Handmade Weddings giveaway + DIY!

Handmade Weddings by the ladies of Hello!Lucky and the talented Shana Faust is finally out and its a total winner with its page after page of awesome crafts and beautifully shot layouts…I’m happy to share with you one of my favorite projects from the book below…the pegboard seating chart.  Its so graphic and fun, and can be customized to suit any style.

And hey, since I’ve got your attention, you probably want to win a copy of the book right?  Well I’ve got 3 to give away!  Leave a comment below for your chance to win, and 1 lucky winner will also receive a limited edition (only 50 made!) set of letterpress cards made especially for the book!  Since I’m away most of this week, the winners will be announced on Monday.  Good luck! Contest closed


Makes one 3-×-4-foot seating chart with approximately 50 seating cards
• One 3-×-4-foot sheet Peg-Board (Peg-Board can be purchased in modular and custom sizes from your
local hardware store or at Lowes, www.lowes.com. Adjust the size to fit the number of guests at your wedding. Each seating card requires approximately a 5-×-7-inch area of Peg-Board.)
• 1 pint white paint (optional, if Peg-Board is not prefinished)
• 1 roll kraft paper
• 50 wooden clothespins
• 6 to 10 rolls decorative tape in a variety of colors and patterns
• Ten 8 1/2-×-11-inch sheets white text-weight paper
• 1 roll thin nickel or copper wire

• Peg-Board Seating Card template (available online at www.chroniclebooks.com/handmade-weddings)
• Inkjet printer, with extra cartridges
• Font: Remington Weather
• 6 to 8 sheets newsprint (optional)
• Paint tray (optional)
• Paint roller (optional)
• Scissors
• Glue dots
• Craft knife
• Cutting mat
• Ruler
• Masking tape (optional)


1. Prepare your Peg-Board.
Lay newsprint on the floor of your work area, and lean your Peg-Board against a wall or table on top of it. If using, roll a coat of paint onto the board. Let it dry. Apply another layer if desired. Trim the kraft paper into panels that are sufficient to cover the back of your Peg-Board completely. Affix to the back of your Peg-Board with glue dots.

2. Decorate your clothespins.
Affix a strip of decorative tape along the length of each clothespin. Smooth it flat. Trim off any excess with a craft knife. Repeat on the other side.

3. Print your seating cards.
Using a word-processing program or the Peg-Board Seating Card template, customize your seating cards. Print them using an inkjet printer onto text-weight paper; because they are printed on both sides (guest’ s names on the front, table number on the back), print at least one test run to ensure proper alignment. Trim along the crop marks provided using a craft knife, ruler, and cutting mat.

4. Assemble your seating chart.
Decide how you would like to space your rows of seating cards. For each clothespin, thread an 8-inch length of wire through the spring (figure 1). Insert the wire ends into a hole in the Peg-Board, pierce through the kraft paper, twist a few times to secure the clothespin, and flatten the ends against the board, trimming with scissors if necessary (figure 2). If desired, secure the wire ends with masking tape (recommended if you are transporting the assembled board to your venue). Clip your seating cards to your clothes-pins in alphabetical order.

[images from Handmade Weddings and CBroussard]

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191 Comments to “Handmade Weddings giveaway + DIY!”

  1. anh tran Says:

    this would be an awesome resource for my diy wedding.

  2. Ariel Says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book to help planning my Anthropologie/vintage Napa inspired wedding!!

  3. Rida D Says:

    Just got engaged and love DIY! Would love to have this book help me pick out ideas for the big day.

  4. Daisha Says:

    ooh ooh ooh, pick me pick me pick me!

  5. Jess Says:

    Love all of the details and would love a copy of the book even more!

  6. Shereta Says:

    I would love this book!

  7. Sara Wood Says:

    Oh me, pick me please! June is coming very quickly, and this book would be the *perfect* tool for my farm wedding.

  8. lizzie [love your way] Says:

    awesome giveaway – those letterpressed cards are too cute!

    rad DIY too lady! i love the look of it and how unique you could make it with colors and the like!

  9. Jes Says:

    This book looks fantastic! Getting married in a year and a half and already busy finding as many ways as possible to make my wedding unique and memorable.

