Ann Wood Handmade giveaway


Ann Wood has long since been a favorite when it comes to the sweetest animal cake toppers. What she can create with some fabric & paper is just magical, and I’m lucky enough to say I own one of her birdies (and I’m absolutely going crazy for her flamingos!)  But today, we’re giving away one of her newest designs, a pair of forest folk bunnies!  The winner gets to pick what color glittery shoes & bouquet the lady bunny gets.  Because Ann usually names her little creatures, leave a comment below with what YOU’D name this adorable pair, and the winner will be announced on Friday.  Good luck!  CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED

Contest open to US residence only. 

[image from Ann Wood Handmade]

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168 Comments to “Ann Wood Handmade giveaway”

  1. Suzanna Says:

    AWESOME – I would love to top my wedding cake with those awesome bunnies – is there a separate link to enter or do I just leave a comment here? Thanks!

  2. Anna Nemtsow Says:

    Lionetta & Karlos

  3. admin Says:

    hey suzanna, just leave the comment here

  4. Alice Says:

    Isabella & Winston

  5. teresa siller Says:

    Noor and badu

  6. Margaret Says:

    Polly and Pocket the names of me and my fiancé s rabbits, who will be in attendance at our wedding.

  7. Jennifer Whitford Says:

    Theodore and Tessa

  8. traci Says:


  9. Chelsie Says:

    Margi and Max

  10. Mar Says:

    Dewey and Mildred

  11. barbara B Says:

    Beatrice and Winston

  12. Sally Stanley Says:

    I believe I would call the Peter and Beatrix. ❤️ Love her work!!

  13. Laura Ingalls Gunn Says:

    Poppie and Freddie.

    My daughter would just adore this “hoppy” couple. As my own wedding anniversary is on 4/11 perhaps the stars will shine down upon me.

    Thank you for the chance.

  14. Rebecka Atwell Says:

    Rufus and Luellen

  15. daly Says:

    jack and jill.

  16. Kate Fleitz Says:

    Jimmy and June

  17. Karen Says:

    Phoebe and Milo

  18. Michelle Says:

    These are too cute! They would be perfect!
    I would name them
    Mason and Diana.

  19. Patricia Says:

    I think Alexander and Isabella (the names of my nearly four-year-old twin nephew and niece) would be perfect. ;-)

  20. Kate Says:

    harold & yvonne (dress is remarkably similar to my Mom’s)

  21. Donna D'Orio Says:

    Ann, iI hope this very happy couple make their new home with me.
    Henrietta and Henry Hare on Rabbit Brush lane.

    My best,

  22. rebecca ringquist Says:

    Katy and Rebecca!

  23. Diane Hall Says:

    Ruby & Chum…named after our rabbits :)

  24. Suzanne Lee Says:

    Would love to have Buffy and Bobby come to live with me!

  25. Liz Finck Says:

    Gibby and Pa. <3

  26. Liz Finck Says:

    Gibby and Pa

  27. Camilla La Mer Says:

    Gertrude & Von Rabbit Stein!

  28. Jennifer Romeu Says:

    These two are adorable! I would name them Roger and Regina.

  29. Laura Lewis Says:

    Georgie and Plum!
    I really hope these cuties end up partying on my wedding cake this year!

  30. Stephanie Says:

    Pepper & Popper :)

  31. Colleen Purrier Says:

    These are so super cute. I would name them “Herbie and Olive.”

  32. Julie Says:

    Penelope and Pierre.

  33. Lily Says:

    Genevieve and George

  34. Michele Unger Says:

    Mavis and Theo.

  35. Kisha Galloway Says:

    Bonnie and Baxter

  36. Christi Jenkins Says:

    Eeek! These are adorable! I was also lucky enough to have her birds as my wedding cake topper in June 2009! My sister, Kayla, is getting married this September and I would LOVE To gift these to her! My hubs and I lovingly refer to Kayla and her fiance Zach as “Keeks and Zeeks”, so that’s what I would name them if I won! xo

  37. Sophie Says:

    I’d name them Victor and Violet and she would, of course, have violets in her bouquet. I’m such a fan of Ann Wood and would love to win a pair of her charming bunny cake toppers.

  38. Emily Says:

    Harvey and Beatrice.

