Win 2 NY Mag Wedding event tickets

If you’re a NY area bride, you’ll definitely want to check out the New York Magazine Wedding event happening March 30 at the Metropolitan Pavilion.  Its one of my favs of the year, always with great vendors and a greater vibe.  If you’d like a chance to win 2 tickets to attend, leave a comment below and a winner will be announced on Friday.

[image from NY Magazine]

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70 Comments to “Win 2 NY Mag Wedding event tickets”

  1. Jane Says:

    I’d love to go!!!

  2. Flora Says:

    Oooh, looks awesome!

  3. Kate Says:

    Would love to go!

  4. Lauren Says:

    I would love to attend!!!

  5. jennie Says:

    yes, please!

  6. Courtney Wagner Says:

    Pick me, pick me!

  7. Kristin Says:

    I want to go!

  8. Andrea Says:

    This would be awesome!

  9. Christen Says:

    I’d love to go!

  10. Kari A. Says:

    Oh, I am crossing my fingers! Thanks!

  11. eliza Says:

    oh, pretty please pick me!

  12. Jenene Says:

    I wanna win!

  13. Samantha S. Says:

    I would love to go. I love weddings and I love NY Mag!

  14. Julie K Says:

    This looks like a great event! I’d love to go!

  15. Emily Says:

    Hoping to win….need something fun to happen and this event sounds LOVELY!!!

  16. Lindsay P Says:

    This event sounds amazing, I’d love to go!

  17. Jen H Says:

    I would love to attend this event! NY Mag is my favorite!

  18. angela d Says:

    I would love to go to this event!!!!!

  19. brooke Says:

    would LOVE to attend!

  20. Kea Says:

    I would love to go and it’s on my birthday!

  21. Ariana Says:

    hopelessly lost in a wedding maze! would <3 to attend.

  22. Lily Says:

    My bridesmaid (who just got engaged herself!) and I both really want to go to this but haven’t bought tickets due to budgetary concerns. So we both have our fingers crossed!

  23. Sasha Says:

    I would totally love to go!

  24. Veronica R Says:

    My cousin just asked me to be her Maid of Honor this weekend and I would love to surprise her with tickets!

  25. Jessica Says:

    I’d love to go! Pick me :)

  26. Marisha Says:

    Ooh! Ooh! Over here!! As an avid NYMag reader, I’ve been meaning to go but can’t justify buying tickets when there’s a mountain of other wedding expenses to deal with!

    Bklyn Bride, have I mentioned that you’re looking especially fairy godmother-like today! ;)

  27. Andrea Says:

    I would love to attend! What a fun way to kick off spring :)

  28. Gwen Says:

    How fun! Let’s go.

  29. Renee Says:

    i’m getting married in BK!! would love to attend

  30. Christina Says:

    I would love to go and collect ideas!

  31. Jen W Says:

    I would love to win!! Sounds fantastic.

  32. dsy Says:

    I’d love to win tickets to this event!!

  33. Tristan Grace Says:

    Wow this is awesome!

  34. Belinda Says:

    Pick me! :)

  35. sophia Says:

    sounds awesome. would luv to go!

  36. Petronella Says:

    It would be a dream to have the opportunity to go! Thx!

  37. Victoria Says:

    I got engaged on February 5th, and am already feeling so overwhelmed. We haven’t a single thing picked out, and I could use some major inspiration. Please help remind me why i was so excited to plan a wedding! My fiance and I would love to go!

  38. Ellie Says:

    Pick me! Pick me! I would love to go~!

  39. Erin Douglas Says:

    Oh this would be so awesome for my best friend. I’d love to lift her spirits with a fun wedding day for and her fiance.

  40. Courtney Says:

    ooh ooh me me!

  41. Erin Says:

    I’d love to go!

  42. Melissa Says:

    I used to live in NYC and we are planning on having our wedding there. Would LOVE to go to this and get some great ideas!

  43. Shana Says:

    I had a great time last year!

  44. Missa Says:

    This event looks divine! I would love to attend!

  45. alexis Says:

    would love to go:)

  46. Lauren Says:

    I’m a brand new bride-to-be, have never attended a bridal show and a little lost. I would LOVE to go!!!

  47. Jenn Says:

    my hood! what could be better?

  48. maritza Says:

    I will love to go with my future sister in law who is also planning her wedding for this year!

  49. Desiree Says:

    Pick me! I would love to attend. Thanks!

  50. Sarah Says:

    I would love to attend!!

  51. Sarah W Says:

    I’d love to go!

  52. Rebecca Says:

    So exciting, would love to attend!!!

  53. Katie Says:

    As a newly engaged lady, I would LOVE two tickets to this majorly drool-worthy event.

  54. Amy Lustig Says:

    This would be amazing – I could use some inspiration for our November wedding!

  55. Liz Says:

    Can’t find much about hosting a swanky cocktail wedding reception in a NY apartment…would love to go to see if I can pick up some DIY decorating ideas for that.

  56. Bianca Says:

    Oh me me me! I would loveee to go!

  57. Emily Says:

    Being a new New Yorker and marketing intern for a wedding dress website, I would love to attend and soak up as much wedding as I can! I’m eager to learn :)

  58. Erica T Says:

    I would love love love to go! Cheers! erica @ tinseltwine

  59. Michelle Says:

    this would be great to attend!

  60. Lisa Says:

    2 tix puh-lease!

  61. Melissa Says:

    would love to win these!

  62. Michelle Says:

    Please pick me! I’d love to win

  63. lisa Says:

    Please pick me! i’m on the hunt for all my vendors this month! the timing is perfect.

  64. mackenzie Says:

    oh please oh please, i want to go to there.

  65. Dorigen Says:

    Hello! I’m getting married in NYC in August and am broke and need to attend this. Please send help!

  66. Sean Crowe Says:

    I’d love to go with my fiance.

  67. emmaleigh Says:

    My fiance and I are in a long distance relationship and he will be in town that week! We would love to go!

  68. Margarita Viera Says:

    My fiance and I would love to go!

  69. Alison Says:

    Help! I’m a Brooklyn bride and am lost with too few ideas and too little $$$. Pick me and I would be grateful! <3

  70. America Says:

    I’ll be marry in May so i need ideas….
    I’ll appreciate it..

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