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Any bride who’s gotten married knows how filthy their wedding dress can get….ESPECIALLY if you’re taking pictures before the ceremony like me….outdoors! After the wedding, my mom took my dress to Hallak Cleaners, and they got all my grass and asphalt stains right out! With locations in NY and NJ, they’re the dry cleaners to fabulous fashion houses like Hermes and Gucci. To keep YOUR dress looking great during the wedding, Hallak is letting me give away 5 of their Bridal Emergency Kits…just leave a comment below with any of your tried and true cleaning tips! Winners announced on Friday.

The kit include:
-Sewing Kit – includes: needles, threads, buttons, snaps, tape measure, scissors, and a nail clipper
-Safety Pins
-Emery Board
-Adhesive Strips
-Bobby Pins
-Facial Tissue
-Lint Roller
-Hand Lotion
-Hair Spray
-Mouth Wash
-Janie Stick
-2 Pre-Spot Formulas
-Cotton Swabs (for spotting use only)
-Small Cloths
-Scented Sachet
-A booklet about our Gown Preservation service
-A Stain Removing Tips & Techniques guide
-A certificate for $75 off our preservation services

[image from Hallak Cleaners]

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73 Comments to “Hallak giveaway”

  1. Christina Says:

    My favorite cleaning tool for laundry- related jobs is a tooth brush! I give my mom all the credit. I keep my old tooth brushes and use them to really get into fabrics (with some diluted laundry detergent)to pre-treat stains before throwing them in the washing machine.

  2. Abby Says:

    The stain remover solution in the Dryel kits can usually get out stains that most dry cleaners claim that they were unable to get out.

  3. julesbr Says:

    I swear by the Tide Stain Stick. Removes just about everything, even after the stain has set.

  4. Ms. Nearlywed Says:

    I use grease relief, a stove cleaner to remove grease stains in clothes, it takes out any grease stain, not matter how old the stain is or how many times the item has been in the dryer.

  5. Rose Says:

    I soak the stain in Oxy Clean for about a day before I wash it normally.

  6. Kristina Says:

    I’m hoping regular cleaning tips are ok and please don’t ask me how I know this. ;-)

    If you happen to have a cat crap in your antique porcelain tub and it leaves a stain, dandruff shampoo will take the stain out. Just call me Heloise!

  7. Lori Says:

    I’ve had very good luck with soaking stains in a sink of water to which I’ve dropped in a dishwasher tab.

  8. Kim Says:

    I always carry Shout wipes in my purse — I always spill on myself when I’m wearing white or in public!

  9. Lauren Says:

    I use magic erasers to clean the tub. Gets soap scummy residue off easily!

  10. elissa Says:

    Growing up as a messy child with a rather cleaning-obsessed mother, I learned early: when trying to get a stain out always use cold water, and never, ever let anything near the dryer until it is stain-free.

  11. seersucker&cashmere Says:

    I use old toothbrushes for everything – They are perfect for cleaning grout between tiles; helping to ‘shout-out’ stains; and their bristles keep my engagement ring super sparkly. (Although the ring gets its own brand new soft-bristled toothbrush and extra gentle Dove dishsoap).

  12. Andrea Says:

    I accidentally sat on freshly chewed gum left on a chair a few months ago…white gum on my favorite dark denims. :( As crazy as it sounds, WD-40 took it right out. I just had to wash the jeans several times to get the car garage smell out.

  13. Sarah Says:

    Shout wipes often get the job done, but I once got out rust stains on a white shirt with lemon juice and salt!

  14. Le Says:

    I am all about baking soda! It works miracles on small grease spots when left for a few hours.

  15. Jessica Says:

    My favorite cleaning tool is usually a rag, water and patience, because I end up cleaning the tents on weekends.

    For clothing, a pre-rinse with some detergent.

  16. pamela Says:

    New puppy + ink pen = blue carpet and a blue dog. A frantic call to my carpet cleaner guru suggested hairspray. Two cans of Aqua Net later and a good deal of patience, my carpet was as good as new. The puppy was still Easter Egg blue for several days!

