? Brilliant! My favorite part is that since the design is so understated and simple, that you can really see all the details – the thickness of the paper, the colored edges, and the deepness of the letterpressed words. It’s so wonderful!

  17. Tammy Says:

    The Maja design is gorgeous. Elegant with a vintage flair. Love it!

  18. Christina Says:

    Empire and Modern Calligraphy (the one that is on an angle and bleeds off the sides) are my favorites. Plus I love that Bella Figura is eco-friendly.

  19. Emily Says:

    I love the Linnea – it’s gorgeous!! And Bella Figura rocks! eco-friendly, progressive business mission, and their attention to details is like no other company I have seen. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  20. Lindsay H Says:

    I love the Nautilius or the Vintage patterns…both fit the style of our black tie wedding on the beach in Santa Barbara! Thank you… :)

  21. Yarrow Says:

    I love Joyful Yarrow! My name is Yarrow (not very common) so when i find things with my name it makes me so happy! It doesn’t hurt that the invitation is beautiful too.

  22. Sara Says:

    I have been in love with Birds for months. So modern and unique!

  23. Sharon Says:

    Oh my gosh, these invitations are stunning! This is definately my favorite website for letterpress. A girl would be lucky to have any of their designs, but my favorite is Somersby – the perfect combination of tradition and whimsy!

  24. Carly Says:

    Dewdrop is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  25. two brunettes Says:

    Fieno is the one I’m in love with!

  26. Sarah Says:

    My favorite is the Keswick. I have been in love with Bella Figura ever since I first found their website and as soon as I got their beautiful samples in the mail, I knew I wanted the Keswick for our wedding. This prize would definitely help me make that dream a reality!

  27. Seams good to em Says:

    Love this classic design!!!! beautiful! i am getting married in aug and still havent picked our invitations!!

  28. Lindsey W. Says:

    I love, love the Vignette collection. I’m in the process of hunting down some adorable Save the Date cards for our wedding next summer in Vail, Colorado. These would be perfect!

  29. Stacey Says:

    I am a fan of the Irving collection. It’s fresh, bold and intriguing – everything today’s modern bride and wedding should be!

  30. Jessica Says:

    The Keswick is so classy and elegant, in a very non-stuffy way.

    Though the DC part of me loves Sakura!

  31. Mary Says:

    deveril is just stunning and simple– and just when I thought my fiance wouldn’t be over the moon about anything paper (it’d be tough to rival my love for all things paper) he sees it and immediately says, “I really, really, really like that” and when I told him I thought those exact ones should be our invites he looked like i’d just handed him a chocolate milkshake unexpectedly– he still asks me if we are really going to send those invites and i get to smile and say, “yes!!!!”

  32. sarah Says:

    i LOVE the ella invitations. the design is so modern and fresh and i especially love the “square on its side” format. they would be the perfect invitations for our wedding which will be held in my cousin’s loft apartment in NYC – not too formal or fancy, but still extremely elegant and impressive!

  33. AlliJean Says:

    Provenance is my absolute favorite. Modern and fantasy wrapped in one!

  34. jessilene Says:

    love tender is the night!

  35. Christina Says:

    I like empire. It would match really nice with my fall theme wedding. Thanks for the info!!

  36. Chrissy Says:

    I absolutely love the Mimosa style invitations! It would be so perfect in a deep orange color! The floral motif used on those invitations would coordinate perfectly with the look of our wedding!

  37. Sera Says:

    I am so in love with Urbanity. But to be honest, I also love duet, onalisse and ella as well. They are so beautiful, I get confused.

  38. PDX Amy Says:

    Dolce, dolce, dolce – it takes my breath away. Nothing could be a sweeter prize, I love their work. Thanks for the fun contest!

  39. melanie Says:

    i LOVE dewdrop (though joyful yarrow and provenance are at a close second and third). i think i have a green fetish.

  40. Kate Says:

    I’m in love with the classic simplicity of the modern caligraphy. I want letterpress coasters as save-the-dates for my winery wedding (Jackson, please, in pumpkin)!

  41. Julie Says:

    I love the Sylvan design, but i also requested samples of the Viennese Waltz, Classic Calligraphy and Jamie designs.

  42. Sarah Says:

    Papillon is beautiful!

  43. Erin Says:

    I absolutely adore Bella Figura. They have such amazing stuff and a great variety of designs. I love circlo 2 for a modern, classy affair and I love floweret for a more garden theme. But, I personally love Champagne the best :)

  44. Nicole-LYnn Says:

    Bella Figura has the most beautiful invites I have ever laid my eyes on! I also love that they are eco friendly!
    My favorite invite is the Guild design, which reminds me of waves, perfect for a seaside wedding! If I won I would also consider purchasing the starfish Nautilus design save the dates!

  45. jessica Says:

    provenance reminds me of the cover of a 1970s paperback, maybe a john irving novel, in the best possible way. i love it! i also really like linnea and new calligraphy.

