Memolio giveaway!

A while back, I discovered a little photo deck on a clients desk, and I had to know more because it was crazily adorable.  Memolio, a company out in the UK, makes these super cute photo albums that are about the size of a deck of cards, and I thought would make adorable gifts, favors, memento’s from your wedding, whatever you can think of!  I contacted them, tried one out, and am convinced you’ll love it!

Soooo, because they are so nice, Memolio is offering a free photo deck for 10 lucky readers!  Just leave a comment below with what you’d use your album for, and 10 winners will be announced on Friday!  Good luck!

[images from C. Broussard]

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127 Comments to “Memolio giveaway!”

  1. Erika Lee Says:

    I LOVE this idea! I would use them for my engagement photos.

  2. Kristen S Says:

    I would love to carry one of these around in my purse to show every interested person the best of our wedding pics!

  3. michelle Says:

    so cute and a GREAT idea! i would give mine to my parents as a thank you for all the hard work and time they put into helping us DIY all our wedding invitations, flowers, paper goods, favors, desserts!!!!

  4. anna Says:

    My grandmother was married to my grandfather for 71 years. He passed away this past spring, but my grandmother is trucking along and planning to reach 100 (she is 3 years shy of it now). My grandmother was always the social butterfly and helped my scholarly grandfather as he aged. However, in the past years, their roles reversed and my grandfather became HER caretaker as she began failing and suffering from dementia. Now she is on her own, but still as lively and social as ever. To me, they are absolutel role models of a loving, devoted, and strong marriage. Unfortunately, she will be unable to travel to our wedding and I would LOVE to send her this amazing memolio folio so she can feel like she was able to attend our wedding next fall.

  5. Michelle Says:

    I really like this idea. If I won, I’d use Memolio to send pictures to our family and friends abroad who weren’t able to make it to our wedding. I’m sure they’d appreciate being a part of our day soo much!

  6. Katie Kerrins Says:

    What an adorable idea for Christmas gifts with our engagement shots!!

  7. Megan Says:

    I Love this! What a great way to display your photos! I’m planning on doing a boudoir shoot and use those photos as a wedding gift for my fiance. This would be a great way to use those! He could carry around those gorgeous, sexy photos of me everywhere and always have a piece of me with him!

  8. courtney k Says:

    it would be the cutest wedding brag book ever!

  9. Priscilla Vega Says:

    I was married 5 months ago. So many people contributed to our wedding and I’ve been hunting for the perfect gift to give our cherished loved ones. The second I saw this I knew it would be absolutely perfect and my family would love it!

  10. Mary H. Says:

    I would use this to create a mini album to celebrate my parents wedding anniversary. For 53 years they’ve been doing something right!

  11. Kristine Says:

    I’d create a mini album of the most memorable times in our relationship over the years.

  12. Kate Says:

    Oh these are adorable. I would love to send them to members of our wedding party as our favorite moments of the wedding weekend!

  13. Susan G Says:

    These are wonderful! I’ve never seen anything like them. I’d love to give these to our parents and wedding party as a thank you for helping to make our day so special!

  14. Jen R. Says:

    My husband comes from a big happy Jewish & French family. A lot of people traveled from far away to be with us on our special day. Since I can’t make every single person an album, this would be the best gift for them!

  15. Bride-to-Be E Says:

    So cute! I’d use them as thank-you gifts to friends and family who helped out at the wedding!

  16. Julie Says:

    I would give it to my Dad, he’s not very sentimental, but I’m definitely a daddy’s girl, and I know he’d love to have pictures of our wedding. This deck of photos makes it easy for him to keep at the office, etc, without having to have an overly ornate album that wouldn’t fit his personality. I love this option, and I know my dad would, too!

  17. Morgan Says:

    I miss how people used carry pictures of their loved ones in their wallets – with this you’d always be able to have your wedding pics on you!

  18. ashley Says:

    adorable… too many uses to name just one: my wedding pictures, to share pictures of our new house with faraway family, birthday presents for my friends with photos of fun times!

  19. ms. Awesome Says:

    These are fantastic! I would love to make one of these as a gift for my parents, a surprise for my wife, or as a memory of a great trip!