  17. Rebecca Lincoln Says:

    Get ready for it…my favorite cleaning agent is spit. It works really well for blood stains and some food stains, because it contains enzymes that break down organic molecules. And it’s always available!

  18. Becky S Says:

    Carbonated soda is my go-to product. For those emergency moments until I get home I have some in a travel hair spray bottle for work and on the go.

  19. Jean Says:

    hi vane! my favorite emergency stain remover trick is to dab with a makeup remover sheet–like one from ponds or neutrogena. hey, anything that can get my waterproof mascara off is a miracle-worker! just make sure to stain-test first.

  20. krys Says:

    I don’t have any cleaning tips – which is EXACTLY why I could use something like this! I am so bad at cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. (All the cliche “housewife” duties) And I am sooo nervous I’m going to ruin my dress 5 minutes before the ceremony!

  21. Alli S. Says:

    A little SHOUT always does the trick, and I’ve recently heard white vinegar can get anything out.

    Also, for red wine stains: salt, salt, salt it and then scrub with club soda. Works every time.

  22. Beth Says:

    My mom, who is a nurse, taught me this one. For blood stains, pour some hydrogen peroxide onto the spot before washing. And I second the comment about never putting anything in the dryer until the stain is out!

  23. Jennifer Says:

    Salt is great for red wine on carpet. Don’t touch it, just pour some salt (kosher is better) on the stain, then vaccum up. The salt absorbs most of the stain, so it doesn’t spread!

  24. zoliepup Says:

    I also don’t know many cleaning tips… I will borrow the stain solution Dryel tip from others though!

    Club soda is good for stains, right?

  25. meredithkwilliams Says:

    Ohhhh how great is this? The one thing I am not looking forward to at my wedding is how filthy my dress is going to get (so sad).

    I am a a firm believer in getting the stain wet immediately (if you can) and putting paper towel underneath and use a small (reall small) dab of handsoap. Blot, blot, blot and the stain usually is gone!


  26. Michelle Says:

    I used to be afraid to use bleach, but now that they’ve invented that little Clorox Bleach pen, I’m a bleaching pro! It makes it really easy to spot-treat stains on clothes that have parts that could be accidentally bleached. My most proud moment with the bleach pen was getting drops of red wine out of a white and black dress after too much fun at a vineyard.

  27. maureen Says:

    of course, you can never go wrong with a shout wipe or tide pen. but another goodie is hairspray to get out ink stains. i always seem to get some pen on me at work and i keep a travel hairspray in my makeup bag at work and it comes right out!

  28. TazWonder Says:

    I have helped lots of friends get married and the one thing that I have alawys used has been chalk. You can use it to take out stains on the bride’s gown. Well..it more or less covers them up but that is better than a big spot of black dirt!

  29. Ashley Says:

    I’m guilty of using Wine Away for household stains. I worked at a winery years ago and amazingly it actually worked on most red wine stains. If it will get red wine out of a silk cocktail dress, it’s worth bringing in my bridal bag.

  30. jcranfill Says:

    this is an old trick of my mom’s to get stains out: pour a little hydrogen peroxide on the stain and set the garment out in the sun. I think this might only work for white clothing though!! and i certainly wouldn’t try it on my wedding dress :)

  31. A.K.H Says:

    Water and Vinegar…it does about everything to cleaning windows, deodorizes and removing hard water buildup. Cost effective and Eco-friendly too! Luvs it!

  32. hilarybrooke Says:

    Toothbrushes help clean just about any crevice.

  33. marisa Says:

    Growing up with a southern, clean-freak of a momma, definitely did me well, as she ALWAYS advised me to use trusty, ole *ScotchGuard* on anything from bags to shoes and pretty much nearly anything to prevent stains from settling. Seriously, y’all it works so well, and one bottle will last you forever!! A definite remedy for the big day to come and the wonderful ones to follow.. Best wishes!!