  46. Cristin Says:


  47. JLH Says:

    Love the graphic simplicity of the NIGELLA invites!

  48. Davina Says:

    My favorite design is New Calligraphy!! I am a graphic designer myself and if I had to pick a perfect design to use for my wedding, it would be this design. It hits that perfect note of being classic and funky at the same time. Love it!!

  49. Kristen Says:

    I love the New Calligraphy wedding invite….fresh take on a classic concept. Does it get any better than that?

  50. Cara Says:

    I love Somersby. I think the color is bright and fun and the flowers are sort of vintage chic. It’s whimsical without being overly feminine. Definitely my favorite.

  51. Kate Says:

    I do adore the dewdrop design….but since you’ve already mentioned it…i also like “thrive” great lines and combines natural elements with some fun modern lines! thanks! :)

  52. Rebecca Says:

    I am in love with the Irving design and may just use it for my invitations!

  53. Fab Brunette Says:

    I have been in love with this invitation designer forever. I think my favourite is the ‘Silhouette’, it’s the perfect amount of vintage and drama for me. It’s gorgeous!!

  54. yana Says:


  55. Susie Says:

    Love Birds would be perfect our theme

  56. Christianne Says:

    I am head over heels, completely obsessed and utterly in love with the new calligraphy style wedding invitations. It’s just so gorgeous and unexpected. I love love love it!

  57. Angelica Z. Says:

    All of the invites are adorable. Favorite part is that it is eco-friendly. Amici is very adorable and simple, just like our wedding.

  58. Teresa Says:

    I have loved the Deveril design from the moment I laid eyes on it…

  59. Laurel Says:

    Thrive is my favorite! So simple and pretty!

  60. Leah Says:

    Amici is my favorite…and eco-friendly as well. It’s beautiful and love-filled, plus it’s called “Amici.”

  61. Morgan Says:

    My favorite invitation is the love birds. To me the invitation appears sweet, soft, and romantic. I love how this invitation looks modern but warm. You should pick me as the winner because I went to school in Rochester, NY which is a city near Bella Figura’s shop.

  62. aly Says:

    Love all of the invites–right now Surya especially strikes my fancy. The delicate swooping lines, uncluttered design, clear type all seem modern and warm.

  63. Meg Says:

    Provenance is so wonderful. I would love to have these, even just one to frame!!!!

  64. diane Says:

    At this moment I’m planning my engagement party so am trying not to think too far ahead to the wedding yet! But I adore Bella Figura and always take a glance at their site now and again, just waiting for the time to create my wedding invitations!!
    I am drawn to the Papillon Invite, I think it’s because my E-party invites have Butterflies on them too!
    Thanks for the awesome contest!! :)

  65. Natalia Says:

    I am planning a Great Gatsby inspired lawn party for this summer. I am in love with New Calligraphy.

  66. Tawnya Says:

    Pavilion is my favorite. I ordered 5 or 6 samples off their site and they are absolutely stunning! I love the edge painting and the paper is high quality.

  67. ggsb Says:

    Our wedding is in June so it’s too late for invites, but I would love to have the Mimosa design for thank you cards!

  68. holly p Says:

    All of the designs are beautiful, but New Calligraphy and Wisteria are my favorites!

  69. Carroll Baker Says:

    ESTRELLA’s whimsical and elegant at the same time. Love it!

  70. Jesse Says:

    I love Flourish! Wonderful mix of modern and vintage.

  71. Nelma Says:

    I like Sailboat, since I’m looking for a beach/destination theme. :)

  72. Holly Says:

    I’ve been drooling over Bella Figura for months now. I love love love the Classic Calligraphy design!

  73. Lindsay Says:

    I love the Surya design. Simple and pretty. Perfect! :)

  74. jeannine Says:

    i’m so in love with the look of the classic calligraphy invitation :)

  75. One Barefoot Bride Says:

    Oh, I love Bella Figura so much! Both their beautiful invitations, and all the ways they work to reduce their footprint.

    My choice is Modern Calligraphy. beautiful!

  76. Nicole Says:

    I love the Kathryn by Aesara. Simply stunning!

  77. Alli Says:

    Dewdrop is perfection! I absolutely love it.

  78. Adrienne Says:

    Loving “amici” — so simple and classy.

  79. Tiffany F Says:

    This is an attempted surprise for my sister. I think she would love the flourish design.

  80. Kelli Says:

    With a whimsical and romantic design, Guild creates a timeless display. It would be perfect for my vintage-inspired wedding – thank you for the contest!

  81. Stephanie Says:

    The definite choice would be Provenance. Would you not be floored if you received that in the mail?! Awesome.

  82. Shayna Says:

    My favorite is the “New Calligraphy.” “Guild” is a close second. What beautiful designs…

  83. Wedding Poop Says:

    How is it even possible to pick only one favorite?! Guess if I had to only pick one, I’d pick Majorca. I love the color combination and the flourish. Too cute!

