5 Years and counting

Guess its true…time flies when you’re having fun!  Today marks the 5th birthday of Brooklyn Bride….what started as an online idea incubator for my own wedding has turned into so much more, and its all thanks to you, my readers!

So as a little thank you, I’ve got a couple my favorite things I’d love to give a lucky winner…

1. a custom notebook from Paper+Cup

2. glittery earrings from Elva Fields

3. 45 minute Turkish hammam experience* at the TrumpSoho spa in NYC!  Dont know what a hammam is? Check this out

Leave a message below for a chance to win….winner to be announced on Friday!

[art by Martin Creed, prize images from respective sites]

*Winner will be responsible for airfare and hotel stay if they do not live in the NYC area for spa treatment.

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72 Comments to “5 Years and counting”

  1. Julia Says:

    Would love those Elva Fields earrings for my wedding! Happy fifth!

  2. lauren s Says:

    happy 5th! and congratulations, that’s quite the milestone! I love the notebook in “your” green and that spa looks incredible.

  3. Kristen Says:

    Happy Birthday! I would love to win those prizes and enjoy some pampering. :)

  4. jennifer Says:

    Thanks for the website – it has been an inspiration for this brooklyn bride. love the prizes too.

  5. Jen Says:

    Happy 5th Birthday Brooklyn Bride! Your favorite things sound delightful. that hamman sounds like something I need to do… :)

  6. isabelle Says:

    Happy 5 Years!

    and wow, that spa treatment sounds amazing!

  7. molly Says:

    happy 5th bday! you don’t look a day over 4 :)

  8. Danielle DeBoe Says:

    oh my how i love that water feature! so beautiful and congrats on five great years, i was a reader before I got engaged, a reader now that I am and will continue to be beyond my wedding day. xo

  9. Carisa @WholeLifeLove Says:

    Oooh how exciting!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  10. Tara L. Says:


  11. Stephanie Says:

    Wow, how time flies, happy anniversary and pick me!

  12. Chris Says:

    Amazing! I just found you… but am so excited to be celebrating WITH you!! :) congrats.

  13. Mara Says:

    Aw, congrats! I’ve been reading all the way through my long engagement (3 years!) Six months to go, and I’m sure I’ll stick around after.

  14. Natalie Says:

    Congratulations!! I started reading while I was planning my wedding. I’ve been married for almost three years now, and I still read and consult, especially when friends and family are in the midst of wedding planning.

  15. Denise Says:

    Thank you! Nobody does it better :)

  16. Ariel Says:

    Woohoo! Thanks for being awesome :) been reading since before I was engaged!

  17. Heidi Says:

    Thank you for all of the great ideas and inspiration!

  18. Kristen W Says:

    Congratulations! I’ll be a Brooklyn Bride myself in October :) I’ve been scoping out your site for great ideas for nearly a year

    Would love to relax before the big day at the Trump Soho Spa

  19. Taylor Says:

    I have enjoyed following your blog while planning my wedding! (It is coming up in less than 2 weeks!) Great job – and congratulations!

  20. francoisehardly Says:

    oooh, I hope you celebrate your 5th anniversary with green eggs (with zaatar) and hammam!

  21. betsy Says:

    I’ve been reading for almost 5 years and have become both a Brooklynite and a bride-to-be during that time. Happy birthday!

  22. Tommie@IleneBooks Says:

    Congrats. I absolutely love all of the wonderful ideas and inspiration. And what a fun giveaway.

  23. Erin H Says:

    Those earrings. Those earrings!!

  24. Tiffchick Says:

    Congratulations! From one Brooklyn Bride to another – I wish you many many more! xo

  25. Erica Says:

    Oh wow, congratulations! Keep up the fabulous work and keep on growing. Your blog has been such an inspiration to us as we build our happy little event design business.


    erica @ tinseltwine . com

  26. Margie Says:

    Congrats & happy anniversary! Back when I was planning my wedding in 2008, your site was a huge, huge inspiration and one of my favorite (if not only) online resources! We got married in 2009 but I still follow Brooklyn Bride. Also, since I’ve photographed a few weddings myself (and hope to do more)I will always consider this a great place to go to be inspired. So thanks for everything and Happy 5th!

  27. Maggie Says:

    Happy Fifth Anniversary! Love the blog – it’s been a wonderful source of inspiration.

  28. Ellie Says:

    Congratulations on five years! And wow, that hammam experience sounds amazing.

  29. Bennett Says:

    Happy 5 Years and thanks for the inspiration!

    Here’s to five more!

    Cheers, Bennett

  30. Alex Young Says:

    This is my go to wedding blog! Thanks for everything you do! Would love everything for my wedding and relaxation. =)

  31. Tori L Says:

    Congrats on five years!! Your blog is amazing, keep it up. The hammam experience sounds wonderful!

  32. Dale Says:

    Yay five years! Those earrings are fabulous.

  33. marisa Says:

    happy 5 years!

