Diana’s DIY invitations

Diana, a Pratt graduate student, sent me the wedding invitations she designed for her own nuptials…nice pattern and colors!  I guess now would be as good a time as any to start showing off some of YOUR designs, so if you’ve got a cool wedding invitation suite, send it over! I’ll start posting them next week.

[images from Diana]

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7 Comments to “Diana’s DIY invitations”

  1. Kate@ Kids and Cocktails Says:

    Those are great. I love the colors and the pattern behind the yellow card.

  2. Erica Says:

    So clean! Did she design the pocket and folder too or did she get them somewhere?

  3. Diana Says:

    Yes I did. Everything was designed from scratch including the patterned paper.

  4. Kathy Says:


    I love the design — these are exactly what I had started sketching out for my own wedding invitations (right down to the color scheme; I’ve been daydreaming in grey and yellow all year!) As I’m not a graphic designer in any respect and am a huge fan of your work, would you ever consider hiring yourself out to help create others’ invitation packages (namely, mine?)

  5. Diana Says:

    Hey Kathy,

    I know what you mean about dreaming in grey and yellows. Somehow it just fit us. I didn’t even have to mull over it or think about the color scheme for too long. It just fit.

    I can help you, but let’s take this offline. Email me at xdiana.thomasx@gmail.com

  6. D Says:

    Awesome! Well done, Diana!

  7. Pitter Patterns » Blog Archive » lemons Says:

    [...] This pattern was used on our wedding invitation, which was featured on Brooklyn Bride. [...]

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