Sneak peek from Minted + a giveaway!

Minted is releasing their new wedding invitation designs later this week, but here’s a little sneaky-peek of some of my favs…I love seeing more modern designs coming out into the world!

To kick off the release of their new designs, Minted is offering 3 readers the chance to win 100 FULL SUITE invitations sets (liners, backers, invites, thank yous, labels)!  Leave a comment below and tell us what your wedding style is and the winners will be announced Friday!  Good luck!

[images from Minted]

Minted is a sponsor of Brooklyn Bride.

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158 Comments to “Sneak peek from Minted + a giveaway!”

  1. jane Says:

    love love minted– especially the new designs! we’re going for a preppy style with a little bit of vintage/rustic thrown in the mix. sounds like an odd combo, but we’re hoping to pull it off! *fingers crossed*

  2. Lia Says:

    Love these new designs. I’d like our wedding to feel rustic, warm and thoughtful :)

  3. Tae Says:

    New designs look great! We are having a garden wedding. Our style is laidback, fun, bright and natural. We’ll have some vintage sparkle thrown in as well.

  4. Gaelan @ Uschi and Kay Says:

    These are really great!. Our wedding is a vintage carnival theme so it will be colourful and fun but with a touch of elegance thrown in there.

  5. Brittany Says:

    We are doing a modern mountain elegance style with touches of tiffany blue, chocolate brown and ivory.

  6. Cynthia Says:

    Super fun invitations! We are going for a mash of simple and clean – but with some quirky fun thrown in.

  7. rebecca Says:

    Awesome giveaway, and perfect timing for my upcoming wedding!

    Our wedding style is preppy, garden party-esque with some modern details thrown in.

  8. ashley Says:

    ooh, this is exciting! i love the new designs. our wedding style is modern, organic, and a little boho! crossing my fingers!

  9. Angela Says:

    I love Minted’s new designs! Our wedding style is a bit vintage with modern elements. I can’t wait!

  10. Jane Says:

    eeeeek I really like these, I love a modern style

  11. Jane Says:

    Oh oops, I just got engaged so the details haven’t formed yet, but I imagine my wedding will be full of color and fun

  12. Michelle Says:

    my wedding style is fun, funky, colorful, and modern!

  13. Sasha Says:

    Great giveaway! I love the new designs.
    Ours is going to be a very traditional Russian wedding with a very romantic feel with light pink, green and lavender colors.

  14. Karen-Emmanuelle Says:

    hoorray for the giveaway! Our wedding will be fashionably modern shabby chic. Lots of glitter with modern and vintage elements.

  15. lindsey k Says:

    our wedding style is totally laid back..we’re having an outdoor bbq/picnic at a park in the end of the’s going to be like a grammar school field day but with booze.

  16. The Prippy Handbook Says:

    LOVE the yellow! Great new additions!

  17. Kristin Says:

    Oh, lovely! For our wedding, we are going for a faded/antique style combined with a chic industrial feel.

  18. Madeline Says:

    I love minted and the new designs! Our wedding will be casual, modern, and fun, which is very much a reflection of who we are.

  19. Janis Says:

    I love the modern ones! I also really like ones with hearts!

  20. Cristina Says:

    Great designs! Our wedding style can best be described as cosmopolitan, global, international, foot-loose with a bit of whimsy and adventure…which I guess best describes us! I am a Filipino-Canadian, he is a Polish-Canadian, we currently live in Budapest for studies, and our Canadian family and friends will be flying to Warsaw for the wedding! :)

  21. Claire Says:

    I love the new minted designs! My wedding style is rustic elegance in the mountains, I’m thinking white flowers in zinc vases, greys and greens for the color palette!

  22. Kristen S Says:

    Love the new designs! Our wedding style is old world glam. Its sophisticated yet sexy, and a lot of sparkle and shine! It represents both our styles and personalities, and hopefully will scream us to our guests!

