Paper+Craft DIY and giveaway!

Thanks to this blog, I’ve been lucky enough to make friends with lots of the people I write about, and Minhee from Paper+Cup Design is no exception.  I had been a huge fan of her work even before I got to know her, and now having gotten to know her, Truman and even little TJ, has made it all the more special!  Which is why I’m so proud of Paper+Craft, the book she and Truman just released with stylist Randi Brookman Harris…its chock full of beautifully designed crafts that are super easy to make for any occasion.

Like the DIY project below…these would make for fun gifts or cake toppers, and its super duper easy!

Materials needed:
Black paper
Mini christmas tree or plant
Cuttting mat
Metal ruler
Glue stick
Thin strips of wooden sticks
white ink pen

How to:
+ Place a piece of tape on top of the photo and stick it on top of the black paper
+ Take your scissors and cut around the photo shape
+ Place a piece a tape on a stick inside the black cut out shape
+ Cover it with glue stick
+ Place the photo on top to enclose the stick inside the 2 pieces of paper
+ Write a message on back with the white pen
+ Stick the photo stick inside your plant
+ Decorate with a ribbon

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Chronicle Books is letting me giveaway 3 copies, and I’ve got a special FOURTH copy that is autographed by Minhee, Truman and Randi to giveaway myself…you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this!  Leave a comment below about what you’d use the book for, and 4 winners will be announced on Monday.  Good luck!

[If you'd like to check out some pictures of their booksigning this past weekend at PaperSource, check out the pictures on Facebook]

[top image from C. Broussard, all others by Paper+Cup]

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92 Comments to “Paper+Craft DIY and giveaway!”

  1. Abby Says:

    I need this book so I can be a DIY’er more than a BUYer!

  2. Lisa Says:

    My sister is the craftiest person in the world, and she recently moved across the country to Texas. She’s always making me things, and I’m hopeless when it comes to DIY anything! I would use the book to make some fabulous crafts to send down to TX to show her how much I miss her. :)

  3. Naomi Says:

    I’d love to give a copy of this to my mom! She makes everything she can and is always looking for a little inspiration. She doesn’t use the internet and I just know she’d get a kick out of this crafty gang!!!

  4. Andria Says:

    I would start using this book for my wedding. I would then use it for ideas for gift making, etc. I love DIY.

  5. Laura Says:

    I love creating handmade gifts and decorations, and I would love to have this book for inspiration!

  6. Brooke Says:

    We’re moving across country and have to get rid of tons of stuff in the process. I would use this book to help make our new home cute and crafty!

  7. Becky Says:

    I love DIY!!! I’m on a budget and would love to get ideas for my wedding.

  8. Kristen Says:

    I NEED this so I can take one more book off my “wish” list from Amazon. Oh please oh please of please !!!!

  9. Kristen S Says:

    I’d use the book to make awesome handcrafted touches for my September 2011 wedding!!

  10. Jessica Says:

    Everything! I mean, I craft constantly, and I love access to new ideas. I’m crafting most of the gear for our steampunk wedding with my fiance, I make holiday gifts, and I’m working on decorating our home with silly things (I even put up a few of the Star Wars snowflakes for the holidays).

    I’m always excited to get new craft inspiration, and this sounds amazing! My fingers are crossed.

  11. Jennifer Says:

    I’m really starting to find my passion in crafting. I think this book would allow me to continue to explore and invent my inner crafter.

  12. Rebecca Says:

    THE U.K/LONDON NEEDS THIS BOOK TO GET HELP GET ONES CRAFT ON! And with my help + book, I’ll do that! Here in the UK, weddings and Events aren’t half as crafty as they are in the states and it is my (Harlequin & Romance Wedding & Event Design) mini but whole hearted mission to overturn weddings and events with beautiful paper design and wonder! With Paper+Craft I can be a little more crafty in fulfilling H&R’s mission here in the UK. I have put it on my list to Father Christmas but if he fails me this year, I’ll get my craft on royally anyway!

  13. min + tru Says:

    Thanks Vane for doing this! Can’t wait to find out the lucky 4!!

  14. Hana Says:

    I love crafting and need some new ideas! I would use this for my wedding and just for around my apartment!

  15. Kim Says:

    So awesome!! Love paper crafts!!

