Maptote giveaway

custom maptotes

Maptote has certainly come a long way since I wrote about them years ago…they’ve added a crazy number of cities all over the world, new designs, new products, and they’re all amazing! I’ve always thought they were great for out of town gift bags or for destination weddings, and with all the customizations you can now do with them, they really are the perfect gift for guests & bridal party alike.

Today we’re giving away a chance to win 50 customized grocery totes (including domestic shipping!) for one lucky winner!  You’ll be able to choose from any of their three customizable options, so leave a comment below on what city you’d love to see on YOUR tote and the winner will be announced on Friday.  Good luck!  CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED

Contest only open to US readers, sorry!

custom maptotes

custom maptotes

[images from Maptote]

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145 Comments to “Maptote giveaway”

  1. Jessica Says:


  2. Rachel Says:

    Columbus, Ohio :)

  3. Nicki Says:

    Baltimore :)

  4. Alyssa Says:

    I would love to have a New Hampshire one for my wedding in the Monadnock region. But since we are moving to the Boston area soon, I might get myself a Boston one.

  5. jillian Says:

    CUTE bags! i would love a barcelona bag! xo jillian

  6. Tee Says:

    I’d love to see Old San Juan Puerto Rico, my fiance and my dream place to live!

  7. Beth Says:

    Love these! We’re having our reception at our home in Denver so customizing a bag for that would be awesome!

  8. Casey B Says:

    Orlando, Florida! These would be lovely wedding gifts to our guests, hopefully there is an option to purchase extras if we win!

  9. Liz Says:

    So cute! I love these. I’d love to see Lancaster, PA where we’re getting married. Cool little city. Or a Brooklyn one to represent where we live now!

  10. Jamie Says:

    A maptote of NYC would be so perfect for our fall wedding!! Love these!

  11. K. Says:

    Boston!! Almost all of our guests are from out of town, so this would be such a nice way to welcome them…

  12. Kat Says:

    Seattle, WA! I would love these for my out of town guests

  13. Amanda Says:

    San Diego, CA. My beautiful hometown and where I’m getting married next year!

  14. Ali Says:

    Santiago, Spain :)

  15. Katie Says:

    Love the Boston tote! Beautiful design.

  16. Jane Y. Says:

    would love the tokyo bag!

  17. Elyse G. Says:

    I would love the Washington DC bag! *fingers crossed*

  18. Dale Says:

    Knoxville, Tennessee!

  19. Kelly Says:


  20. Katie Says:

    SO FUN! Y’all should add Birmingham, Alabama, to your repertoire ;) But for the contest I’d love Charlottesville, Virginia. xo

  21. Lauren Says:

    The Outer Banks!!

  22. Tiffany Calverley Says:

    I would love to see Seattle, Washington or Capri, Italy!

  23. APP Says:

    Such a creative idea! Austin, Texas por favor!

  24. Brooke B Says:

    Austin, Texas for sure!
    We’ve got more personality and iconography than we know what to do with. :)
    So many of our guests are traveling in from out of state for the wedding… they’d be perfect for our welcome bags!

  25. Paula Says:

    New York!

  26. Kim Says:

    Columbus Ohio — Our wedding is travel theme and many guests are coming in from out of town so these would be more than perfect!

  27. Ally Says:

    Washington DC!

  28. Win Your Own Custom Maptote « Maptote Says:

    […] a wedding or know someone who is? We’ve teamed up with Brooklyn Bride to bring you a Maptote giveaway you don’t want to miss… One lucky winner will get 50 […]

  29. rosie snow Says:

    Ithaca, NY! xoxo

  30. aline Says:

    I would LOVE to have the Los Angeles totes. I can’t think of a better gift for our upcoming downtown LA wedding!!

  31. Krystle Says:

    Queens, NY!

  32. Lucia Says:


  33. Jen Says:

    Chicago!! Love it!

  34. Cindy Says:

    Los Angeles!

  35. Emily R Says:

    Los Angeles totes (our current home city) would be such fun favors to gift to guests at our Ohio wedding!

  36. Lauren S. Says:

    Chicago :)

  37. Ansley Says:


  38. Annie Says:

    Brooklyn! We’re excited to get married near our home and to introduce out-of-town friends and family to our neighborhood. These totes would be perfect!

  39. Kristen S. Says:


  40. Lilly S. Says:

    Martha’s Vineyard (not technically a city, but an idyllic little island to be sure!)