  10. Anni Says:

    I would give so much to win this! I love it so much and it’s exactly the kind of gorgeousness I’d love in our wedding.

  11. rachel thomas Says:

    count me in! my october wedding will be here in a flash!

  12. Julie Says:

    Crossing my fingers for a win! Making items for my September wedding is oh-so enjoyable!

  13. Thelma Says:

    Please count me in.Crunch time for my July wedding and so much to do.Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. stacey Says:

    wow, fantastic! this would be an amazing book to win, just in time for my september wedding!!

  15. Holly Says:

    Love the pegboard project! I can’t to see what else is in store.

  16. Lauren Elise Says:

    Would love a copy of this book! Shana Faust styling is so yummy and beautiful!

  17. Jennifer Says:

    Yay! I would love to win!

  18. Shay Says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book!

  19. Diana Says:

    I’ve heard about this book in a few different places, I can wait to read it! have a great day

  20. Margo Beth Says:

    I would love to win this book! Hello! Lucky did our save the dates and I love the company. Now, I want to find out what else these ladies have in store.

  21. Lauren Traci Says:

    I have been stalking this book for a while and I would love to win it :) Thanks for doing this!

  22. Laura Says:

    I would so love to win this book! I’m getting married in May and hoping to do many DIY, so this would be perfect!

  23. Lisa Says:

    Love Hello Lucky, and love all things hand-made! I have a lot of DIY going on at my wedding and I could use all the help I can get! Thanks!

  24. Ashley M Says:

    What I love about the DIY wedding is that the things you find in this book can be applied to so many other events AFTER you are married with some minor adjustments. I would love to win a copy of this SWEET book!!!

  25. jenna Says:

    I would LOVE to win this. Getting married in May and this would be amazing to have!!!

  26. Kim Says:

    I so want this book!! It would be a perfect source of inspiration for my sister’s upcoming wedding!

  27. Rosan Says:

    I, too, am getting married and could use this book. ;D Good luck to everyone!

  28. sacha Says:

    I would LOVE to win this book! So many cute ideas inside.

  29. Keisha Says:

    This is great!!! I would love to win this book. I love all of the ideas!!!! Great inspiration!!!!

  30. Leslie Says:

    I’ve been drooling over this book for the past couple of days! Thanks for the opportunity…and the peg board DIY!

  31. Devri Says:

    How fun! I’m getting married in April and it’s crunch time with some DIY projects…would love some inspiration :)

  32. Jaclyn Says:

    Yay DIY!

  33. Steph Says:

    I would LOVE to have a copy of this book! I’m in the middle of DIY madness for my July wedding. :)

  34. ValentinaBlossom Says:

    I would love to have this book… I need it! I’m planning my wedding and would be so happy to have this book as inspiration!
    I want to wiiiiiiiiin!
    (By the way, I’m from Chile, can I participate?)

  35. Miss C Says:

    This book looks delightfully fun. I would love to use it to dream up things for my best friends wedding (in years to come).

  36. Jenn Says:

    i love not only the look of diy weddings but the feel that you receive knowing that each thing was thoughtfully made. i don’t think you can get more personal with a wedding than diy. plus, it makes the small details even more fun. this book would be a HUGE help to me for my may 2011 wedding that i want to feel completely personal and intimate. <3

  37. sara Says:

    after watching the book trailer, i’m in love with it and would be stoked to try out all of the crafts!

  38. Jenn Says:

    thanks for sharing your fav! I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and create my own personal touches for the big day!

  39. Danielle Says:

    That seating chart is awesome! I’d really love to do something different and creative for mine (I’m getting married in September)… This book would probably help me figure out something neat!

  40. Amy Says:

    This is fabulous!! DIY is definitely the way to go, especially if a venue is not as personal as you want your wedding to be.

  41. Danielle Says:

    I was actually looking at this book in a store last week. It looks really great! Excellent ideas!

  42. Carly La Russo Says:

    This book would come in handy for me SO MUCH since my fiance and I don’t even have a budget :/ we are in such a transitional state right now, we really can’t afford to do anything thats not hand made for our wedding! This would REALLY REALLY HELP ME OUT A LOT. I’m not buying invitations/favors/table arrangements, I’m doing everything handmade because its a lot cheaper and I want everything to look good! Please help me out!!!