  23. Tiffchick Says:

    I love the new designs! Our wedding is “contemporary caribbean” – simple, colorful and FUN! :)

  24. Amy O Says:

    I love Minted! We’ve gotten so many compliments on our Save the Dates, I can’t wait to pick out our invites. These new designs are rad — I think these are some of the ones I voted for! Our wedding style is ultra-modern and clean with just a little bit of silliness thrown in. :) Think lots of deep cobalt blue with fresh green here and there. We’re having our reception in this amazing modern theater in Minneapolis. Can’t wait!

  25. Amanda Says:

    Love this! Our wedding is going to be urban but in a park setting. Love bold graphics with a touch of femininity!

  26. Jen P Says:

    OHHHH having heart palpitations!! Love these sneek peeks!! Our wedding is a vintage travel theme, with an Asian flair…but will have bright bold colours, aqua, pink/red, yellow, orange… and fun materials like burlap!!

  27. Maria Says:

    We are having a tea garden wedding. The style is relax, laidback and fun. We’ll have some nautical elements as the reception is next to the river.
    I can’t wait…SUMMER please come soon!

  28. Jess - The Painted Daughter Says:

    Swoon! Minted is so amazing!!! Our wedding is going to have a 1960′s prom vibe with a Texas twist. Our colors will be cherry red and lemon yellow. :-)

  29. Nicole Says:

    We are doing a casual, picnic-y, BBQ, baseball wedding. Totally us.

  30. Sacha Says:

    Our wedding is not any particular ‘theme’ really, though if I had to put it into words Understated Overstated would probably be the best description – dichotomy of urban minimalism and lush luxury. I’m sure that we could find the perfect invites among the Minted designs!

  31. Theresa G Says:

    My fiance and I are nerds in love…colors: navy & peach (not yet confirmed!) and the feel: bold graphics, clean, modern, and fun…like a great interface! xox

  32. Matt Says:

    Our wedding style is simple and fun. It reflects both our personalities and we just want to relax and enjoy the moment. My wife to be is Russian so there will be some Russian elements on the day.

  33. Abby Says:

    We just got engaged this weekend, and we’re planning a small destination wedding on a volcano in Hawaii. Then we’re planning a Luau party back home. Aloha!

  34. Erin Says:

    These designs are beautiful! We don’t have a theme per se, but we’re staying away from traditional wedding styles and making each decision inspired by things we love (farm to table reception), art (ceremony at a historic church with Chagall and Matisse stained glass windows), and of course people we care about (keeping the guest list small so we can spend quality time with everyone throughout the day). Thanks for considering us!

  35. Robin Allen Says:

    Fantastic Invites! Our wedding has been ten years in the making. Laid back, sweet, loving, and authentic is the style of our wedding. I think the Minted invites are perfect.

  36. Hillary Says:

    We are hoping to have our wedding at a summer camp, so it’d have an americana, classic-kitchy kind of vibe. Thinking Pendelton, plaid, thrifted, crests, wildflowers…

  37. Susannah Says:

    Oh! LOVE! We’re having a Southern, country, FUN wedding :)

  38. Jenna Says:

    I love these new invite designs!! We are having a music inspired, casual wedding with vintage/rustic touches. I have drooled over Minted invitations for months now, to have them as my invites would be spectacular!!

  39. katie Says:

    how amazing! i love minted invitations!
    we are having a casual fall wedding with a base of blue and gray with shots of fall colors throughout, local and organic meals and scattered wildflowers. and games!

  40. Caroline Says:

    Yeah Minted! Enginerd groom + social worker bride + fobby family members + east coast friends + westcoast friends = a simple, ethical, creative, and colorful affair!!!

  41. Meg Says:

    Gorgeous! Our style is rustic, simple, vintage and a little quirky :)

  42. courtney.korinne Says:

    Awesome designs! Our wedding style is DIY summer fresh – apple green/fuschia/bright white. Lots of Etsy inspiration and probably some nerdy elements from my fiance thrown in.