  20. kathryn Says:

    These would be the perfect way to display our wedding photographs, especially to give to our parents. It means they could easily carry them around to show to their friends afterwards – i love them !!

  21. Kr Craven Says:

    I would use these for my business of non floral centerpieces. I could display pictures of my centerpieces and let the brides take them home to make a discission on which one they want. Such a great product!!!

  22. krista {urbanite jewelry} Says:

    These are just lovely! I would use it to send a sweet little album to my mom who lives far far away from me right now (it’s her birthday today, too)!

  23. roopa Says:

    I got married last year and have yet to print out photos or make an album for either myself or my parents (such a slacker, I know!), so this would be perfect to give to my mom, who deserves a whole lot more than a tiny album, but at least it’s a start :)

  24. Jennifer Says:

    These are so wonderful! I would love to win, but will still probably get a couple if I don’t : )

  25. Mary Says:

    Oh my those are so cute! My mom has most of the baby pictures of my brothers and I in boxes and such and I’d love to giver her one of these for Christmas with re-vamped, re-newed baby pictures of her children. She loves to display pictures all over the house and always says she wishes she had better ways to do it. These would be perfect for her coffee table!

  26. Heather Says:

    Just this weekend, my fiance and I were discussing what to get our parents for Christmas. We decided on printing out and framing some engagement photos for them. This would be the perfect alternative!

  27. Jennifer Says:

    I forgot to say what I would use it for! I’d probably keep one in my person or office so that I could flip through them or show them off whenever!

  28. Rebecca Says:

    I LOVE this!! SO cute! I would give it to my grandparents or parents as a thank you for raising me right! They would love it!! =)

  29. Amy Lustig Says:

    Such a cute idea! I’d use these at our wedding on the seating card table so that people could take a look at our engagement photos and tease some of the fun elements that will be at the wedding!

  30. Megaen Reynolds Says:

    These are great! I would use these for my parents who still don’t have pictures from our wedding.

  31. Elizabeth Anne Says:

    I have an adventurous heart. I love the newness of foreign food, a conversation with a stranger, or wandering the streets of a distant city. This past summer I embarked on the greatest adventure I’ve had yet in these past twenty one years of my life, the adventure of love. A boy stole my heart while halfway across the country. We are now back at our college and every day with him is a new adventure. He is my best friend and my biggest fan, we laugh, explore, love, and learn together. I would absolutely love to capture moments from life together so far in this adorable Memolio book.

  32. lisa Says:

    I got married in September. I would make a little book of pictures to give to my grandparents!

  33. Ashley Says:

    These are great! I’d love to use them as gifts for the bridal party.

  34. lanita Says:

    i would love this b/c my +1 is in the military and it would be a great small token/reminder of our special day when the tough gets going on the tour of duty. thanks!

  35. Sacha Says:

    I would use these albums as thank you gifts to members of my fiance’s family coming to our wedding all the way from Korea. Photographs are the perfect way to give thanks when you’re not able to speak the words!

  36. Harmony Says:

    These are fantastic. I would love to use these to commemorate the wedding for our bridal party. This would be a perfect gift for my sister/maid of honor.

  37. bethany Says:

    oooH! i would use this just to keep a deck of our wedding pictures with me at work to peruse when i felt like reminiscing :)

  38. ek Says:

    such a great favor! i would love to give a deck to family members and of course keep one for myself. i would keep it in my purse so i can always smile at our special day.

  39. katie Says:

    i would use this little photo deck to create a mini album from our wedding! i like the idea of being able to just pull it out anytime anyone asks to see how the pictures turned out from our big day….

  40. amy Says:

    what a great idea!

  41. Sasha Says:

    These are great!
    I would use it for my wedding pics!

  42. Katie Jane Says:

    These are so fantastic! I’d probably make a little album for our engagement photos, since I haven’t done anything with the photos yet. This would be perfect.

  43. Erica T Says:

    Ooooh this is so cute. I’d love this to give to my Pumpkin/Loverface as a stocking stuffer or Valentine’s Day gift.


  44. Lo Says:

    I would use it a part of a thank you gift for my mom for all the hard work she is doing for my wedding!

  45. Kara Says:

    I would carry this around in my purse to show everyone pictures of my beautiful Savannah wedding! And as a reminder for myself! So stinkin cute!!!