  43. Megan Says:

    I would love to win this book! I know that I will be doing so much DIY for my wedding and this would help so much!

  44. Ali Says:

    yes please!

  45. Christine Says:

    Who doesn’t love books? especially creative ones with pictures :) sign me up!

  46. Jewellers Says:

    Love the wedding idea, very clever. Would love to win. Sign me up.

  47. Terrae Says:

    I think this book would help me a lot!

  48. edris Says:

    i want to win :D

  49. Erin Says:

    Looove it! Waaant it!

  50. Kate Says:

    So cute! I’d love to win a copy :D

  51. sara Says:

    I REALLY want this book! :)

  52. Heather Says:

    That book looks amazing!

  53. Jessica Says:

    My fingers are crossed – that book looks amazing!

  54. Kristen Says:

    Oh my friend could use this! Let’s see if I can win it for her :)

  55. jen Says:

    so so sweet! love this giveaway! thanks for a chance to win!

  56. Jen Says:

    Another marvelous resource! Thank you for sharing it.

  57. Meredith Says:

    Looks fantastic!!

  58. Holly Says:

    would love to have this book, such a great resource!

  59. Lindsey Says:

    Pick meeeeeeeeee!

  60. Christen Says:

    This book looks like such a great book!

  61. LaTasha Says:

    I’d love to win this!

  62. Bevin Says:

    I would love this helpful resource. I love the idea of DIY, but could definitely use help with the execution. I hope I am randomly generated!

  63. kristina eng Says:

    j’adore! thanks for posting such a cute and useful resource!

  64. Brittany Says:

    I love homemade! I think it looks better than store-bought or generic items. I cannot wait to plan my wedding using a resource like this!

  65. Natalie Says:

    My love and I are planning a November wedding for much adored guests from five continents on a truly tiny budget. We’re committed to making this a gathering that reflects our values. We’re trying to keep everything as organic, homegrown, local and DIY as possible. This book would REALLY help us to make the day special.

  66. Heather L. Says:

    Would love to win a copy! Looks awesome!

  67. Leigh Says:

    In the immortal words of Dave Chappelle in the Real Life GTA sketch:


    For real though; this would come in quite handy as I get started planning our shindig.

  68. anna and the ring Says:


  69. Valerie Says:

    would adore this!!

  70. jamie Says:

    that book looks so great!

  71. Hillary S Says:

    actually tried to buy at a borders today and that particular store didn’t seem to stock it. boo. want.

  72. Kiki_Dawn Says:

    What an amazing prize!! I’d love to win this. I’d pass it on to a friend who is getting married in October … after I use it for my April wedding!


  73. Natalie T Says:

    Thanks for the sneak peek into the book! The clothespin seating chart is exactly my style. I know I’d love the book!

  74. Emily Says:

    I used to carry Hello! Lucky cards in my (now closed) bricks-and-mortar shop and loved their book Handmade Hellos. Fingers crossed! (We’re getting married in August.)

  75. Jenna Says:

    I’m feeling very crafty! Love it!

  76. Carolyn Says:

    I’d love to win the book too!

  77. Chelsea Says:

    I’m new to blogging, and very new to wedding planning as well! I’m newly engaged, and all the planning is just beginning- so far, its very FUN, but VERY scary at the same time.. my wedding is only four months away! With big dreams and a small budget, DIY is the way I’m trying to do everything! I’d love to win the book to give me some more ideas!

  78. ashley Says:

    i would SO love to win this book!!!

  79. Jessie Says:

    Oh I’d love to win this!

  80. ines Says:

    I would really, really love to get my hands on that book! :)

  81. Darcy Hofmann Says:

    Would be awesome for learning more about DIY for my wedding.

  82. Jessie Gillan Says:

    I really like the peg board idea with the clothespins, charming. Looking forward to reading more posts from the Brooklyn Bride!

  83. stephanie Says:

    I have been working two jobs and planning my wedding. But I am still doing DIY. I love the handmade feel to invites, programs etc. I think it adds so much more personality than to buy premade items. I can’t wait to see the outcome of everything I am working so hard for. I think this book would be an awesome help for me. :)

  84. Christine Says:

    Pretty sure i would blissfully be on bride cloud 9 if this book showed up in my mailbox!!