  43. Shana Says:

    Great give away! We’re having a Fall wedding all here in Brooklyn, our home sweet home. Rustic, romantic, with a splash of modern thrown in. Oh, and we’ll have plenty of fun carved pumpkins!

  44. kat Says:

    Really love the first geometric design… our summer wedding will be casual and fun while tasteful and elegant…a bit retro in a nautical setting (montauk)

  45. Jackie Says:

    Beautiful new designs. We are having a “naturally chic” wedding. It is on the seaside channel and will have birch centerpieces, moss, twine and nautical ropes mixed in. Green is the main color.

  46. kelsy Says:

    Love them! We’re going for a mix of modern and vintage.

  47. Kathleen Says:

    We’re going for classic romance with a touch of whimsy!

  48. Christy Says:

    Love. More please! We are having a swanky little urban affair in Chicago. Purple, charcoal, and black and white. Chevron stripes, black candle sticks, etc! And a chick-fil-a surprise snack… yes!

  49. Eve Says:

    We are going for a modern DIY country spring wedding. The flowers and food will be local and seasonal. If I had one word to describe what we are looking for it would be, Fresh.

  50. stephanie Says:

    my wedding style is 1960′s Old Hawaii, the ceremony is on a ranch on the big island and the reception is at a mid-century modern resort hotel. Main colors are light gray, mustard yellow, and dusty jewel tones.

  51. Jessica Says:

    Love these!! We are doing a nautical themed wedding – ladies will be in navy and yellow :)

  52. Arianna Says:

    These are spectacular! We’re doing a funky-yet-elegent San Francisco wedding.

  53. Susan Says:

    I absolutely adore these new invitations! Our wedding style is romantic, fun, elegant, and intimate. We are hoping that our style will convey both of our personalities. I’d absolutely love to send out invites from Minted. They have just the right level of sophistication while still being whimsical and fun.

  54. Melissa Says:

    We are doing an urban wedding with an artistic and unique industrial charm. We will have exposed brick and antique furniture with a retro look.

  55. Karen Says:

    Love these designs…and the old ones, too! We’re thinking of our wedding as a destination wedding at home — it’s going to be on a fake beach on an island in New York Harbor, and even though the ferry only takes seven minutes, we like the idea of feeling like we’ll all have traveled to get there.

  56. Jeanne Says:

    I love Minted and love these new additions. Our wedding will most likely be modern and industrial.

  57. Annie Says:

    Our wedding style is Rustic and Timeless with a bit of quirkiness thrown in! We’re thinking Mason Jars and Muppets people. Minted would be a great addition to the mix too :)

  58. Jen Says:

    The new designs are so amazing! My wedding will be an intimate gathering of close family and friends with countless handmade details. Hopefully on a cliff over looking the beauty of the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur, California. We both love the desert and the beach, so elements of both will be reflected in the colors, flowers (lots of succulents!) and all other elements of the wedding.

  59. Gillian H Says:

    Love Minted. Love the new designs. Getting married in Great Barrington MA next June!

  60. Beth D Says:

    Huge fan of Minted! We’re going for a classic but rustic feel for our September wedding. Bright colors, but simple clean lines, maybe a hint of something floral thrown in for good measure :)

  61. Jessica Says:

    Fun new designs! My wedding is in August at an organic farm in MA. We’re going for rustic elegance sort of feel. My fiance and I are making all of the decorations, the flowers will be wild flowers, and we are baking up a big red velvet cake! We’d love to win invitations from Minted!

  62. Ilana Says:

    The design of the yellow one is my favorite!

  63. Kristin Says:

    I am a huge fan of all paper products and have spent hours scouring Minted’s site for the perfect suite. Our wedding style is modern, clean, organic and fun with a lot of local flowers (hello succulents) and personal touches thrown in for our May event.

  64. Tara Says:

    Love, love Minted and LOVE the new designs! Our wedding will be rustic and ethereal with whimsical infusions and, of course, fun! Minted invitations would be the perfect touch!

