Real wedding: Loralie + Kevin

Never have street cones looked so good!  I love the relaxed feel of this wedding…and Loralie looks stunning in her powder blue dress.

[images by Joel Flory Photography]

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17 Comments to “Real wedding: Loralie + Kevin”

  1. Lisa Says:

    God I love that blue dress! Amazing…I want to see more. That’s in SF right?

  2. Emily Says:

    I love this couple’s style…Especially that powder blue dress.

  3. Jessica Johnston Says:

    what an utterly gorgeous gown-I really love it!! Lovely photos too.

  4. DC Bride Says:

    oh wow- where is this dress from?! I’m looking for a non-white gown. I would love to get the details on this dress!

  5. melissa Says:

    Love her dress! So daring to go nontraditional, I am jealous.

  6. Michelle @ My Wedding Report Says:

    Wow the dress is great! I love the contrast with deep colors of her bouquet!

  7. Jen@Green Wedding Shoes Says:

    I featured this wedding on my site the other day and I have some more information there on her dress, vendors, etc.

    Love her dress also!

  8. cevd Says:

    love the dress and they look so freaking happy … i love that.

  9. A Few Pearls to Share Says:

    This new site is {FAN-TABULOUS} !!!

    {LUV}the colors, style + design. I’m turning green {wait…that’s the color of the last blog:D}

    P.S.::You have been nominated.
    Follow the link to see::

  10. The Pissed Off Bride Says:

    Yes, the dress is stunning. Makes me think about having a colored dress. I could get so much more bang for my buck.

  11. Krista Says:

    Oooh, that’s my neighborhood. The shots turned out absolutely gorgeous and the bride is stunning!

  12. Jennifer Says:

    Oh how I adore her dress (like most everyone else).

  13. April Says:

    Like most of the comments, I love the dress. Also, the dark red contrast of the flowers looks fantastic. I would love to see more pictures of this couple.

  14. beach wedding in Florida Says:

    I just read an article on blue wedding gowns and really loved this one. Loved the pic of the traffic cones. Great sense of humor.

  15. Brooklyn Bride | Flory Photo Says:

    [...] Loralie and Kevin’s wedding was featured here. [...]

  16. Beach Wedding In Florida Says:

    Love the Dress and Suite that match in the Blue , and the wedding Flowers has a deep red, wow
    Thanks for sharing the pics..

  17. Destin Beach Wedding Says:

    Cute couple, i also like the Blue color scheme , and the casual wedding style, thanks for sharing.

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