  85. Lady Erin Redding Says:

    This looks like the perfect book to help me finish the details of my wedding.

  86. Helen Says:

    I love books like these!

  87. Kirsten B. Says:

    We are in the home stretch of planning, and I would love to have this book to help with the last projects!!

  88. Anna Says:

    This book is imperative for my wedding! Its going to be 100% DIY! We’re very tight on money, so we’ve had to cut back on guests, venue, music, etc. BUT I REFUSE TO CUT BACK ON THE AWESOME! I know this book would prevent any risk of awesome-shortage at our love shindig!! xo

  89. mere... Says:

    so excited about this book!

  90. Madeline Says:

    I sure would LOVE a copy of this book!

  91. Laura Says:

    Love the pegboard idea, bet the book has so many more great ideas!

  92. Brandy Says:

    I promise if I got this book, I would NOT put it down :-)

  93. Tae Says:

    Would love this book! I am all about handmade, and these look like great ideas.

  94. Sarah Soon-To-Be Says:

    What a great giveaway! MY DIY-ing bridesmaid would love me forever if I won this for her :)

  95. Nax Says:

    I am going to throw my hat in the ring on this one! We have a 9,000 square foot space to fill/decorate for our July wedding in Brooklyn. We are going handmade all the way. So far we’ve DIY-ed Save the Dates and just started planning our invitations. We’re leveraging our own skills but also learning lots of new techniques and ideas. This book would be a great addition to our planning toolkit, so please pick us!

  96. Gwen Says:

    Such great style! Would love this book!

  97. Lindsey Says:

    Oooh I need this! I have 5 months to go and SO much to do. Need ideas!

  98. Nina S. Says:

    Woo woo! Great give-a-way! Fingers crossed I win this fab book!

  99. Stephanie Says:

    fantastic giveaway!

  100. Tyler Says:

    I would be thrilled to win a copy of this book! It would help me so much with all the DIY details for my wedding.

  101. Meghan Says:

    What a lovely giveaway!

  102. Roxanne Says:

    I’ve been eagerly anticipating this book. Hoorah!

  103. junesung Says:

    I would love this book. Looks like so much fun.

  104. Rosie Says:

    Helping a friend plan a wedding and we both know nothing! this would be a great help

  105. stacey Says:

    what a great companion this would be to my paper + crafts book…and with 3 months left until my wedding, it’s DIY do or die time!

  106. K. Calhoun Says:

    I must confess……I have been married for five years and I am TOTALLY ADDICTED to weddings! I know, I know, I really should seek help:) But I love everything and anything about weddings and I would love to add this book to my collection! Then we will work on the therapy:)

  107. Elizabeth Says:

    pick me, please!

  108. Kelly Says:

    Ahhh! I’ve heard wonderful things about this book and am dying to get it!

  109. Kristen S Says:

    I want that book SOOO BAD! I am handmaking everything I can for our wedding (from letterpress printing out invitation suite and all paper goods, coasters, favors, isle runner, candy bar, late night snack table etc.) I could sure use some help & ideas!

  110. emilie Says:

    i like handmade book.

  111. Brienne Says:

    Simply cannot pass this up. Hope to be one of the lucky ladies to win it big. Thank you!

  112. Tami Says:

    I would love to have a copy! Thanks!

  113. Oh, My Darling Says:

    Oh wow! My cousin just got engaged and is more excited about what sorts of handmade crafts she’s gonna do for the wedding than she is about anything else! This would be a PERFECT gift for her, to say congratulations!


  114. claudia Says:

    pick me!

  115. C. Lee Says:

    Ohhhh! I’m a DIY addict! I need my DIY fix! Please fix me! :] I mean Pick me!! :]

  116. rachel Says:

    oh my goodness, i just got engaged and am totally dying to get this book!!! it looks just amazing. i love your blog and would love to use this book for my wedding in san francisco :)

  117. Leah Says:

    pleeeeeeeeeeease I want!!

  118. kc Says:

    I would loooooove a copy. What a great resource. And, I (currently) live in Brooklyn!