  65. Keren Says:

    My wedding style is a little girl in her mother’s vintage pirate chest; filled with baubles, old silks, creams, sashes, and disintegrating fabrics. Antique charm! (but with SUPER MODERN heels, bright blue PLEASE)

  66. Invitation evolution & inspiration | Hello!Lucky Says:

    [...] we spotted this design on Brooklyn Bride and this design by Kenzie Kate – more designs inspired by Big [...]

  67. Jennifer Says:

    Love your new designs! Our wedding style is colorful and eclectic. Is that a style? I guess we’ll find out soon.

  68. vanessa Says:

    love these! our wedding will be a modern vintage affair with a whimsy, romantic touch. The wedding itself will take place at a 1920s villa. Think white anemones in mercury glass vases with a beautiful old oak tree in the background.

  69. amy Says:

    love the new designs!! we are going for a hippie yet elegant (if such a thing exists) vibe for our wedding on the cape

  70. Jenny Says:

    Our reception is at an architectural salvage / antique store – so unique! We’re going for quirky vintage…we get to use all of the inventory so picture vintage chairs, dozens of chandeliers, and a disco ball – all in one room! I can’t wait :-)

  71. Lindsey Says:

    Our ceremony is going to be in a local botanical garden and then the reception is going to be on a rooftop! Most of our elements are modern and clean! LOVE minted and great giveaway- thank you so much!

  72. Andrea Says:

    I super love these! My style is Fun! As in, if you’re not having fun, you obvi need to be dancing/drinking more.

  73. Theresa Says:

    Love these new designs!!! Our big day in Hoboken will be fresh and colorful with a vintage twist. :)

  74. Christine Says:

    Great, fresh designs! Hopefully, our wedding will feel like a fun day at summer camp in the mountains–laid back and rustic but not without style.

  75. Anthony Says:

    As an involved groom my role is to choose the invitations for our special day. I would like to invite (pun intended) Minted to provide us with these beautiful new inviation styles which will no doubt wow our guests and set the tone for our memorable day. If modern eclectic and simple elegance had a baby that would be our wedding – simple modern eclectagance.

  76. abi Says:

    wow! what an awesome giveaway! our style is vintage chic!

  77. lindsay c Says:

    These are gorgeous!! We’re going for a subtly art deco garden party. Would be amazing to win!

  78. Chris Says:

    This is totally the look we are going for! Our style is glamorous garden.

  79. megan Says:

    My style is mod vineyard elegance. Thanks!

  80. Melissa Says:

    We’re going with DIY/vintage/retro with our mid-century modern house as a backdrop, mismatched china, and lots of streamers and twinkle lights. I can’t talk about my dress in public. ;)

    We could certainly use some invitations!

  81. Christina P. Says:

    i love minted invitations! our style is casual/fun. we’re having tacos, ice cream, and games!! ;)

  82. Dina Says:

    ooh what a great giveaway. DIY, farm feel (under a tree, in a barn, with lanterns & lights. Colors will be oranges & corals) oh my!

  83. Michelle Says:

    Love this giveaway! Our wedding is going to be all about the beauty of the mountains (North Carolina) but with a modern twist. The venue is full of dark wood and high beams and our tables with be full of candlesticks and wildflower arrangements. We are serving shrimp and grits, but you can be certain I will be wearing a fancy, fancy gown <3

  84. Gwen Says:

    Yay! Love the new designs! Our wedding is going to be vintage, romantic, and rustic. Colors will be shades of blue with pops of fresh chartreuse.

  85. Katherine Says:

    Rustic and whimsical!

  86. Tweets that mention Sneak peek from Minted + a giveaway! | Brooklyn Bride - Modern Wedding Blog -- Says:

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Vané Broussard and November Seven Blog, katie chao photo. katie chao photo said: love! RT @bklynbrideblog Sneak peek + a giveaway!: Minted is releasing their new wedding invitation design… [...]

