Anthro fabric envelope

Look what Anthropologie sent me for my birthday! If you’re not an Anthro card carrier, definitely become one. I thought the fabric envelope would make a great little weekend project…maybe to hold a love note for your sweetie, or maybe it could hold a thank you note for your bridal party?

[images by Brooklyn Bride]

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6 Comments to “Anthro fabric envelope”

  1. cindy Says:

    I got the same thing in the mail! I think it’s soo cute and a perfect idea for even a party favor for a small shower.

    But when I stopped by the store the other day, I was talking to another customer in line and mentioned the perks to the card, but the employee said that they are sending it to a random group right now… so we’re the lucky ones!

    Happy birthday to you! :)

  2. Go Green Says:

    These are way HOT!

  3. Sezzy Says:

    They mail out the greatest things. When I ordered online from them, my receipt came in a fantastic and simple little drawstring pouch that I now use to hold my lip gloss.

    Not to mention all the cute stuff you can buy from there!

  4. Amy Nieto Says:

    This post makes me want to take the bus and head on to Anthro. But I rather not. Being broke and all :P

  5. rebekah at elizabeth anne Says:

    Cutest card holder ever! Perfect for a Christmas card swap, hint hint.

  6. Says:

    No way! I didn’t get one of those. So cool I wonder what other neat features they are trying out.

    sent from:

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