  16. Sarah Says:

    I’ve been waiting to get my hands on a copy of this book! I’d love to get some DIY inspiration for the next couple of months, since I’ll be locked in my warm apartment away from the snow!

  17. Terrae Says:

    I love doing crafts. I am sure I could find a lot of uses for the book.

  18. Kelly Says:

    I love diy, however my ideas are usually duds! So having a step-by-step instruction book would behoove me! And the example above is super cute! I’m sure it’s a good indication of what else the book will deliver!

  19. naazia Says:

    i’ve love to learn about some DIY projects!

  20. Missa Says:

    This is adorable!I could see using this book both for DIY wedding fun and in my classroom with my fifth graders!

  21. Jen LT Says:

    Definitely a NEED in my book collection!

  22. sally Says:

    I love diy stuff and would love to use any of their ideas for parties and events.

  23. Delia Says:

    I love diy, especially for parties and events! This book would be so inspirational for the new years party I’m helping decorate. :)

  24. Brianna Says:

    I would love to get my hands on this book. My first apartment, help to make it feel more homey.

  25. Andrea Says:

    I’ve been scoping this book out, and would love to have a copy to get ideas and projects for my wedding next year! Also, I just dig crafts generally and genuinely.

  26. Chloe Says:

    I have wanted this beautiful book for a long time. I would use this books DIY ideas to style my up and coming anniversary party and to inspire my friends & other New Zealand brides that there is great inspiration out there for weddings that wont cost the earth. I say this because I have been to many versions of the same wedding! I want to inspire brides to think outside the New Zealand bubble and be unique!

  27. Daisha Says:

    I am obsessed with paper, and am making as many paper elements (like paper “flowers,” etc.) as possible for my upcoming wedding. So my groom and I would use the book to get ideas for more insane paper crafts that we haven’t thought up yet! Wheeee!

  28. tasha Says:

    I would love to win this. I love doing crafts. especailly with paper and pictures. I love using them to decorate. I could really use this book to bring out my creative side!!

  29. bethany Says:

    would LOVE the book for some much-needed inspiration. my home has too much buy and not enough diy…

  30. Carly La Russo Says:

    My wedding is going to have a DIY carnival theme! This book would be so helpful to me since my finacee and I are doing almost everything ourselves from the invitations to the menus to the decorations! This would really help me out! Besides that, we are moving into a new condo in a month and I would love to have this book to decorate and make everything very personal to our new space instead of spending lots of money on decor!

  31. Jessica Says:

    oh gosh, what wouldn’t I use it for? ;)

    I’m currently bummed about not being able to put our condo on the market (no upgrade here for awhile), so I’m trying to get clever about ways to reinvigorate our home! This lovely little book would be insta-inspiration!!

  32. notabilia Says:

    I am overseas and my craft supplies are still on a boat (on their way to me). First, I’d droll over the projects in this book. And then, when I had my paper and ribbons and glue here in Singapore, I’d make everything!

  33. Mish Says:

    My husband, children and I have been doing paper crafts since well my husband and I were dating. It is something we enjoy doing together and I think that this book would make the perfect family gift. Handmade is much better than anything you can find in the store and I love sharing that love with my children.

  34. emily Says:

    Love Paper+Cup… and this book looks pretty special indeed! Would make pressies to give away… lots of them! love paper and presents so it’s a heavenly match!

  35. Beth Says:

    Wow, what a great book and a great give-away! I’m getting married next November, so I’d love this book to get some DIY ideas for centerpieces and gifts! How fun!!!

  36. Ge Cavalcante Says:

    I need this book for some much-needed inspiration (: so my home-sweet-home can be unique.

    thanks for the chance.

  37. carol Says:

    I could use this book for much inspiration! oh the projects I could start and eventually finish. :D

  38. J Lynn Says:

    I’m a restaurant designer but I’m not crafty and just started to get into it. I would love a guide with creative inspirations to help me craft my own path!

  39. Dayle Says:

    I love this book. A lot of fun projects to try. I admit I have a paper fetish. I would like to make some presents for many upcoming weddings and birthdays for family and friends.

  40. paloma Says:

    i’ve wanted this book for so long! it would be the first DIY book in my collection and as an “after-work” crafter, i know it’d be put to good use!

