Save the date: Cara + Jeff

Cara sent me her VERY cool save the dates over the weekend to share with you guys!  Here’s what she had to say.

I was really inspired by a bunch of the real save-the-dates that you posted a few months ago.  I hadn’t really thought much about mine before that but I realized that we could do something really fun with it and put a bit of our personalities into it, so I wanted to share what we came up with.

The inspiration for our card came from a McKinley-Roosevelt campaign poster from 1899 that we got from the Wisconsin Historical Society and the design work was done by my friend and talented Brooklyn-based graphic designer, Kelli Anderson (

[images from Cara]

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6 Comments to “Save the date: Cara + Jeff”

  1. Rebekah Says:

    Wow! Those are so cool!

  2. Tom Says:

    What a cute couple and talented too

  3. Jenny J / PhotoJJ Says:

    great idea!

  4. mimi Says:

    very cool. love the wording.

  5. Karen Wise Says:

    Such a unique and cool idea.

  6. Cambridge Wedding Says:

    What a clever idea! Did the wedding follow this theme?

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