  87. victoria Says:

    great designs! we are going for laid back and nontraditional. we are getting married in brooklyn and would describe our wedding style as modern/urban with a whimsical kind of feel full of unique and personal touches that are reflective of the awesomness (is that even a word?) that is “us”.

  88. Kfloveinme Says:

    OMG!! I would just pass out if I’m one of the lucky winners! I’m having a romantic, elegant but yet lots of fun wedding in the Caribbean. I would love an invite that screams welcome to the islands!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  89. Krystle Says:

    Our wedding style is rustic/vintage — but a little bit rock and roll. Im a hippie, hes the singer of a hardcore band — crazy mix, but we work together beautifully. Want our wedding to reflect us, so the boys are wearing stud belts, New Era hats and skate shoes — the girls are wearing vintage dresses — The feel of the wedding is comfortable and full of love. Hope we win! :)

  90. Laura Anne Says:

    Oh, wow! These are AMAZING!

  91. Laura Anne Says:

    Oops, accidentally hit submit –

    Our style is elegant and classic southern… no lace though, lol.

  92. Cristi Says:

    Chris & Cristi sitting in a tree…..

    Well actually a whole forest! We live in beautiful Vancouver, BC and we love nature!

    Because we are both fresh out of University and pretty broke we are trying to keep our whole wedding (dress and everything…yes everything) under $8,000.

    I have lusted over Minted for a while but can’t afford it.

    Our style is clean and modern. Very simple.

  93. Collin Says:

    Would love to win these for my sister! She is getting married at a private estate and needs an awesome invitation suite to tie her ideas together.

  94. Helen Says:

    aaaaaaa these are awesome! We are…casual/vintage

  95. Kristen Says:

    I love Minted and I especially love that they have a design that is just perfect for our wedding. My fiance and I love the outdoors and all things rustic. Our colors are purple/plum and chartreuse. The Fireflies Collection is just perfect as we plan to use Mason jars and tiny lights throughout our design.

  96. Heather Says:

    The Minted invites are perfection!
    Our wedding is Oct. 8th at the Ringling’s Ca’d'zan mansion in Sarasota, Fl. The style will be based on the venues European, old world beauty.
    Great giveaway!

  97. jaine {brklynview} Says:

    i am completely obsesses with the simplicity and beauty of the “clara and stephen”. our wedding is small and fun. we want to celebrate with our nearest and dearest.. this invite is just us!

  98. rachel Says:

    these.are.fab! i love the new designs! our wedding is april 2012 and we are having a classic evening cocktail party in a historic downtown venue, so excited!

  99. Emily Says:

    What incredible designs – these invites are simple and perfectly modern. Our wedding is going to be French countryside meets English countryside. Think lavender, lawn games, and delicious French bites!

  100. Jess Says:

    Congrats on the new additions, the sneak peek looks great! Our October wedding will feel more like an incredible dinner party rather than a formal wedding. Nice design, great food and those we love are our priorities.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  101. Missa Says:

    We picked up the feel for our wedding from our venue–a great old gentleman’s club in Brooklyn. We’re pulling from the era when the space was in its heyday and from our neighborhood. We want our guests to feel as though they’ve stepped into a private party where the best local food, libations, and music can be found.

  102. Sarah Says:

    Yay — love minted! We’re going for a late summer, harvest-y theme with lots of personal and thoughtful details.

  103. Claire Says:

    Oooh – I’m loving the Abigail one! Our wedding is going to be relaxed, casual, beachy, with some vintage touches thrown in.

  104. Sarah Says:

    Our wedding is a DIY, vintage, casual, sentimental, homemade feel!
    Thank you.

  105. Sarah Says:

    Our wedding is a DIY, vintage, casual, sentimental, homemade feel!
    Thank you.

  106. Ciara Says:

    So stylish & clean!
    Our venue is old world country estate with a very relaxed affair (BBQ!) and we are throwing in a good dash of modern hollywood glamour.
    Keep up the great work

  107. Briar Says:

    We are going for a vintage/casual feel. Our venue is this gorgeous art deco space. Minted invites would definitely be in the “theme!”