  41. Brooke H Says:

    Love great DIYs, I’d certainly try out the projects in this book. :)

  42. Christa Says:

    I’ve loved crafting projects since I was in elementary school, it’s how I knew what I want to be when I grow up. You can never have enough inspiration, maybe this will bring a little luck my way in the freelancing department so someday (when I grow up) I can fly solo! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. Robyn Says:

    I’d love a copy so I can be inspired to make some projects for the nursery I’m currently planning.

  44. Jen Says:

    I love making handmade crafts for gifts and decorations – this would be great resource!

  45. Jenny Alexander Says:

    I’m looking for new ideas for table decorations for little gatherings at our house. I love the little cut out people! So adorable!

  46. Maria Says:

    I would use it for inspiration and to refresh my creative skills. Paper crafts are rewarding to create and finish!

  47. Susana Says:

    WOW! I would love to win this book. Looks like it has many fun and creative ideas to spruce up my home and work. Only recently I’ve started to do more paper crafts and I know that this book will help me be more creative and not spend so much.

  48. Donaville Says:

    looks like a fab book :) and people say paper is dead (never!). i’d definitely find good use for this for weekend projects, and would especially love to share this with my kiddos as they get older.

  49. Kelly | Glamour This! Says:

    This year I realized I missed crafting and other DIY projects. Winning this book would push me into gear and get my crafting mojo back.

    All this while saving money

  50. nikkigot3 Says:

    I do letterpress and would LOVE to combine it with other paper crafts! Beautiful book!

  51. Kellie Says:

    I would use the book to create more paper crafts. My current craft obsession is working with paper!

  52. Renay Says:

    I want to give this to my mother. She is an exceptional woman with a huge heart. She is unable to work due to some medical problems, but she has been trying to craft a lot lately for other people. I would love to give this to her as an inspiration!

  53. Tanya Says:

    ooh i LOVE this book!! my son and I are paper and cardboard craft crazy during these cold, months!!

  54. Courtney Says:

    I love new and unique ways to work with paper and would love to use this for inspiration!

  55. Katie Says:

    Ooooh oooh pick me pick me!! I need to make stuff instead of buying it. It saves money but also means so much more that way! :)

  56. HeatherK Says:

    awesome! I’d love to try some new crafts!

  57. Tawny Says:

    i love this book for some inspiration for handmade gifts!

  58. Sarah Says:

    I have more paper than I know what to do with and I’m always looking for new gift ideas. This book looks full of them!

  59. Jennifer Says:

    I’m always looking for new inspiration, this looks really fun!

  60. Nina Says:

    I heart DIY and paper–perfect book to get me inspired for 2011!

  61. Sara R. Says:

    Awesome book. I am always looking for fun ideas!

  62. ashley Says:

    I asked Santa for this book this year, but I don’t think he is bringing it :(
    this book would be oh so helpful as we are planning our cape cod wedding here in Germany and all of my crafty friends are back home in California!! I need help!

  63. Melissa Says:

    I would use it to come up with good ideas to make my largely DIY wedding (November 2011) even better. I’m on a tight budget and I need ideas!

  64. Katja Says:

    Since I found out I’m not good at sewing, knitting and stitching, drill and hammer hat me but I Love DIY… Well, let’s give paper cutting a chance :)

  65. Lollipopps Creations Says:

    Oh the things i could do. The endless possibilities. I especially like the idea of the hanging bird mobile. That sounds like a project i could really have fun doing. But i’m pretty sure i’d enjoy doing all 25 projects.

  66. Sarah @ Maison Boheme Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this lovely book! I’m a crafty gal who also spends lots of time doing paper craft with kids. This would be the perfect addition to my library!

  67. Rosita Says:

    I would love to use this book for crafting projects for and with my twin grandchildren!

  68. Patricia Says:

    I do a lot of crafting projects with my young cousins and I’m always looking for inspiration! These book looks perfect — I would so love to win (and the signed copy would be just icing on the cake).

  69. Marissa Crylen Says:

    I am surprising my Mom and the rest of our wedding guests with a donation to the Gray Matters Foundation as their gift. My Mom has recently recovered after fighting a brain tumor for many years and I would love to use the book to create a craft that can be left on each plate to creatively presen this gift to my guests.