  46. Chic 'n Cheap Living Says:

    Thanks Vane! This would be perfect for the coffee table and I’d put in pictures of our wedding and home in NY!

  47. Wehaf Says:

    I’d make a deck with photos from my last vacation.

  48. Nina Says:

    Love Memolio! Would fill my photo deck with pictures of my adorable Himalayan kitty. In hats. :D

  49. Mo Says:

    Amazing! A cute album that I can bring to work and have on display on my desk.

  50. Janice Says:

    What a great idea! I travel alot for work, so I would bring the album with me in my luggage. Whenever I get home sick I could look at my fiance and family:)

  51. Emily Says:

    UBER chic and FUN! I would love to get a set of these, so my husband can show his kids of our wedding day in a unique way. He’s a school teacher and his kids were BEGGING to see pictures of the wedding. I think this would be a “cool” way for entertaining the kids in showing the pictures. Best part is that they aren’t the real photographs, so it won’t get beat up while being passed around the classroom….pretty nifty!

  52. Erin Says:

    I’d use it to hold either my boudoir photos I just did (as a special surprise) or for our engagement photos!

  53. Shana Says:

    Honestly, I would fill it with pictures of my hubby-elect and I, keep it in my wallet and look at the pics whenever I need to smile.

  54. Mel J Says:

    I love the idea! It would be a perfect gift for our anniversary :)

  55. botox melbourne Says:

    pretty creative idea, love the design, very cute

  56. Jami Kayleen Says:

    Lovely! My hubby-to-be and I have been together 9 years (since we were fifteen!). A few years ago there was an apartment fire in our building and we lost a lost of mementos. I’d love to give this to him for Christmas to add to our re-building of memories xo

  57. Jessie Says:

    We are getting married next year, and I would definitely carry it around to show off wedding/engagement/honeymoon pics!!!

  58. JKO Says:

    I would make a time line of our relationship, it’s been more then 7 years so we have really changed a grown together. Then I would give it to my fiance as a gift the day of our wedding. It would be so amazing to reflect on where we began and how far we have come together right before we say “I do”.

  59. KateDee Says:

    ah….these are SO great. so many possibilities and so cool. would be a perfect thoughtful gift to our parents and best friends. i’d include pictures of our 2 boston terriers. they’re both going to be in the wedding & our parents don’t get to see them in person very often so it would be a perfect “family” album for them to keep close. they love their “grand-dogs”. :)

  60. Sharon Says:

    I’d love to use these for our engagement photos and some snapshots from our dating years!

  61. ashley k Says:

    oh my goodness these are sooo cool. i would use them to display our engagement pictures, and keep them on our coffee table!

  62. KDC Says:

    how neat! my fiance and i would love to have our (future) wedding pictures made into one of these! we might also buy another for our parents.

  63. Lindsey Says:

    adorable! i would give this as a gift to my sister, who is getting married in a few months!

  64. Sylvia Says:

    i would LOVE to have one of these to put my most precious pictures in!! it would be so great to have laying around the living room.

  65. martini Says:

    These are perfect! I’d use them as gifts for either my bridal party or favors for our wedding guests with our engagements photos!

  66. Jessica Says:

    We’re eloping, so these would be great for sending out with the announcements to close friends and family. What an awesome idea!

  67. Casey Says:

    SO cute. I want:)

  68. Laura @ Saying "I do Says:

    These are so great, what an awesome idea! I would LOVE to have one of these!

  69. phi-style Says:

    Would be great gifts for the wedding party, esp. if they were personalized for each person!

  70. eric Says:

    yea, these are very cool. thanks for the great idea!

  71. cydney anne Says:

    i would love to include these in my thank you cards to everyone who came to the wedding! what an adorable and thoughtful treat!

  72. MiLK Says:

    I’m Canadian and my fiance is Kenyan. We are having a Kenyan wedding but then will be settling in Canada. These albums would be the perfect thing to mail to his relatives in Kenya! They are small but will pack a punch in terms of helping everyone remember the day!

  73. Carla Says:

    WOW! What a great giveaway! I would love to win a Memolio and give it to my parents as a thank you for all the hard work and time they put into helping us plan the wedding of our dreams.

  74. Dalton Says:

    These ould be perfect gifts for our wedding party. We would love to personalized each one to reflect the personality of each person!