  108. Drew Says:

    Our wedding style is very modern, and we are using lots of clean whites and greens. Thanks so much for the giveaway, love minted!

  109. Tim Says:

    It’ll be whimsical, curious, mischievous, effervescent and fanciful. A day at the (horse) races. Victoriana – top hats and parasols. In a word, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

  110. Cathy Says:

    Our day will be modern, fun, and delicious!

  111. Leslie Says:

    Our wedding style is kind of a mish-mash – just like us. We’re aiming for vintage done in a modern way with some fun, whimsical touches.

  112. Jen Says:

    Our wedding is what I like to call Rustic Beach. We are having a small ceremony on the beach followed by a backyard reception. Complete with mason jars, burlap, wildflowers, and lots of laid back fun.

    These gorgeous invitations would be the PERFECT addition!

    Thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  113. Jenny B Says:

    I love love love Minted invitations. We will be having a multinational, multidenominational, multifaceted wedding for this Irish / Southern extravaganza (in Chicago). Style will be a less is more minimalist approach with a pops of bright coral!

  114. Chloe Says:

    My wedding style is CHEAP haha Well, my goal is to make it as classy and low budget as possible… That’s why free invitations from minted would fit perfectly!!! My style is neutral and calm with splashes or glitter and color.

  115. Tara Says:

    Our wedding style is a colorful, elegantly rustic affair with whimsical touches. We’ll be having it up in Mendocino County, CA, which is wine country and has been described to me as “what Napa was like thirty years ago.” (Though I wouldn’t know–I’ve never seen Napa thirty years ago.)

  116. Jessa Says:

    We are going for a wedding style that is effortlessly chic with a touch of whimsy. An invitation suite from Mint would fit right in!

  117. Laura Says:

    My wedding style is oh-my-god-I-have-no-idea-help. So, an invite suite designed by Mint would be a greeeeat start.

  118. Lauren Says:

    These are amazing! We’re doing a very modern green, gray and white theme with lots of different textures and designs. These would be perfect!

  119. Sara Says:

    Our wedding style is “barnyard chic.” We just sent out our Save the Dates, which we ordered from Minted. The site rocks! We would love to order our invites from there too.

  120. Tara Says:

    Our style is modern elegence, with a touch of whimsy!

  121. meghan Says:

    I am in looove with Minted’s new designs! We are going for a modern twist on a classic wedding- color scheme of grey and shades of blackberry/plum/pink. We haven’t ordered invites yet and these would be perfect!

  122. Tina Says:

    Our style is urban, chic. We’re getting married at an art space in NYC.

  123. Mel Says:

    We are getting married in a loftspace in NYC with a great view of the Empire State building in September. We’re planning a multi-cultural casual but elegant event. We’re having great music and lots of yellow flowers.

  124. Sofie D Says:

    These invitations are delicious!
    My fiancé and I are getting married in Stockholm city come early fall. The style will be modern and stylish, urban yet classic. Light colors for the scandinavian simplicity. We also want the wedding to be personal, by going through all details, making sure they are “us”.

  125. CN Says:

    Our wedding is going to be rustic and intimate to incorporate our two favorite things – the outdoors and friends/family! We’re envisioning purple and orange flowers in mason jars, family-style vegetarian fare, and a dessert table with homemade desserts. Most importantly, we want everybody to enjoy themselves and be comfortable.

  126. Jessica Mean Says:

    What great, clean designs! Our wedding is the epitome of a modern city meets casual elegance. Think sustainable, organic food, reclaimed wood tables, succulent and candle centerpieces, a chiffon gown paired with a cropped leather jacket, European cut suit in charcoal gray, a soundtrack of Arcade Fire and Otis Redding. Effortless and subtle, casual yet refined, walk out of the house, pause at the door and take off one accessory.