  34. ThickChick Says:

    For rust (don’t ask how I managed to get a rust stain!) simply apply a paste comprised of cream of tarter and water with a touch of lemon juice. After the paste has set on the stain for 30 minutes, hold the stained area over a pot of boiling water and allow the steam to seep through the fabric. I don’t know WHY this works, but I promise that it does!

  35. Skeeta25 Says:

    I work in an ER and a nurse spilled Betadine ALL over my white coat. Everyone told me that I was stuck and thought I would have to buy a new one (being a student, I didn’t want to take that answer.) What did my mon tell me to use that totally worked ??( and has also worked on red wine on my new white pants!) LIQUID HANDSOAP! I kid you not, I use the clear generic type. Just use that and some elebow grease and your stains will DISAPPEAR!

  36. Skeeta25 Says:

    I work in an ER and a nurse spilled Betadine ALL over my white coat. Everyone told me that I was stuck and thought I would have to buy a new one (being a student, I didn’t want to take that answer.) What did my mon tell me to use that totally worked ??( and has also worked on red wine on my new white pants!) LIQUID HANDSOAP! I kid you not, I use the clear generic type. Just use that and some elebow grease and your stains will DISAPPEAR!

  37. Vailbride Says:

    Shout wipes, baby! They work everytime for me!

  38. Jen Says:

    the tide stick is a godsend…. always handy in my purse! stains never last more than a few mins.

  39. Alison Says:

    My Grandma Shirley can get ANY stain out of ANYTHING… she must be magic!

  40. holly p Says:

    I swear by Tide To Go pens. Also, my favorite trick for getting deodorant off clothing without washing it…rub the stain with a nylon stocking and the white deodorant marks will disappear. Works every time!

  41. Ms. Grrrl Says:

    Club soda, club soda, club soda!

  42. Jessica Says:

    Borax is an oldie but goodie! I use it for everything from laundry to stain removal.

  43. moeblis Says:

    I carry around mini Shout wipes. They are perfect for any little stain. It’s surprising how well they actually work.

    Also, baking soda is great for getting old food smell out of plastic containers or Nalgene bottles. Sometimes the dishwasher isn’t enough!

  44. Caitlin Says:

    My go-to for every stain, spot, or anything in between is liquid dish soap. You always have some on hand and just a little dab will get out everything from grease, to grass stains, and sauce from your spaghetti and meatballs (whether it be your fault or your toddlers. No one will have to know).

  45. Lethie Says:

    My favorite products to get out stains are club soda and toothpaste.

  46. Tanya Says:

    For me, if you are out at dinner and have a stain soda water works great. You have to remember to dab not rub.

    And if you spill red wine on a carpet or upholstery, just pour a generous amount of table salt on it right away. It absorbs all the excess liquid. Scoop up the salt and you are left with a minimal if any stain to deal with.

  47. ChewyJ Says:

    The Tide pen!!! Used it at a best friend’s wedding, when she spilled a little strawberry juice on her dress!

  48. Agnes Says:

    I don’t have scientific proof… but washing my whites with a tablet of aspirin has definitely slowed down those icky yellow stains.

  49. erin g Says:

    I know I probably sound like a grandma with this old fashioned remedy, but fresh squeezed lemon juice never fails. It’s fairly gentle, so I use it on my vintage linens.

  50. Valerie Says:

    I’ve actually been successful at using salt and seltzer water to remove stains before.

  51. dc pleats Says:

    I use eye makeup remover on anything that’s not going to show the oil, or nail polish remover as my backup.

  52. Andrea Says:

    I second skeeta25 – glycerin hand soap works magic! I’ve used it on everything from eye makeup that I’ve gotten on my clothes to red wine stains.

  53. Neesann Says:

    Tide stick is my friend. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding in which the bride got a yellow stain in the middle of her dress. Tide stick saved the day and you never knew it was there.