  84. Courtney F Says:

    I love circolo 2! It’s such an unexpected design and modern and retro at the same time and…it’s our colors!

  85. jla Says:

    somersby if my favorite today, but tomorrow maybe i would like something different, its nice that the designs are so varied.

  86. Michaela Says:

    Modern Calligraphy. We’re having our reception at one of our favorite restaurants in the city and this design reflects our style perfectly. Classic, though not too formal, with its perfect touch of whimsy.

  87. Sarah Says:

    I just LOVE the Astor invitation. I’m having a Christmas wedding, and this would be great!

  88. Abbie Says:

    I love the new calligraphy design. LOVE IT!Qa

  89. Stefanie Says:

    My fiance and I are in LOVE with Dewdrop. We ordered a sample of it from Bella Figura and the paper is luxurious and the invitation is absolutely stunning. For the first few days I kept the invitation propped up on my night stand! The green of the invite perfectly matches our wedding colors. Not to mention we both love that Bella Figura is so eco friendly. Thank you for the amazing contest!

  90. Joanna Says:

    I seriously cannot choose. Dewdrop is beautiful, but I love how simple and sweet amici is. Champagne is not only my favorite drink, but a very neat design as well. Dolce, joyful yarrow, and astor are also on my list of favorites.

  91. Emily Says:

    Mimosa is gorgeous and just happens to be the best pre-wedding drink ever :)

  92. Kristin Says:

    Walden would be a perfect addition to our classic, fall-inspired wedding this coming October.

  93. Brianna Says:

    Thanks for such a great contest! My favorite by far is Plume, it looks like a wave (which makes my surfer fiance very happy) but it is so lush and elegant as well. I love Bella Figura, I can’t believe they were right under my nose the whole time I went to Syracuse University.

  94. Carole Says:

    I love the organic simplicity of Surya. It’s pure elegance…

  95. Bex Says:

    I heart Deveril. It’s classic and lovely! Great contest!

  96. kathleen Says:

    I think estrella is beautiful, and the new calligraphy one is very striking too.

  97. Brandi Says:

    Ahhhhh, there’s soo many awesome designs! Can’t decide between Linnea and Dewdrop. To pick juuuust oneee….I pick…….. DEWDROP! That was kinda rough.

  98. kristina Says:

    I love, love, love Bella Figura. Vintage is my favorite.

  99. Kristin Says:

    Ahh…I’m in love. Cartoccio is my fav. that vintage pearl motif sets the perfect tone for our fall, vintage yet eclectic inspired wedding.

  100. Hannah Says:

    oh my goodness! i love all of them but i think cartoccio has stolen my heart!

  101. roopa Says:

    I’ve been in love with the Circolo II for well over a year. It’s just so…perfect.

  102. Julie Says:

    I love the Mimosa! It would be the perfect design for our save the date!

  103. Queen of the Click Says:

    Linnea is beautiful! I also like the beautiful coasters that Bella Figura has created.

    I’m glad that Bella Figura is concerned about eco practices and the environment.

  104. Brooklyn Bride - Modern Wedding Blog » Blog Archive » Wedding Style Guide going digital Says:

    [...] forget to get your comments in for the Bella Figura contest!  Winner announced [...]

  105. jenn Says:

    Cartocci. whimsical yet modern. Their work is just divine.

  106. jenn Says:

    ok. i was way too premature wth my cartocci comment. Tuileries. hands down my favourite. i want my whole wedding to have this feel. gorgeous!

  107. Shelley Says:

    Estrella! I’ve been finding it hard to get excited about invitations…until I saw these!

  108. parutron Says:

    so many yummy ones to choose from (just like all things wedding). my favorite is SEASONAL! red dots are also kind of a theme of our wedding (think clown noses, super balls, winter berries)!

  109. chrissy Says:

    I honestly cannot believe that i won :) What a special an unexpected treat :) I’m beyond thankful and beyond excited!!!! Thanks Brooklyn Bride & Thanks Bella Figura! You made my day, week & month!!!!

  110. Sarah Says:

    I LOVE the Deveril design! so classic yet elegant and chic!

  111. McGinnes Says:

    Maja is my favorite. casual and sophisticated

  112. Mary Jane Says:

    I love Beilla Figura’s Modern Calligraphy!

  113. carla Says:

    i got engaged last month and i’m going to be ordering my invitations from bella figura – there are so many beautiful styles to choose from, but my favorite is PANACHE… so beautiful, exotic, artistic, unexpected….

  114. Jenna Says:

    I’m dying over the dewdrop but I also really love the string calligraphy. Cutest invitations ever!

  115. Lindsey Alt Says:

    The Beilla Figura’s Pavilion wedding invitations are beautiful! I would love sending them out to friends and family for our garden theme wedding.

  116. Leah Says:

    I love the Guild – reminds me of a cool breeze over the ocean.

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