  127. K Says:

    I’ve lost hours on Minted already, first w/ Christmas cards and now with invitations to plan! The graphic ethos at Minted is perfect for our wedding. We both love midcentury modern furniture, clean lines, great industrial design that focuses on just the right detail (and no more)–luckily for us, the reception is in an art gallery, all blond wood and perfectly adaptable lighting. So think urban and minimalist, but with a warmth and comfort from the vintage feel and midwestern setting, too.

  128. Alida Says:

    Minted designs definitely embody what we are envisioning for our wedding! Clean, fun, colorful, and lighthearted with a touch of vintage. We are getting married at a historic farm converted into a bed and breakfast at the base of Mt. Hood. Old farm-hand details in the middle of gorgeous fall fields with plenty of local, natural influences. A bit of DIY Portland, OR flair will help amp up the spunk factor!

  129. Gina KK Says:

    This is a great website. I’ve spent over 5 hours with my wedding imaginings so far:) And everytime I see a new c suite of cards that I love… the theme for my wedding miraculously changes:)

  130. Racheal Says:

    I am a modern bride with a twist of country chic. I would love to have any of these suites!!!!

  131. Kara Says:

    Great give-a-way! We’re having a vintage-style, music-inspired wedding with hand-made details. We’re working with red & aqua.

  132. Julie K Says:

    Oh man. Minted cards are simply divine–and these new designs are ah-may-zing! We’re still in the early stages of planning, but I think we want a polished eclectic look, e.g. a modern dessert table with pack-your-own bakery boxes and baker’s twine, fuchsia and white peonies in pewter cups, lace table runners on bare wood tables, fancy soda (like Fizzy Lizzy) escort cards, the bride in a short dress!

  133. Jennifer Says:

    I’ve been looking at for awhile now and totally love it! Our wedding will be outdoorsy, chill, clean, rustic/vintage, bright yet soft, and colorful. Thank you for the giveaway!

  134. mai Says:

    love minted and especially the new invites. our wedding is going to be industrial chic meets modern, fun archi-nerd w/a bit of pacific northwest local flair.

  135. Susi Says:

    How wonderful! I just love the designs on minted. Our wedding is a chance to share the love we have for each other with the people who have taught us how to love- our family and friends! So, we are getting married at my grandmother’s log cabin on the lake. It’s styled as an ethereal, elegant event plopped into the beautiful woods.

  136. Catherine Says:

    We are having a modern vintage wedding with rustic touches on September 24th. I’ve had my eye on minted for a few months now, and love their invites. These would compliment our special day and our personality to a T!

  137. Sharon Says:

    Our style is modern with lots of DIY and personal touches! We’re also getting married on a yacht, so some nautical elements are creeping in with our red and aqua color scheme, too!

  138. Clarisse Says:

    Oh man, I love the new design with the big “&”!! Ever since I was a kid, I always thought I was too classy to write “and”, so I always used “&” instead haha.

    Well our wedding is going to be a shabby-chic eco-friendly modern tea party on a farm/posh gourmet restaurant. Oh yes.

  139. Sharon E Says:

    Gorgeous and clean designs, I love it! Our wedding is going to be quite minimalist and simple, with the main color being turquoise and the “patron animal” being a lil bird :)

  140. Rachael Says:

    Great modern invitations!

    We’re hoping to get married on the beach, so it’ll be beach-y, laid-back and modern, with a muted, washed-out palette.

  141. Sam Says:

    Free Mint invites! Are you kidding, I love the new minimalist modern designs. I want to project old romance with a modern twist and I know a minted design would fit to a T.

  142. Marie Says:

    We’re having a indie/punk/vintage wedding with 100 guests on 11/11/11. Much of our detailing is based on typography & our date, so I really love a lot of the Minted styles. A give-away of the perfect number of invites at the perfect time from the loveliest of designs…..count me in!