  75. Mommy of 3 Says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would give this as a gift to my sister, who just got her engaement photos.

  76. Ann Camba Says:

    Uber cute giveaway! I would give it to my fiance/husband as a wedding gift…and write a personal note at the very last page of the album.

  77. MYP Says:

    I wouldn’t actually use it for myself, but would love to give it to my father. His mother passed away recently, so I would love to take photos of my grandparents, my father and his siblings and create a mini book for him.


  78. Kate Jo Says:

    This is such an awesome little photo album!! I LOVE IT!!!Since I’m getting married in the summer this would be the PERFECT way to display some of my favorite wedding photos on my desk at work. I’m also getting very involved in photography and this would be a great way to show off some of my own photographs!

  79. Nicole Says:

    I love this idea! What a fun giveaway.

    I would love to give this to my partner’s nephew (our ring bearer) with photos of him and our family from the wedding.

  80. Tru Pettit Says:

    I love new ideas like these!
    Definite surprise ‘thank you for your business’ treats for clients!

  81. Virginia Says:

    I would keep it for myself! I would do one for each wedding event – bachelorette, shower, rehearsal dinner, and wedding. I might do that even if I don’t win.

  82. Marisha Says:

    Oooh how adorable! I would make one with baby pictures of me to give to my parents with their cards the morning of the wedding! I know my dad would get misty if I gave him something like this.. and would probably keep it in his pocket for months! :)

  83. sam Says:

    We got married almost 6 months ago and I still haven’t put together our album yet! I’d love to make one of these for my husband as a little 6 month anniversary gift!

  84. Jessica Says:

    I’d use my win to make a pocket-sized album of my recent wedding!

  85. angela dubois Says:

    Such a cute idea!!! I love this!!!

  86. EncoreBride Says:

    These would be great for our wedding pictures in January. We are both deployed and these would be great to always have with us in the face of more deployments and travels.

  87. Janelle Says:

    Christmas gift for my in-laws, since we forgot to make a thank-you album for them! Oops!

  88. molly Says:

    These would be perfect for engagement photos — AND would be cool to give as gifts to grandparents etc of wedding photos!

  89. Sarah Says:

    Love these–great idea for a brag book for any type of shots!!

  90. Janine Says:

    So Amazing! What a creative and vintage looking idea. I would use the Memolio book on our coffee table and fill it with photos of our friends, family and loved ones on their wedding days…ending with our own! My fiance and I are surrounded by people who, for better or worse, have been committed to the sanctity of marriage for a long time. We hope as we head to the alter to emulate their strong examples.

  91. Jacqui-Bay Says:

    How wonderful! I would love to pass these along to my little sister when she has her baby soon. Our whole family is spread so far apart that it would be a great gift to have a little bit of our newest family member to cherish!

  92. Racheal Young Says:

    I’d love to use this for our wedding pictures!!!

  93. Andrea S. Says:

    I would TOTALLY make one for my grandfather with all of the photos from his Flight of Honor that took place just a few short weeks ago. Not only does he love playing cards (so he’ll love the fun size), but he was so emotional during the day of his Flight (I had the chance to be there with him in DC) and I know he would cherish the photos for the rest of his life.

  94. LaTasha Says:

    How adorable! This would male a terrific group!

  95. Nicole Says:

    What a sweet idea~ Pictures have an enormous capacity to bring happiness! I would love to do this idea for my parents. They have been so helpful and supportive as we our approach our wedding this saturday! I would love to thank them with this .thanks~

  96. Jessie-Lee Says:

    I would totally use this for my wedding photos. We were married in May and we are constantly getting asked to show pictures. I would adore having something this cute to whip out of my bag to show people every time they ask. Such a wonderful idea!

  97. Clare Says:

    Love these! We are having a very small wedding in Scotland (16 people) so we’d use it as a handy pocket sized aid to show people what happened!

  98. Meridee Says:

    How adorable would these be for engagement photos?! Or for a coffee table “book” recap of your wedding?! I’m so smitten…

  99. Shanti Says:

    Love these! What a great gift idea.

  100. jocie Says:

    i’d love to have this for our wedding photos! we still haven’t gotten prints yet

  101. lindsay c Says:

    I’d love to give my parents one of these with pictures of all of our relatives at the wedding. so cute.