  34. Sarah Says:

    Happy Birthday and congrats! Without you, the New York wedding world would be lost. To many more…

  35. Colleen K Says:

    Wow, 5 years! Congrats and Happy Birthday! Wonderful looking giveaways :)

  36. Sharon @ Currently Coveting Says:

    Congratulations on your first 5 years!!! I love this site and visit nearly every day for my daily wedding planning inspiration. I am also a Brooklyn lady so of course I’m a loyal follower. Thank you for consistently providing great content and showcasing local talents and couples. xoxo

  37. Christine Says:

    Happy 5 Years! Cheers!

  38. Emily B Says:

    You have such great taste! Happy Anniversary!

  39. carly o Says:

    Happy 5th! Love your website! It’s giving me great ideas for my wedding!

  40. Hilary G Says:

    Wow! all three of these are great prizes. Congrats on your 5 years. Love your blog!

  41. Allison Says:

    What a fun giveaway! Love to check in with you to keep the ideas flowing!

  42. kfloveinme Says:

    Whoohooo! Congrats on 5 years!! I love this site and I’ve been collecting many many inspirational pics for my wedding. Can’t wait to put them all together for our day later this year! :)

  43. Natalie S Says:

    Happy 5 years! Love this blog-so much inspiration for my upcoming Brooklyn wedding!

  44. Molly Says:

    Happy birthday, and here’s hoping I win!

  45. Delia Says:

    Happy 5 years! Thanks for all the goodies that you’ve shared with us throughout these years!

  46. Lauren Says:

    Happy Birthday Brooklyn Bride! Now down in New Orleans and newly engaged, your site has brought so much comfort and confirmation for the type of bride I want to be. Anything but the traditional southern one! My fiance and I met and lived together in Brooklyn and your site has been a constant source of information for me to find exactly what I need! Thank you and congrats!!!!

  47. Anastasia Says:

    This is hands down the best curated wedding blog out there. Happy 5 years!

  48. Lauren W. Says:

    Congrats! What a fun giveaway – so exciting!

  49. Bethany Says:

    A girl after my own heart. Love this! My fiance and I have been dying to visit New York (we live in Chicago)…this would be a perfect way to end our trip.

  50. Jess Says:

    Happy 5th! Got engaged last October and have been a daily reader ever since!

  51. allison Says:

    happy x5! : )

  52. Kelli Says:

    Not nearly enough blogs for modern city-chic brides, thank god for you!

  53. Tara Says:

    Happy anniversary!!! Love your blog!

  54. Lara Says:

    Happy 5th!!! I’ll be beginning my graduate degree in NYC this summer and a hammam is just what I need.. plus, you are my inspiration as my bf and I are planning to get engaged soon!

  55. Sarah Says:

    Hi there-your site is amazing! As a Canadian I adore your links and look forward to planning an amazing vintage unique experience thanks to your blog….

  56. Claire Says:

    I love your website! It has been a pleasure reading daily as I plan for my upcoming wedding. I feel very inspired, and please keep up the fantastic work!

  57. Kelley Barr Says:

    Happy blog birthday! I love your site–even though I don’t live in NY, you’ve gathered great inspiration (I especially love the style posts)! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  58. TK Says:

    Happy 5th! I love reading bklynbride everyday. :)

  59. Carol S Says:

    Congratulations on 5 years! Ever since I got engaged in January, I’ve been a faithful reader and plan to continue coming back for a long time to come.

    Thanks for the giveawawy,
    Carol S

  60. Victoria Says:

    I’ve loved your blog since ’07 but I still can’t believe it’s been 5 years. Congratulations!

  61. Kathleen Says:

    Congrats of 5 years!! Such a great and fun blog to read!!

  62. sara Says:

    Love the blog, there’s so much inspiration to be taken, even outside of wedding planning! I’ve come across restaurants I want to try, great party dresses, and great design ideas!

  63. Jessica Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! I have so enjoyed reading this blog AND happen to love all of the items in this giveaway.

  64. Lindsay Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I’ve learned so much from your blog- totally puts me at ease with the planning :)

  65. Ryan Says:

    Happy 5 Years! I just found you and love the site!!

  66. Nina Says:

    Happy 5 Year Anniversary Week! Thank you for all the inspiration for the special moments in my life. Hope you all are throwing yourself a big birthday bash!

  67. Tania Says:

    Congrats on inspiring countless brides, myself included!

  68. Gaby Says:

    congrats! im a new reader and im loving what i see. keep up the awesome work!

  69. Michelle Says:

    Happy Birthday! I love your blog and it’s so cute that you are giving presents to celebrate your birthday!

  70. Cat Says:

    Happy Birthday Brooklyn Bride! Fingers crossed I get those earrings as a gift for YOUR birthday! lol

  71. Mara Says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I’m reading your blog from Italy, I love the way you interpret the marriage in a contemporary way. My sister is getting married thank to your advice,me no…
    If you want see me happy please leave a present for me!

  72. julie Says:

    congrats on your 5th year!

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