Minted Save the Date giveaway!

I think everyone by now is pretty familiar with Minted….if not, where have you been?? They’re a great site where you can get pretty much anything paper-related for your wedding by some of the nations top designers…all from the comfort of your home! They’ve been kind enough to let me give away set of 25 save the date cards to 2 lucky ladies (or gents)! Just leave a comment below with your favorite save the date from their site….winners announced on Friday!

[images from Minted]

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57 Comments to “Minted Save the Date giveaway!”

  1. MaggieReed Says:

    I’m having a terrible time viewing the save-the-dates on the Minted site. Oh no! There’s some kind of loading error. I do however love what I can see of “The birds and trees” save the date. I think it would fit swimmingly with my bird adorned June 09 outdoor wedding!!! I’ve been looking everywhere for a funky/orignial save-the-date. Perfect.

  2. Ms. Grrrl Says:

    I have been lusting after Minted’s “Hitched” save the date cards ever since we got engaged. I would burst at the seams if I won them!

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    I had to re-load the save-the-dates on the site too but found one I love! Modern Dottie Save the Date Card by Louella Press are my favorite – playful and colorful but also just plain gorgeous! I also like how the date is written (Guests from Ireland will read numerical dates: day/month/year not like in the USA where it’s month/day/year!) and the fact that we’d be able to include a favorite photo. Lovely!

  4. Beanorama Says:

    You gotta love the Spanish Lace. The grey-and-yellow combo is refreshingly underused. I love the simplicity!

  5. Abby Says:

    I love the “Hitched” Save the Dates. They are so modern and fun! I love it in the watermelon pink.

  6. HES Says:

    I love the float+celebrate card the best! Thanks for a great site and a great giveaway.

  7. Bree Says:

    I’m getting married in a garden next to an old cathedral in May. The “Garden Feast” save-the-dates with their scrolly photo border and old-fashioned font would be the perfect announcement to all of our guests to “Get Ready! We’re getting hitched!”

  8. jcranfill Says:

    Spanish Lace is just so beautiful and elegant! What a beautiful way to announce your wedding

  9. zoliepup Says:

    Please add me to the list…

  10. zoliepup Says:

    Oops, hit publish too soon. I like “Hitched” as do so many others here!

  11. Rhiannon Says:

    I Heart These save-the-dates. Float + Math in taupe would set the perfect tone when combined with our photo strip magnets.These are perfect match. I love your site it makes me miss Brooklyn even more.

  12. Meg Says:

    I just love the “Whimsical Spheres and Dashes” save-the-dates. I adore everything on the Minted site and I have been searching for something that would reflect our personalities…fun and offbeat.

  13. Jessica Says:

    I’m torn between the Spanish Lace and the Hitched STDs – the latter is adorable and fits the wedding but sometimes you just want something pretty.

  14. angelique Says:

    Garden Feast from Helena Seo is my most favorite! Romantic, Sweet and Charming…it’s exactly how I would like to tease my guests!

  15. Donna Says:

    the belle memoire save the dates are beautiful. we just took our engagement photos and they would look perfect in this design. i love your site by the way!

  16. Ms. Lovers Knot Says:

    I am drooling over “St. Moritz” its modern elegance.

  17. Holly Says:

    Hey, that’s me! :) My fiance and I won a Minted giveaway back in the spring, and our guests went GAGA over the winnings. Good luck, brides-to-be!

  18. Alyce Says:

    I’m in love with Spanish lace in cream/warm taupe! It matches the architecture of the All Souls Church we are getting married at within the Catskills. So simple and classic!

  19. Alyce Says:

    I’m in love with “Spanish Lace” in cream/taupe. It matches the architecture of the All Souls Church
    we are getting married in. So simple and classic!

  20. mimi Says:

    i have been planning to do something like the hitched save the date. wouldn’t it be great to actually DO the hitched save the date. love your blog, check it almost every day!

  21. Linda Says:

    Invitations on line, too scary. I have heard far too many stories about bad ettiquette advice & paper quality not being what was expected. Give me a stationery store any day.

  22. Jessica Says:

    I love the Hold Notice cards, or anything that allow for pictures of us on the STD. Everything is just lovely!

  23. Emily Says:

    Belle Memoire Save the Date Card by Helena Seo Des…

    Me!! Me!! Me!!!!!!

  24. Alison Says:

    Love, love, love the Regency Invitation by Paper + Cup.

  25. jiddle Says:

    My absolute favorite is the “share our story” cards. It’s such a great phrase for a wedding theme, and you can personalize the card with a picture and stampe. I have been trying to produce a similar card on my computer, but winning this giveaway would be much easier!

  26. maui09 Says:

    Ooh! I love Minted. I've been drooling over their Save the Dates for the longest time. I love the Modern Garden or Whimsical Dots & Dashes. My fiance proposed along a garden creek with ducks and an engagement photo from there would look great with those designs!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Linda, at Minted you can order samples for $7 each and then that money is credited back once you place a full order. You can order the designs you are interested in and then will have a sample of the paper at home to touch. No surprises! Plus the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

  28. Valerie Says:

    I love the “Share Our Story” save the dates. I especially love the stamp of the city on there. It’s unique and great for us since our hometown is special to us!