  102. Brenda Says:

    Save the date album. I would use put phtots to represent a story of how my fiance and I met and on the last page a save the date sign.

  103. Nicola Says:

    What a sweet gift! My husband and I just took some pictures to give to my parents for Christmas, this would be such a thoughtful way to present them!

  104. Shayna Says:

    All 900 wedding photos that I love (but can quite fit them all into an album unless I want it to weigh more than me)!

  105. Connecticut Wedding DJs Says:

    These are cute. Any place in the US that makes similar?

  106. D Says:

    What an awesome idea!

  107. Lindy Says:

    Love it, perfect to tote around.

  108. Hillary Says:

    These are adorable. I would like to make an album of the pictures my fiance and I have of us together, and then I would hide it in his shoe for him to find! Since we live in different cities, I know he would love to have it to be able to look at pictures of us together until we can live in the same place! I have had trouble thinking of what to get him for his birthday, and I really like these albums, so I might get him one even if I don’t win!

  109. Jill H Says:

    This is AWESOME!! Our wedding is going to be very small and intimate…this would be the perfect thing to create and send to our family and friends who can’t be with us on our special day! So cool.

  110. Shalini Says:

    Shweet! I may have to get more and put together a “Thank You” package.

  111. Margaret Says:

    I love these! Would have a great time putting together some cute post-wedding albums.

  112. Kestrel Says:

    Such a cool idea! I think I would use them for us, so we could keep and display our wedding pics in our home. Maybe give them to one of our parents? Don’t know how we’d choose which set of parents (mine or his) so it might be easier to keep them for us ;)

  113. Allisoon Says:

    i would put together an album of all of the siblings to give to my parents.

  114. Lindsey Says:

    My boyfriend and his parents live about 5 hours away from each other. At the end of every visit, they take a photo of themselves and their dogs. I would make them an album of the photos they’ve taken over the past 7 years.

  115. Missy Says:

    I’d want one with my wedding pictures and memories so I can look at it at work! This would provide a much needed mini-break while in my boring lifeless cube. It would almost be like having a window in my office (but instead of one window I’d have several tiny windows and each window would showcase a different slice of happy).

  116. Christine Says:

    So cute! I would use it to show my wedding photos to my students…they keep asking where their invitation is :)

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  118. Lina Says:

    I would ask friends and family to email photos of our best times together and create a giant pool of memories that shows how our lives are intertwined and interconnected, and that remind us of how we are a group of linked souls lucky enough to love travel and live together.
    Memolio will reveal those beautiful moments that are probably stored away and would allow us to share them bring them to life and reminisce with our guests.

    I will love to give them away as a great keepsake in my upcoming wedding.

  119. Sarah Says:

    These are amazingly awesome! As my soon-to-be-husband and I prepare to marry and move abroad, I would use my Memolio’s to show all of my new friends we hope to make how great my old ones are. I would also use Memolios to be a new “business card” for my company that makes documentary films! What better great calling card, but snip-its of our best shots?

  120. ren Says:

    these are wonderful. i just got back from shooting a wedding in jamaica. i took so many photos; i think ill make one of these for myself. :)

  121. Laney Says:

    That is such a unique collection of photos. I’m getting married next year. I would love to show like a photo history of 2011( maybe 2 photos per month= for a total of 24)- “Our Engagement” and all the fun we had together up to New Years. We are definitely going to have up and down portraits, and wonderful pictures when we do our traveling. Even more fantastic are the pictures of the changing seasons, inclusive of our children. Ooooh I just know it will be on Fiyah! Then I would probably use them as gifts for my rehearsal dinner for our parents and for our bridal party.

  122. Cynthia Lucia Vargas Says:

    I would love to give this to my mother. I would use pictures of the most pivitol momentsof my life with her. It would be a great way for her to always keep our memories close to her!

  123. Talia Says:

    for a sweet valentines present for my darling Fiance!

  124. Silvana Amann Says:

    cool site u have btw

  125. Dana Colossi Says:

    I would give these out to my elderly and/or out-of-town family members who may not be able to make the trip to celebrate our wedding. This way they can have a personal keepsake even though they could not be there.

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