Top 10: Welcome totes

If you’ve got out of town guests, you’ll probably want to give them some goodies for the hotel room, but why not make the bag something they’ll want to keep too?

As a special little treat, Mélangerie is giving away one of their To Have, To Hold totes to 2 lucky readers!  Just leave a comment below and the winner will be announced on Friday!

1st row: Alphabet Bags, Soraam, Baggu
2nd row: Lola & Bailey, Mélangerie
3rd row: Thoughtful Day, Wedding Chicks, Mothology
4th row: Loyalty & Blood, Maptote

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53 Comments to “Top 10: Welcome totes”

  1. Jen Says:

    I love this tote! The type is so gorgeous. I was married 1 month ago and would love to rock this tote around town!

  2. Melissa Says:

    These totes are adorable!
    I just saw a wedding party at the hotel I work at give out totes to their guests and I bet if they saw these they would have re-thought their plain totes !

  3. Montrell Doster Says:

    We have tons of out of town guests and this would be great!!! Still looking for ideas to put in a bag too!!!

  4. Courtney Says:

    I’ve always loved this tote!

  5. Renee Libby Says:

    This tote would be PERFECT for lugging around all of my rehearsal and day-of stuff! Oct 23 is my big day …

  6. Jessica Says:

    Love going with something sustainable for the bag instead of a paper throw away. And there are so many fun, affordable options out there, you just have to look!

  7. Jessi Says:

    Just got engaged and would LOVE for this to be the first acquisition!

  8. Sarah | Brilliant Event Planning Says:

    Totes must be on the brain today, we just did a post on them as well…these are such great options (and no doubt one lucky reader will be so happy to have one of Melangerie’s coveted totes)!

  9. Carla Says:

    WOW! What a great giveaway! I LOVE the design of the “To Have & To Hold” tote. It’s so cute!

  10. Dana Says:

    lovelovelove this bag. i am getting married so soon and have been dreaming of this bag on the honeymoon, sitting in the sand next to my oversize sun hat and the book i won’t be able to put down.

  11. Dalton Says:

    I love the tote idea for our Out of Town goodie bags. They would be perfect for our destination wedding along the beach. Thank you for this great giveaway!

  12. Elana Dweck Says:

    Thanks all for the nice comments about our to Have and to Hold tote!

    We are on the same page about sustainable design, which is why all of our designs are now printed on organic, fair trade cotton bags. You can check out our full selection of totes at:

  13. Glenda Says:

    I love, love, LOVE totes! They would be perfect for our bridal party.

  14. Amanda Says:

    I fell in LOVE with this tote when I first saw it!! Would looooovvveee to win it! Great post too! I think I will be doing this for our guests :)

  15. claire Says:

    i love that tote!!! So cute!

  16. Julie Says:

    So cute! I can just see myself carrying that around on the beach on our honeymoon… or filling it with the emergency kit of the wedding day… or using it as my “green” grocery bag… the possibilities are endless!

  17. Kelly Says:

    What a cute tote! I already have big plans for it, if I win =)

  18. edris Says:

    such a cute tote!!! i would love to win!! :)

  19. Kiki_Dawn Says:

    Such an adorable tote!! I’d love to win :)

    This are all great ideas … thanks!

  20. kait Says:

    wow i love this tote! it would be a great gift for a friend who is getting married soon :)

  21. Laura D. Says:

    Winning this tote would be great — I LOVE everything that Mélangerie does! :)

  22. Sharon Says:

    That tote is so gorgeous! I’ll definitely show it off in some photos and to carry my day-off essentials!

  23. Jennifer Says:

    This tote is sooo cute! I absolutely love everything at Mélangerie.

  24. Dorothy Says:

    that tote is super cute!! it would be great to carry all your wedding planning stuff around

  25. Lauren Says:

    The tote is adorable! I would definitely get good use out of it! Thanks!

  26. Melissa Says:

    Love the totes! We still have a year until our wedding, but I’ve already decided that I definitely want welcome bags in the hotel rooms and think totes are a great idea, especially since I’m trying to be as green as possible. And a tote for myself would be lovely too!

  27. Daisha Says:

    This would be perfect for carrying all the necessities to our ceremony in Central Park in a few short months… I am keeping my fingers crossed that this bag will be the super-stylin’ mode of transport for our rings and vows!

  28. Jessica Says:

    I LOVE this tote. We just starting thinking about this for our guests, as we will be having people from Italy coming to our wedding next year. This tote is ADORABLE!

  29. jaclyn Says:

    i would GLADLY love accepting this welcome gift at an eco-friendly wedding. cute, useful AND green.

  30. Kaydence Says:

    I love this tote!! I’ve been looking for one just like it!

  31. sam Says:

    i’ve been eyeing this tote forever! it’s adorable and the font makes me swoon. :)

  32. Stephanie Says:

    So lovely!

  33. Sarah Says:

    I like that the Baggu ones fold up! The only reuseable bags I ever remember to bring into the store with me are the collapseable ones that I carry in my purse all the time. Of course, with this stylish tote, I might e motivated to remember it!

  34. Sacha Says:

    Love the ‘to have, to hold’ bag! In Toronto, where I live, we are now charged 5 cents per bag so everyone has gotten onto the reusable bag wagon pretty quickly! Needless to say I have a huge collection, but none as cute as any of these!

  35. Elise Says:

    This tote is so cute! I love the swirly-ness of the font! I could use this for so many different things!

  36. Kristen S Says:

    Love the tote! It’s so cute, and the typography is fab!!

  37. bosjes Says:

    ok these are too cool! our wedding theme is sustainable and vintage and what’s better than this tote?! please pick this happy reader!

  38. Alicia Says:

    Love the tote! I hope I win. :)

  39. L Dub Says:


  40. The Budget Brides Handbook Says:

    Totally love these bags. Reuseable bags are perfect for weddings and the earth too.

  41. laura Says:

    these totes are all adorable. what great ideas to welcome guests and gift to your bridesmaids!

  42. Michelle Says:

    Love this tote! I’m using the font in my wedding stationary!

  43. Erica T Says:

    I love these! Everyone should have a collection of reusable bags. And how fun for the bride-to-be/newlywed!

    Cheers –

  44. Naima Says:

    What a cute tote!! It would be perfect to carry all of my wedding-planning stuff.

  45. Hanna Says:

    I love these totes! Such a great idea for out of town guests!

  46. Kelsey Says:

    I love this tote! I wish I could do it for my out of town guests!

  47. Corbett Says:

    So adorable! Love them :)

  48. Stacey Says:

    Vane, I use my bag everyday from you and Chad’s wedding. It makes me wish I was back in Brooklyn!

  49. yara Says:

    What a cute tote. Would love to carry it around! I also like the Silhouette ones!

  50. Caroline Says:

    I love these bags! Anyone know where I can buy similar totes like this in NYC stores? I’m on a crunch for time. Thanks! :-)

  51. Maya Says:

    I love these! Super cool and different!

  52. Lauren Gervais Says:

    Thanks for sharing these tote ideas. I am from Texas, but moved to California for my fiancé. Our wedding will be on the beach in California, and I want to provide my Texas guests with welcome bags that are memorable and that they can reuse. These ones are great. I’d love even more ideas.

  53. Regina Says:

    Totes are adorbs!

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