  54. Jessica Says:

    I don’t really have any cleaning advice. Especially with 4 weeks left to the big day, our apartment is beginning to look like black hole of out-of-town bag materials, bridal party gifts, programs, menus and lists of things to do. Also, the fact that we are still in the process of training a puppy- I am the last person to ask about a clean apartment! But I thought Id give this a try because A) I have never won any of the Brooklyn Bride freebie give-aways B) With 4 weeks left I am looking for anything with the words “free” attached C) We are getting married at Stage 6 and will be taking pictures in Dumbo before the ceremony and one of my biggest nightmares is getting my dress dirty in the process….So, from one Brooklyn Bride to the next, I would love the emergency kit-its one less thing I have to buy in the next 4 weeks and one less thing to worry about.

    I do love the Tide to go sticks though!!

  55. (bride.) Says:

    As a musician, I have to wear black all the time for work. I *always* end up with little (and big) deodorant stains, no matter what deodorant I use… it is so annoying! A colleague showed me that if you persistently rub the fabric against itself in the area where the stain is, it’ll go away!

  56. TweedleTee Says:

    I’m a cleaning freak! My go to is Kaboom. I don’t know how great it is for the environment – but it does wonders! I got blue interior paint off a cream carpet after it was dry in my last apt. Just make sure the cat doesn’t try to lick it up… it smells pretty lethal. I’m also a big swiffer fan, love that.

    Great blog!

  57. saritapr Says:

    Salt can be really helpful in absorbing brand new stains. It’s usually readily available when I stain my clothes- it soaks up a lot of the liquid. Just pour, let it set for a second, then blot, blot, blot!

  58. sally Says:

    I didn’t read all the comments so I don’t know if anyone wrote this but I LOVE using club soda to get rid of stains. I once got a coffee stain on a white shirt…. I rubbed it with the club soda, washed it and it came right off.

  59. skim Says:

    alcohol wipes and tide to go sticks. i never leave home without either of them!

  60. Hailey Says:

    I absolutely swear by Tide-to-go sticks. They have helped me remove really old stains too.

  61. Alyce Says:

    My mother swears by rubbing aspirin on yellow stains on white shirts.
    Who knew?

  62. Victoria Lynn Says:

    I LOVE the Tide Stick, but seriously one of the best cleaning “tricks” is just soap and water and quick action! I’ve spilled sooo many things that came out completely because I ran to the bathroom to get soap and water! :)

  63. jane Says:

    I put club soda on stains while I am out so they don’t set and can be removed when I get home!

  64. B Says:

    I use dishwashing detergent to remove food stains from clothing. It’s formulated to remove grease from pans…why shouldn’t it work on clothes???


  65. Diana Says:

    Tide pen for colored clothing and clorox bleach pen for whites…they do wonders!!!

  66. angelique Says:

    I have one tide pen in my bathroom, one in the bedroom, one in my purse, one in my office cube…and one in my car. I’ve also made sure the fiance has one with him at all times. We LOVE the tide pen!

  67. Ninon13 Says:

    One of my favorite cleaning tips is to use cheap vodka to get out smells. Even when you have things dry cleaned a smell will linger. That’s the point at which the vodka comes in really handy!

  68. Figuring Out The Details Says:

    Hairspray for getting ink out!

  69. ¡Azúcar! Says:

    I can’t tell you how many times good ‘ole hydrogen peroxide has come to my rescue! It works wonders on protein-based stains.

  70. Erin Says:

    absolutely, positively lime seltzer water. it’s way better than original plain stuff. must be something extra in the acid. works every time, even on red wine stains!!!

  71. Kaylen Says:

    Oh yes please! What a fantastic looking kit!

    The magic eraser, by Mr. Clean, is the best tool EVER invented. It makes everything easier and it’s reusable.

  72. EmilyS Says:

    Shout Wipes, Shout Wipes! Those things are amazing. As well as White Wine to get out Red Wine!

  73. Lizzie Says:

    Baby wipes! I always have them, because I have a toddler, and they are so great for all the sticky things toddlers get into. To avoid being wasteful I have them do double duty — I’ll wipe grubby hands and face then turn them over and wipe countertops, stroller trays, etc. They’re great for removing eye makeup, too! And I could really use a clean up kit since I’ll have my sweet messy baby with me all day on my wedding!

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