  119. Cristalle Says:

    eeeeeee! I browsed this book at the store the other day and I do want it! Getting married in Sept- just got my gocco so I can get started on my invites! Handmade is the best way.

  120. Michelle Says:

    I’m planning a handmade wedding and desperately need a book like this! What an awesome giveaway!!!

  121. Roxy Says:

    this is fantastic! i’ve never been too crafty, but i’m trying my hand at some DIY for my upcoming wedding. this would be a huge help!

  122. Jessica Says:

    Oh my goooooodness…I absolutely love your blog and this book…would love to get a copy of this!! :)

  123. San Says:

    I’m the least craftiest of people who want to be crafty. HELP! I need that book!

  124. Brynn Rogel Says:

    pretty pretty please with sugar on top. and… i’ll be your best friend.

  125. krista {urbanite jewelry} Says:

    Would LOVE to win this book!

  126. Beth D Says:

    This would be the perfect addition to my DIY stockpile for the wedding. This book looks amazing!

  127. Ann Swank Says:

    I think I’m in love. Man I hope I get lucky :)

  128. Amanda Says:

    Pretty, pretty please! I have been dying for this book since I heard of its publishing a while back!

  129. Laura Says:

    Woot! I love me some Hello!Lucky and DIY!

  130. Erica T Says:

    Ohhh please please me! I was about to buy this book on Amazon but it would be lovely to win it!

    Cheers! erica @ tinseltwine.com

  131. Jessica Says:

    This book would be SUCH an incredible help!

  132. Jacqueline L. Says:

    WooHoo! Sweet giveaway. Lovin’ the DIY as well….

  133. Melissa Says:

    I’m really excited to try these projects!

  134. Sally B. Says:

    Count me in. That looks like a helpful book!

  135. Gillian H Says:

    This book and craft looks amazing!!! I would love love to win!

  136. cleesmile Says:

    that’s sooo amazing!!
    love love the peg board!

  137. Loe Says:

    Oh I’d love this! Pretty much everything for my wedding is DIY!

  138. victorianinbloom Says:

    how lovely. must have to plan the perfect (russian) wedding.

  139. Julia Says:

    Ohh I would love this!

  140. Megan Says:

    DYI wedding sounds the best to me…I cant wait to start making some of these ideas, I have a year and 2 months.
    Thanks for the blog! Its a great wedding resource!

  141. bemelodious Says:

    Like everyone else, I’m a tight wedding budget. But unlike everyone else, I’m not very dexterous so I need all the help I can get!

  142. jomygoodness Says:

    Awesome book!

  143. Gemma Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! A resource we’d all treasure I’m sure :)

  144. Anita Says:

    I would love to win one of the books! Just starting to get down to business for our June wedding and I need help!

  145. Eryn Says:

    This book looks fabulous! I love every thing DIY Wedding related!

  146. Lo Says:

    I have a feeling if I got this book I would read it cover to cover in one night!!!!!!!!

  147. Mara Says:

    I would love to have this book to DIY my wedding…and then my sister’s! She’s getting married 4 months after me!

  148. candybeans Says:

    lovely! in the throes of wedding planning now, and I could sure use some (free) DIY guidance!

  149. bj Says:

    I would love to give this to my nephew’s new fiance’ as
    a welcome to our family.
    Of course then it would also be in the family for all to share

  150. Monica Says:

    Oh my! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have this book!!! :) Please pick me! ;)

  151. Kim Says:

    I got engaged only a few days ago and would love to have this book as a resource!

  152. Shayne Says:

    Oooh… could really use help in this department! Would LOVE a copy!

  153. Kenesha Says:

    I would LOVE to have this book, please pick me! :)

  154. Jenny Says:

    LOVE the pegboard – I can only imagine the wonderful ideas I could utilise that are in this book!

  155. danielle Says:

    Love this. With less than 4 months to go, I could really use all the tips and help on how to make my wedding my own. Planning craft nights throughout the Winter and Spring to have my friends pitch in and help out. This would be a godsend.

  156. Annie Says:

    I am using DIY for a lot of my wedding and would loveto have some inspiration! Thank you!