  70. Tyler Says:

    I flipped through this book on a bookstore display and fell in love with so many of the projects but the bird mobile in particular. Thinking it would be a perfect project to hang above the crib in my nursery…

  71. ek Says:

    i would love to win this book and get inspired with some wedding crafts. :)

  72. Erin Says:

    I would love to win this books and get great ideas for table decor!

  73. Chrissy Farnan Says:

    I love paper and paper crafts! I would love to win a book and even the extra special autographed copy.


  74. Jenna Says:

    I love making papers cards and gifts for people. This would be a great inspiration and guide!

  75. lindsey k Says:

    We’re getting married later this year and hopefully the book will help me find some decor ideas for our outdoor picnic-esque wedding

  76. Liz W Says:

    I would love to have this book to help me with decor for my wedding next Fall. But in the meanwhile, there is a fabulously whimsical layered hat in the book that I desperately want to make to wear at our annual Kentucky Derby Party!

  77. jennifer Says:

    this book is on my wish list! thanks for a chance to win!
    i’d use the book and create handmade paper decor for my house–it needs a little somethin’ somethin!

  78. ashley Says:

    i WANT this book so badly!! i need it to fix up my 1st home with my soon-to-be hubs! thank u!

  79. sam Says:

    I am a paper fanatic! I’ll most likely use the craft ideas in the book to decorate our house…specifically a nursery (sometime in the near future)!

  80. Debby Says:

    Paper crafts are my favorites for gifts, decorations, and just connecting with people. I’d love this book. Thanks for the chance!

  81. Ellen Says:

    I love paper more than any other material! I think this book would give me great ideas for decorations, cards, gifts, packaging and much more!

  82. jane Says:

    Love this! Must have now. Thanks – Jane

  83. Nicola Says:

    I am a student at Parson’s the New School for Design. I want to work in visual merchandising and these adorable paper crafts would be a genius addition to any store display!!!

  84. Calli VanderWilde Says:

    Hadn’t heard of this before; now I’m very interested! Too bad I already established my Christmas wishlist for my friends and family :)

    I would use this book all the time. I am a highschool junior busy with sports and numerous AP classes. Crafting is my ultimate stress relief! With a busy schedule though, I need fairly easy crafts. And with a limited budget (not much time for a real job) I need fairly inexpensive crafts. I’d say this book would fit my needs pretty perfectly.

    Thanks for the giveaway. Can’t wait to see who wins.

  85. Ananda Glick Says:

    I would adore one of these books! How GREAT they seem! I would use it to inspire myself for our upcoming ecofriendly wedding that we are DIYing the entire thing! I would also have fun with my son. I swear the boy is a paper madscientist genius! He makes the neatest things with paper and tape and markers…. and he is only 7!!

    Thank you for the chance to win

  86. kelley@paperdollmn Says:

    I am trying to add more personal, DIY touches to the rooms in my home. This book would be a great resource!

  87. patricia Says:


    I hope you enjoyed the handmade bracelet I included in your Christmas card! I’m a big fan of Paper + Cup, I walk by there Lexington Avenue studio all the time.

    I’d love to use this book to explore my crafting skills– around four years ago I worked at Kate’s Paperie- so I’ve accumulated a love for all types of paper and have tons of sheets that I’d love to use on the projects featured in this book!

    Crossing my fingers,
    Patricia Voto
    hello voto

  88. Amanda I Says:

    I’d use the book to help me make things for my upcoming wedding in April. I’ve been getting quite crafty lately and this would help!

  89. Lily Says:

    I would use the book to decorate my apartment, which, 18 months after move-in, is still pretty much as bare as the day we moved in.

  90. khbride Says:

    I’d use it to help inspire new projects. As a student I’m on winter break=more time for fabulous DIY projects :)

  91. Sharron Clemons Says:

    Vane, I hope you enjoyed the handmade bracelet I included in your Christmas card! I’m a big fan of Paper + Cup, I walk by there Lexington Avenue studio all the time. I’d love to use this book to explore my crafting skills– around four years ago I worked at Kate’s Paperie- so I’ve accumulated a love for all types of paper and have tons of sheets that I’d love to use on the projects featured in this book! Crossing my fingers, Patricia Voto hello voto

  92. Nona Mills Says:

    I would use the book to decorate my apartment, which, 18 months after move-in, is still pretty much as bare as the day we moved in.

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