  39. Tracy Says:

    Luigi and Lunetta

    They’re dressed much as we will be in our upcoming wedding.

  40. Stephanie Says:

    Bunny and Hopper!!!

  41. Kim Says:

    The Misses Bunny-o-my heart.

  42. Cat Says:

    Mr. & Mrs. Cottontail

  43. Ruth Hoefert Says:

    Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam. They will go to my daughter, a bunny and Pride and Prejudice fan!

  44. Cynthia Baxter Says:

    Alfie & Delilah!
    Love anything Ann Wood.

  45. Diane Boom Says:

    Orion and Aurora
    The bunnies are star struck on each other. Lol

  46. Liz Says:

    Lucy and Leon! What a cute couple!

  47. Caledonia Says:

    Clive and Dorothy in honor of my parents.

  48. mary kirwin Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win the rabbits. So cute, love Ann Wood’s work Persephone and Felix, great pair and thanks!

  49. Nikki Pacheco Theard Says:

    Aren’t these wedding cake toppers the best ever? I’d name them Sophie and Max, such sweet bunnies!

  50. Rose Diaz Says:

    Love the wedding cake toppers! My son is getting married on 4/19 so I would name them Gabriel & Nicole!

  51. Rose Diaz Says:

    Love t wedding cake toppers! My son is getting married on 4/19 so I would name them Gabriel & Nicole!

  52. Evelyn Santiago Says:

    OMG I love these adorable bunnies and I don’t know if you remember I purchased your amazing birds for my wedding cake topper and one of your beautiful spiders. I would love the chance to win these amazing works of art. You’re absolutely amazing and so is your work. If I were lucky enough to own them I would name them Bunny and Oliver.
    I think they are precious. Good luck to whom ever wins these amazing little creatures.

  53. Rani Macias Says:

    Boxwood and Haystack (from Watership Down, one of my favorite books)

  54. Karen Says:

    Petal and Birch

  55. Susan Abbott Says:

    I would name this adorable pair: lovey and franc

  56. Ann C. Says:

    Miss Hazel Nutmeg and Burl

  57. kris Says:

    I would name them ace and grace which is after the names of the 1st pair of mute swans we met when we moved to our lake. Ace and grace went on to have 2 babies that year and we named them flash and dash.

  58. brenda Says:

    Lovey and Thurston…..
    My son is getting married, our last name is Howell.
    Is this not perfect????
    They would love to have these two adorable Ann Wood creations as their cake topper.

  59. amy grealish Says:

    connor and bridget

    my niece and nephew

  60. Joan Says:

    I would love to save these for my 50th wedding anniversary cake in 10 years!

  61. Susie H. Says:

    Anna and Woody. In honor of the incredibly talented Ann Wood!

  62. Robin Says:

    Bunny and Peter

  63. SuzyMcQ Says:

    Fred and Ginger. They appear ready to burst onto the dance floor for their first waltz.

  64. jr Says:

    i’d call ‘em bunny and honeybunny.

  65. Zann Says:

    Paisley & Beau

  66. sharon hermens Says:

    I would be thrilled to own any of your precious bunnies. You are such a talented artist. I love all your work. Thank you for bringing smiles to our faces.

  67. Rachel Boeckholt Says:

    Granddaughter getting married in July having an outdoor wedding. Names are Chris and Sam. Thank you

  68. jes k. Says:!
    franny & zooey take the cake!

  69. shifra Says:

    Mlle. Lapin and Mr. Hop

  70. Ann Donnell Says:

    Love Love Love Ann Wood! Thank you for this opportunity!
    How about Fred and Faris ?

  71. kat m Says:

    I would love to give these to one of my best friends who is having a wedding in the redwood forest in CA on june 1st! And I’m in it. Would name them Linnea and Lichen.

  72. Carolee Says:

    Piper for her and Sylvester for him

  73. Cheryl Taylor Says:

    I would name him Jack Rabbit and her Cotton Tayle.

  74. Stacy Says:

    Olive and Phinneas

  75. Deborah Says:

    Herbert and Matilde!

  76. Kristin Freeman Says:

    Hannah and Breydon

  77. Jeannie Says:

    Juliette and Pierce

  78. Pamela Breaux Says:

    Gigi and Poppy , to be cherished…hoppily ever after.