  143. Heather Says:

    Somehow I missed out on ever seeing minted’s invites until today. So many amazing ones to chose from!
    We’re getting married on my parents anniversary in june on a lake that my mom grew up vacationing at. It’s going to hopefully be a little rustic, a little vintage, a lot homemade and a lot sweet!

  144. Lucy Jean Says:

    Minted, your affordable and beautiful invitations get me right here. Don’t pick me and Brett… pick Christi or Chloe who are trying to keep the budget reasonable. It’s so hard to keep weddings from being overly expensive and they should get something as indulgent as envelope liners.

    Still want to tell you about our wedding… Brett and I are having pizza oven pizza and our favorite swing band. My mom, aunts, cousins, and friends are all making red doilies for the tables. There will be cotton as Brett is from the South. And at the end of it all we’ll be married!!!!! Love you Minted!

  145. Kayleigh Says:

    Love minted invitations! Our wedding style is kinda vintage/rustic/casual. At least that’s how I hope it turns out! I’d love to get these invitations cause it would definitely help save money.

  146. April Bee Says:

    Our wedding style is one part sparkle, one part nature and all love!

  147. Molly Says:

    These are great designs! Our wedding is.. well, kind of a whimsical Halloween evening wedding.. Edward Gorey meets Martha Stewart?

  148. Brooke Says:

    I LOVE MINTED! :) Our wedding is in October and will be full of fun and whimsical details, with a worldly/travel/antique/country-fair feel. Odd, I know.


  149. Mary Says:

    Love the new designs. Our wedding style is modern and elegant.

  150. Aisha Says:

    Minted is always really fresh and fun. Our wedding will be an ode to classic romance and full of family and love.

  151. Katie Says:

    Lovely invites! Anything associated w/ the word “free” is music to a bride’s ears. :) Our wedding will be all outdoors at a cabin in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I’m wearing my mother’s dress (hello vintage look for free!) and we’re doing lots of DIY touches, like pies in a jar and handmade napkins. We’re on the road to simplicity (and cutting the cost–did I mention how lovely free things are?) here!

  152. Julie Says:

    We are having a laid back crafty DIY vintage wedding! It’s a lot of work, but i think it’s going to be a blast! I love the minted invites.. i’ve looked at the website many times!

  153. Kathrin Says:

    Our wedding will be a “green”, romantic-rustic, destination party to celebrate love, life & friendship with lot’s of good food and wine. * let’s get together *

  154. Andrea Says:

    Oh gosh I have been oogling the stuff by Minted for quite some time! We’re planning a wedding that is more a celebration/party than anything else. We’re focusing on family- both from near and afar- and showcasing just why we love Oregon so very much. Local folliage, DIY and thrifted pieces from our community, and lots of help from family and friends. We want it to feel as if we threw a big party with things we already had and food we always loved- as if everyone came over for a night of music and festivities in our backyard (only we haven’t got a backyard, so we’re borrowing!)

  155. Jen Says:

    What beautiful invitations! I just ordered some samples from Minted… I wish I had known they were coming out with new designs!
    Our wedding theme is vintage elegance, but done in modern colors – gray and chartreuse. Would love to win these invitations!

  156. Carolyn & Mike Says:

    We are having a September wedding at a music venue on the water at Salisbury Beach, MA (Blue Ocean Music Hall)…. there are an endless amount of awesome themes we could use…. beachy, rock&roll, even amusement park as the venue is surrounded by arcades, skeeball, photobooths, and “the rides” as we’ve always called them. Help us decide what direction to take this!

  157. Jill Says:

    Love these invites and love this site! We are going for a vintage 1920′s glam style with a little bit of Bonnie & Clyde…looking forward to seeing the new line!

  158. Indiana Felix-Delacruz Says:

    Hi! These designs are all gorgeous. My fiance and I are going with a theme of “love” for our wedding – so we’ll be featuring all the things we love individually and as a couple. We’re a very vintage, folksy, DIY couple, so those elements are going to play heavily during the wedding!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    - Indy

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