  41. Kate Sullivan Says:

    Union Pier, Michigan! We are getting married at Gintaras Resort in Union Pier, MI (a weekend getaway wedding) This would be such an awesome gift for our guests. LOVE them.

  42. Carson Mc Says:

    Definitely Dallas!

  43. Emily Says:


  44. Emily Fisher Says:

    Union Pier, Michigan

  45. Jessica Schaefer Says:


  46. Kerry B. Says:

    Union Pier, Michigan!

  47. Sheila B. Says:

    Union Pier, Michigan!

  48. maddy Lynch Says:

    Brooklyn, New York!!

  49. Pat Sullivan Says:

    Union Pier, Michigan

  50. Trish B Says:

    Honolulu, Hawaii!

  51. Kristin Says:

    Union Pier, Michigan!! These totes are so cute!!

  52. Julie Says:

    Would love to win these … Union pier, michigan

  53. Megan Says:

    Union Pier, Michigan!

  54. Joanna Says:

    Union Pier

  55. Joanna Says:

    Union Pier, Michigan

  56. Mich Fisher Says:

    Union pier, Michigan.

  57. Jaya Says:

    Astoria, Queens!

  58. Traci Says:

    Cleveland, ohio!

  59. Phil Says:

    Union Pier, Michigan

  60. Kati Hutchinson Says:

    Union pier Michigan!!!!!

  61. lizzie Says:

    I’d love to see one of Queens, NY! Brooklyn and Manhattan are so popular, but no one gives Queens any love! It’s time for a change, everyone!

  62. Jennifer Says:

    I’d love to see a San Juan PR tote! Getting married in San Juan and my fiance is a giant map nerd. It would be perfect

  63. Hilary Says:

    Miami! But with Key Biscayne included please!

  64. Jordana S Says:

    Sydney, Australia!

  65. Gavin H. Says:

    Union Pier, Michigan

  66. Helen Sullivan Says:

    Let’s get Union Pier, Michigan on the map!I’ll tote it all over town and advertise your bag :)

  67. Eden Says:

    I could pick a million! Boston bc I’m about to move there!

  68. Allison Says:

    Detroit, MI!

  69. Lindsay Says:

    These are so cool! I would LOVE the Colorado ones to use as gift bags and bridal party gifts for our CO wedding this July!

  70. Paula hutch Says:

    Darling totes

  71. Tim h Says:

    Union pier michigan

  72. Paula hutch Says:

    Union pier michigan

  73. krista w Says:


  74. Katherine Says:


  75. Katie Says:

    Cincinnati or Athens, Ohio!!!

  76. LauraJ Says:

    AUSTIN, TEXAS!!! Home of BBQ, boots, and country music! Love the maptotes!!!!!

  77. Rebecca Beirne Says:

    Austin, TX!!! Love love these!

  78. Katie Says:

    Dana Point, California or even Orange County, California!! I love maptotes – they are my favorite bags!!

  79. deanna Says:

    Palm Springs!!

  80. Bryan Says:


  81. Frank Says:

    Berkeley, California!

  82. Stacey Peck Says:

    Encinitas, CA. Fingers crossed for a wedding favor

  83. Jessica B Says:


  84. Liz Says:

    New York City or a map of New York State!

  85. DK Says:


  86. Meredith F Says:

    Union pier, Michigan!!

  87. Leslie S Nover Says:

    Austin, TX!

  88. Mandy Says:

    San Francisco! Would love these because all of our wedding guests are coming from Ohio!

  89. Jennie Says:

    Minneapolis, Minnesota PLEASE!

  90. Kelley Says:

    Sunny San Diego, California!

    I would be so appreciative for these customized totes – nearly all our family and friends are coming in from out of town. We are hoping to fill with personalized foodstuff and trinkets with memories from our trips to each other’s hometown. Caramel corn from the Jersey shore, coffee beans from Seattle, and homemade blackberry jam from my mom in Washington.

  91. Nicole Says:

    Honolulu (Waikiki), Hawaii!!!

  92. Bianca Weaver Says:

    Helotes, Tx!!!

  93. Portugal Wedding Guide Says:

    We would love one saying Portugal! Sadly it is not possible! But they are lovely!

  94. bc Says:

    neeewwww yoooorrrkkkkk!!!

  95. Val E Says:

    New York City or Manhattan! I am a native New Yorker and this would be a lovely favor for our guests!