  79. Melinda Travis Says:

    Simon and Daphne!

  80. Katey Says:

    Amelia and Alfred!! They are just too cute!

  81. Erin Gardner Says:

    I have been staring at these guys for weeks! I love them so much. I would name them Erin and Alex after my fiancé and I. We are getting married in September and are on a strict budget so these guys unfortunately are not in the cards for us. But that doesn’t stop me from admiring them. They are amazing and I would be so excited to have them on our wedding cake!

  82. Maureen Says:

    Victoria and Albert — they look so royal!

  83. Katrina Says:

    Adelaide & William

  84. Chloe Cumbow Says:

    Heidi & Felix.

  85. Karen Says:

    Isobelle and Ignatius.

  86. Carrie Says:

    I know a cake they would look perfect on! I would name them Peter and Phyllis,

  87. Elle Says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Lephora and Leonard Lagos

  88. Araceli Avila Says:

    Leopoldo and Ofelia

  89. CaLynn Says:

    Wonderful! Claudette & Montgomery.

  90. Candy Whiting Says:

    Lacey & Eason

  91. Danielle Says:

    OOh lovely ! Ginger and Roger , that would be their names for me ….

  92. Rene Bolton Says:

    These are adorable! I would name them Shelly and Britt.

  93. Aura Says:

    Bunny & Clyde.

  94. trudy Says:

    Mr & Mrs Blanche & Balthazar Bunny

  95. Elaine Says:

    Herbert & Lola

  96. Nancy S-V Says:

    Louise and Vincent, they whispered their names to me, I guess I speak a new to me, mysterious language, which allows me to communicate with special creatures. But yes Louise and Vincent, and they are very entertained with all the commotion over them. They promise to try to live up to everyone’s lofty expectations!

  97. Nancy S-V Says:

    FYI Louise wants me to communicate that she needs to have shoes she can dance in as she plans to spend lots of time dancing the night away. She and Vincent met on the dance floor.

  98. Bonnie A. Says:

    So sweet…I choose Keri & Riley…..and they live happily ever after.

  99. Bonnie A. Says:

    If allowed to have a second naming.. I would pick Amelia and Alex..they so love to be the center stage…you see they are entertainers..dancing is just a part of it..they also model wedding attire.Those smiles you see…they are two very happy bunnies..hopping on the same path to forever together.

  100. Crissi Blair Says:

    I’m mad for bunnies at the moment. Punky and Sparkles is what I would name them. xx

  101. Lisa Burke Tighe Says:

    Peyton and Penelope

  102. Aidel.K Says:

    Penina & Peretz

  103. Marita Says:

    Ginger & Roger (ready for their first dance. It would have been Ginger & Fred, but Roger is a famous rabbit)

  104. Ali Says:

    Morgan & Max

  105. Susan Says:

    Ernest and Shelley, of course. These are so stinking cute, would so enjoy having them a part of my home. I have an egg cup collection, with an emphasis on rabbits, so they would feel right at home.

  106. michelle Says:

    Harlow & Holly. They immediately reminded me of our 1st neighbors when my husband and I moved from Philly to a rural town in Georgia, a sweet, kind southern couple who brought us peach cobbler in Welcome.

  107. sue uknes Says:

    Jelli & Jack

  108. Willy Says:

    A wonderful couple.
    Emma and Max.

  109. elma Says:

    They are just adorable!!!

  110. katklaw777 Says:

    They are soooooooooooo sweet and yet very dignified.
    I think their names are Katharine and Spencer.

  111. mona Says:

    I have to chuckle a little, we have a friend that is nicknamed bunny and he is getting married this month. How fun would it be to top his cake with these. I would have to name them Bunni and Ben..

  112. Carla Says:

    Benito and Sofia. I love them!

  113. Lisa Standring Says:

    Rene and Georgette Magritte. I love them too.

  114. RitA Says:

    Perfect for a spring wedding !

  115. Carrie Filetti Says:

    Dawn & Dusk! So so cute!

  116. claire vernon Says:

    Evangeline and Theodore..

  117. sallie a kane Says:

    Birdie and Pip

  118. Lauren Says:

    George & Ellory – I love your work!