  29. Valerie Says:

    I LOVE the Hold Notice Save the Date Cards!!!! My fiance popped the question in Italy and we’ve had a long distance relationship for about 5 years so this style is perfect for us!!! The stamp is great!!!

  30. Heidz Says:

    The “Share your story” save the date is so clever! My fiance and I are both avid readers and one reason why our connection grew, was through our many discussions over our latest reads. We may not be getting married in a library (as cool as that would be) but these would still be perfect for us!

  31. Cinthia Says:

    Belle Memoire – beautiful!
    Tell “Minted” that a Brazilian bride would looove to have their “save the dates”… :)

  32. Michelle Says:

    The "Float & Brocade" Save the date is my favorite because it's so elegant and the sage and concord color would match our wedding perfectly.

  33. Kristin Says:

    I have fallen in love with the ‘Hitched’ save the date cards in blue. The minute I saw those cards, I knew those were the save the date cards for me! Simple chic-gotta love it!

    I got engaged outside of Yankee stadium just over a month ago- love NYC!

  34. charlymydog Says:

    definitely hitched. love it!

  35. Lonni Says:

    I am in love with the float + celebrate save the date card in robins egg + black. very simple, modern & my fiance will love them!!

  36. eliza Says:

    I like the birds and trees card!!

  37. Evonne Says:

    Absolutely love “Modern Library Save the Date Card.” Funny thing is, I am getting married at the Peabody Library in Baltimore, MD … and not the Evergreen Library, though we did consider ;)

  38. kathryn Says:

    It’s so hard to choose but I’ve always loved Garden Feast…it would be so perfect for our wedding!!

  39. Melissa Kruse and Matt Peeples Says:

    Exotic Lovebirds is just gorgeous!!!
    I would love to have this card. We have an engagement photo what would look perfect with the colors and designs.

  40. Amanda Says:

    I love float and celebrate. I’d love to put a photo of us at a new york spot. It is so simple but still stylish.

  41. carolyn Says:

    i love the spanish lace save the date card. my grandfather was born in spain and i am planning a fall wedding for 2009…this card brings in both culture and theme! love them :)

  42. KT80 Says:

    I LOVE the ‘hold notice’ save the date card. I am smitten with the French translation of a Catullus poem in the upper corner…perfect for my fiance and I (two broke-ass graduate students studying Latin).

  43. Jenn Says:

    I love the Hitched Save the Date Cards and have been wondering how I can justify buying them for our wedding!

  44. Bliss Says:

    Oooh all the save-the-dates are beautiful! I really like Belle Memoire, and Modern Library is wonderful too! I would have trouble choosing!
    I do know that I will probably purchase my Save-the-dates from Minted now!

  45. amanda + dave Says:

    The canary colored Brocade Frame matches our wedding colors / vibe perfectly. I would have purchased them weeks ago, had I not been so bogged down with other expenses!

  46. megan Says:

    i love the st. moritz design and i love your blog! i’ve been desparate to break the chain of bad wedding-related design that i’ve been baraged with in ohio. your blog is a great step.

  47. Nice Anon Says:

    I really love everything about the “Garden Vignette” Everything about it screams modern and that’s the theme we are going with for your April wedding. Would be so fun if i win!

  48. LINDSAY Says:

    oh oh hitched and modern library!! j’adore!

  49. Friends Says:

    I love the “float + celebrate” save the date, its so clean and fresh!
    P.S your site has been such a huge help! Thanks for all the stylish tips!

  50. laura Says:

    i absolutely love the bird lover’s and modern library save the dates!

    p.s. i love your site! you and all of your fellow brooklynites creativity really makes me want to move there… even though austin is pretty cool :)

  51. laura Says:

    I think I’m sold on the Belle Memoire STDs – they’re so modern, I think they would perfectly satisfy my urge to be chic yet traditional…

  52. hoosierkaren09 Says:

    Pick me. Pick me. I love the Exotic Lovebirds Save the Date. (I refuse to abbreviate those words!)

  53. redfrizzz Says:

    I am loving the “Hitched” save the date card. I love refering to a wedding with the term “hitched,” it’s so fun and exciting. I can see tacking this to the fridge and everytime the friends and family would see it it they would feel as excited and happy as the lucky couple!

  54. Amanda Says:

    Love, love, love the Hitched save the date cards! Such a simple design yet its really fun.

  55. Beach Bride Says:

    We’re about to get engagement pics done, and I think Belle Memoire would be just perfect!

  56. Alegria Says:

    My girlfriend and I are both avid bibliophiles (I’m a bookbinder and she’s a devout reader)…so much so that the theme of our wedding revolves around books. We’re getting married at a former Carnegie library and making most everything ourselves because we’re on a $5,0000 budget! Not surprisingly then, we love the “Modern Library” save the date cards…they capture the feel, tone, and whimsy of our wedding.

  57. kroney Says:

    I have been coveting the Belle Memoire STDs since I first saw them a few months ago. My fiance and I first bonded over our love of photography and so there’s never been any question that we wouldn’t incorporate it into our event. The Belle Memoire would be the perfect way to incorporate our love of photography in a chic and modern way.

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