  96. Marnay Says:

    We are getting married in Maryland (in between Baltimore and Washington DC) and I would love to use a Maryland tote for our hotel welcome bags!

  97. Lisa Says:


  98. Sarah D. Says:

    Los Angeles!

  99. Lauren L Says:

    I’d love to give the Hamptons ones to our hotel guests! Would make the best welcome bags! We’re already making all of our contents local NY goodies, and this would be the icing on the cake!

  100. Annika Says:


  101. Ariel Says:

    I would love love love Staten Island Maptotes for our fall wedding!

  102. Bethany Says:

    Savannah, GA! Where our destination wedding will be. :)

  103. Liz Says:

    Savannah, GA!

  104. Maggie Says:

    Brooklyn! I love their style. So great.

  105. Devon Says:

    Washington, DC, please!

  106. Aimee Says:


  107. Clara Says:

    Providence! Where it all began :)

  108. Taryn | Formal Fringe Says:

    I’m getting married in Atlanta in the fall (and blogging all about it!). I would LOVE to gift these bags to our out-of-town guests filled with goodies for their stay! I would customize the Atlanta tote bag with an icon to represent our wedding.

  109. Lauren Says:

    Montauk, NY!!

  110. Melissa Says:

    Omaha, Nebraska pleeeeease!!

  111. Alex C Says:

    This is awesome. I am in need of tote bags for my wedding in Cape Cod!

  112. Megan Says:

    Love this! Would be so perfect for our wedding in Somoma, CA!

  113. Jenna Beatty Says:


  114. Jennifer Essad Says:

    Winter Park, FL thanks for the fun chance to participate

  115. Patsy Bates Says:


  116. Lindsay Says:

    Colorado! We would love to fill these with goodies for our out of town guests!

  117. Alex Says:

    Providence, Rhode Island please!

  118. Michelle Says:

    Would love to have a Brooklyn tote for my Brooklyn wedding!

  119. Melissa L Says:

    Boston :)

  120. Rosanna H Says:

    Denver, Denver, Denver!

  121. Jocelyn Says:

    Brooklyn, NY. My wedding and reception are both in the Williamsburg neighborhood and we want to add a food truck map for our guests to try local flavor during the walk to each! This would compliment our idea perfectly! Love Maptote and Brooklyn Bride!

  122. Jennifer Says:

    Long Island!

  123. may Says:

    BROOKLYN. boom. only. forever. the one. done.

  124. Kim Rizzo Says:

    Long Island, New York!!! :) I would love to have these at my wedding to put my DIY Flip Flops in!

  125. Jackie Says:

    Would love to see Florence, Italy for a wedding there in March of 2015! Love this idea!!

  126. Cristina Seales Says:


  127. Christina C Says:

    St. Petersburg, Florida!

  128. Hilary W Says:

    Queens born and raised! Even got my finace to move here!! These would be awesome!!!

  129. Carla T Says:

    Los Angeles!

  130. Andrew H Says:

    Orange County, California

  131. Sophia A Says:

    Chicago! Pretty please?

  132. Nicole Says:

    Atlanta, GA!

  133. Olivia Says:


  134. Bill M Says:


  135. karyn koehler Says:

    Bethlehem, PA. These are fabulous. Thank you for the chance.

  136. Stephanie Says:

    This seems anti-establishment…but I would have to go with Manhattan — my wedding is in Brooklyn, but the welcome bags will be in Manhattan (Hotel)!!! Your blog rocks btw!

  137. Douglas Says:

    New York. Upstate! I work along side a small (but incredibly talented) group of Cold Spring folks in Upstate New York and these would make some normal day a very very special day indeed. Glad y’all are doing this! #MapTote

  138. Jade Says:

    Los Angeles, pretty please!

    We have a DTLA love story and it would be AMAZING to share w/ our friends and fam via adorable tote bag!

    <3 <3 <3

  139. Brooke H Says:

    New York, NY! Love these.

  140. Amanda Horning Says:

    My fiance and I are having our east coast friends and family stay in Santa Monica for our upcoming wedding – a handy-dandy map tote would be perfect for their adventures in and around the beautiful oceanside town!

  141. Sarah Says:

    Mapadelphia!!!! (I mean philadelphia)!

  142. Meghan Says:

    Plymouth, MA

  143. Amber Knott Says:

    New Mexico! LOVE Maptote.

  144. LK Says:


  145. brit Says:


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