Sarah’s save the date

As a wedding consultant, I see a ton of save the dates, but it was actually our photographer ( who came up with this idea. We sent it out as a postcard with a few logistical details on the back. It was so simple, and our guests loved it.

[image from Sarah]

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12 Comments to “Sarah’s save the date”

  1. Bridechka Says:

    These are so great! The more save the dates you post, the more torn I get, I want all of them!

  2. Sarah :: Wedding Hub Event Planning Says:

    Thanks for posting our save the date:). What a funny surprise when reading through my blog roll!

  3. Jenna Says:

    I don’t like many “colorized” black and white photos, but I love this one! What a fun fun STD

  4. Green Wedding Shoes Says:

    I love this concept. Simple, yet original.

  5. Yvonne Says:

    Is this the girl from the Real World?

    Very cute!

  6. Kathryn Says:

    I love this one – this is my favorite one so far!

  7. Lauren Says:

    This is awesome!! Love it

  8. Hannah Noel Says:

    Loooovvveee it!!

  9. monique Says:

    Beautifully Amazing!!!!

  10. naturline Says:

    Fantastic story you write well precious congratulations, you are a faithful reader, fantastic illustrations, thank you very much for the post left to us.
    Receive a warm greeting.

  11. First Blush Bride Says:

    Yay! Spencer is my photographer! I just took engagement photos with him a week ago! Awesome to see!

  12. jessica lynn Says:

    this is my favorite out of all the submissions!!!

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