  157. Bec Says:

    There are so many lovely ideas on the internet, but nothing beats lying on a rug in the sun flipping thorough real paper pages of ideas. I would love a copy of this to help us handmake our wedding.

  158. Mary Says:

    This is excellent for a DIY girl like me! Just found your blog, so much inspiration!

  159. jess-ca Says:

    My goodness! Gorgeous book! Definitely the perfect asset for a bride who wants to add some personal flair and gorgeous creativity to their special day!

  160. Kat Says:

    This is the book of my dreams I have been hoping for!

  161. Karen Says:

    I love, love, love to do crafts, and would love some crafty, fun ideas to help keep my daughter’s wedding more affordable.

  162. Sarah Says:

    I would love this book. So pretty!

  163. Eilis Boyle Says:

    This is the best looking DIY /Craft book I’ve seen in a long time.. can’t wait to get a copy. Lovely!

  164. Christine Chang Says:

    Me, me, ME!!

  165. Christine Says:

    Awesome & I’m sure many of these projects translate to events other than weddings!

  166. Rachel Says:

    Please please please X infinity plus one let it be Mex x z

  167. Trent Says:

    Pick me!

  168. Brittany Says:

    Would LOVE to have this to help me create our mountain elegance wedding on a budget!! I love DIY and my bridesmaids and I are already planning on spending many days coming up getting crafty…we just need the ideas! :)

  169. Jee Says:

    Such an awesome prize! I would love, love, love to win a copy!

  170. Em Says:

    Pick me! Would love this…

  171. jennifer Says:

    A wedding enthusiasts dream book…as a florist (and details expert) I love all things handmade!! And love having great ideas @ my fingertips to help brides make their day unique and special. Fingers crossed that I win ;-)

  172. Stacey Says:

    I want this book. Real bad. I’m always looking for inspiration for my 2012 wedding!

  173. elaine Says:

    can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  174. Erin*Sparkle&Hay Says:

    what a FANTASTIC book!

  175. Lish Dorset Says:

    Looks like a great book!

  176. Laura Turner Says:

    Looks awesome!!

  177. Sabrina Says:

    This book looks great! I just got engaged last night and know we’ll be trying to do a lot of stuff DIY style. Would LOVE this book!

  178. pamela huntington Says:

    Great book… I love it!

  179. Yael Says:

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway! I would love to win! <3

  180. StephanieLMA Says:

    This looks like such a find! I am doing my wedding very craftily (hee hee)–I NEED this book!

  181. Nicole Says:

    I hope I win… I hope I win… I hope I win! Hey… it worked for Dorothy! Get me home to my Handmade Wedding book! Thank you for the opportunity!

  182. Sarah Says:

    I have to get this

  183. Sarah Says:

    Great book

  184. Jess Says:

    What a simply thoughtful giveaway! I am delighted to enter.

  185. Leslie Says:

    Please give me! I have been looking for this book everywhere… I am in a rural area and can’t find the book anywhere… my wedding is in November and am planning on doing a lot of my own projects… this would be a huge help!

  186. Viva Las Vegas! | The Future Mrs. Darcy Says:

    [...] the meantime, Brooklyn Bride has some copies of Handmade Wedding that she’s giving away so go check that out and (while [...]

  187. Jodi Says:

    Are you still giving away this book? I would love to own it. I’m a very craft person and I want my wedding to be handmade. This book would help me out so much if I were to own it. I don’t have a lot of money right now. My fiance and I are trying to save for our wedding for next year. My goal is to have a DIY wedding. This book would be such a huge help to the both of us. :)

  188. Crystal Says:

    Love this! I am still trying to come up with ideas for my wedding in June! Love your site! Check out my FABULOUS “Will you be my bridesmaid?” gifts that made! A very fun, creative DIY project that your bridesmaids will fall in love with!



  189. Robyn Says:

    would love this book as a resource for my eldest daughters upcoming weeding next March. She will be married in our backyard and is a very arty girl… right into this sort of beauty!

  190. Aine Ireland - rings Says:

    Love the pegboard, so innovative

  191. Big Decorations | Seating Charts Says:

    [...] out how to make this cute pegboard seating chart by Brooklyn Bride This entry was posted in Big [...]

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