  119. Elsie Melita Says:

    Amelia(Earhart) & George(Putnam)

  120. Becky Says:

    Rose and Oscar

  121. soraya Says:

    Pour moi ce serait Elijah et Lou Maïa , les doux prénoms de mes deux amours …

  122. Justyne M Says:

    Buster and Babs

  123. Laurel Says:

    Christiana and Adamson

  124. sonja thomas Says:

    Maisie and Henry

  125. christine Says:

    beautiful. Abe and Grace.

  126. Ruth Says:

    They are perfect reminders of spring. I would call them Mr. And Mrs.
    Springtime! What a beautiful pair and thanks for the opportunity to win.

  127. Mary Says:

    They look so Old New York; I’d name them May & Newland.

  128. Amy Mayfield Says:

    The Honorable Bernice and Belvedere H. Bunny.

  129. N.M. Porter Says:

    Fischer & Midge – after our bunnies, who my fiance and I want to have at our wedding. :)

  130. becky Says:

    Madolyne and Leonardo

  131. Debbie Kaste Says:

    I’d name them Henry and Eleanora. They are precious!!!

  132. Michelle Says:

    Clarissa & Phillip

  133. Julia D. Says:

    Genieva and Bart. Their a wonderful pair.

  134. Danielle Says:

    peter & lola

  135. Helen Poelker Says:

    Betty & Bosco!

  136. Caron Says:

    Mrs. Liabella & Mr. Benjamin Lapin

  137. Jill Says:

    belle and beau

  138. Klaudia Says:

    Henrietta and Henry ( O’Harea). They’re wonderful!

  139. J-Mar Says:

    Harriet and Alec.

  140. Roya Says:

    Finnbar and Estelle

  141. Syslee Schael Says:

    In love with these bunnies! I’m getting married in August and would be thrilled to have these sweet little guys represent us on your big day!! xo Syslee & Taiyo

  142. Bryant Says:

    Audrey and Phineas.

  143. Jan Mazzone Says:

    Shirley and Sheldon. I don’t have any plans for a wedding in the future. But looking around my home I’m surprised by how many animal statues I have. A rooster and chicken in the kitchen. A pig on the dining room. A lamb and two rabbits in the living room. I would give them a place of honor and leave them out every day to enjoy. Then someday they may top a wedding cake.

  144. Kathy R Says:

    Precious pair- “Honey Bunnys”

  145. Ilona Werkheiser Says:

    George and Gracie (for George Burns and Gracie Allen)

  146. Sharolyn Perry Says:

    I love Ann’s work! I have two of her little birds. I would name this pair Troy and Shar. After me and my sweet bf!

  147. Joanna M Says:

    Cleo and Peter

  148. tish Says:

    Matilda and Morty

  149. Leah Says:

    Sally and Matt (\(\

  150. Jenny Says:

    Cherie and Amour

  151. Laura Says:

    Gilbert and grace

  152. Debbie Demmers Says:


  153. Beth Says:

    Fiona and Francis!

  154. Monica Says:

    I want these so bad! Ann Wood is one of the most inspiring artists to me!

  155. Donna Meredith Says:

    Lizzy & Mr. Darcy

  156. Stephanie Newman Says:

    Minnie and Clarence. Like proper Victorian bunnies. :)

  157. Jennifer O'Steen Says:

    Enora and Malcolm

  158. Brooke & Sarah Collum Says:

    Fern & Poppy :)

  159. m j harvey Says:

    Oliver and Lily.

  160. Casey Says:

    Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty! I love these little crafted creatures!

  161. Jennifer Pollack Says:

    Phoebe and Finley

  162. johe Says:

    Flotsam and Jetsam. I love those two words together no matter their meanings.

  163. Katherine Magwene Says:

    Coincidence? I received a wedding photo by email today. I would name the darling bunnies after the young couple and they’d be a unique wedding gift for Alexandra and Kevin.

  164. Sarah Hatfield Says:

    Duff (as in the Adirondack duff) & Dahlia

  165. Christine Bopp Says:

    Love everything Ann makes. I’d name my little lovers Margot and Mitchell.

  166. Freds Says:

    Goldie & Finn

  167. Heather R Says:

    oh these are so cute and fun! I’d name them after us, Heather and Pedro, stuck there with a smile together for always <3

  168. Ava Says:

    Sybil and Roy

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