Moo contest!

All of you know I’m a big fan of the Moo cards, especially their little mini ones…I use them as my business cards and even used them in my wedding with my favors. They’re printed on really good stock paper, and you can use a different photo for every card!! Well, this London based company is so nice that they’re letting me give away sets of either Minicards or Notecards to 5 lucky winners with free shipping! Leave a comment below with what you’d like to win and how you’d use them, and I’ll announce the winners on Tuesday after Labor Day!

I’m taking this week off as my last little vacation for the summer, so I will see you back here after Labor Day. Have a great week and holiday weekend!

[images from Belathée Photography and Moo]

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140 Comments to “Moo contest!”

  1. betting_im_not Says:

    i LOVE the mini cards! they work really great as business cards too!

  2. Andrea Says:

    I would love to win this! We are expecting our first child and would incorporate these into our birth announcements!

  3. Victoria Lynn Says:

    I love love love these!!! I would use them to decorate the cocktail tables at my reception to get guests talking!

  4. Amy Says:

    I’d take the mini cards and use them to announce to our wedding guests the Flickr account we’ve set up to allow all of our guests to share their photos with us!

  5. Laura C. Says:

    I would gladly take some mini cards off of their hands! We are getting married in early October and would incorporate them into the favors we have made.

  6. fickle bride Says:

    i would use the mini cards for save the dates!!

  7. Cecilia Says:

    I would love to give these out with our dedicated flickr page for guests to share digital pictures from the wedding.

  8. Kate Says:

    Oh I was just trying to decide on what to order! I want some Moo cards to use as mommy calling cards! I know it’s not the coolest way to use them, but it would be super helpful for setting up playdates!

  9. Kate Says:

    Cute idea Cecilia!

  10. Luzel Says:

    I love the mini-cards! They were a big hit as guest wishcards at our wedding!

  11. kingindc Says:

    I love Moo cards! We’re hoping to use them as our “at home” address cards after the wedding.

  12. Lydia Says:

    My sister just bought a house last week so she is neck deep in paper work, inspections, etc. and has no time at all to think about planning her wedding. I wanted to do as much research/planning as possible to make things less stressful for her. I showed the Minicards to her and she fell in love with them! She would love to use them as either Save the Dates or the final touch to her wedding favours.

  13. Jamie Says:

    Moo cards would be so perfect for me. We’re relocating and I’d use mine as calling cards-listing my new contact info-to give to old and new friends.

  14. Becky Says:

    I’d use the mini cards on our favors. FI and I are giving out a paw print cookie and card would mention our donation in our guests honor to the ASPCA.

  15. Kristina Says:

    I’d love to give these out with the URL of our flickr account so people can upload their wedding pictures easily!

  16. wordgirl Says:

    Hi! I would put humorous wedding quotes on each: “A man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished.” ZsaZsa Gabor. I have found some great ones from Groucho Marx, Mark Twain and Katherine Hepburn as well. We are having a very formal wedding, but I want to surprise my guests with some humor. Thank you so much for all the inspration.

  17. Le Says:

    I love the mini cards and am thinking that would be perfect printed with snapshots of the wedding and included in the Thanks you cards.

  18. Maggie Goodman Says:

    Love the minicards! I think they’d be fun attached to sparklers or bubbles for our exit at the wedding…they could say “go out front at 10pm to wish the newlyweds bon voyage!” and have a variety of pictures on them…

  19. Ms. Grrrl Says:

    I love those mini-cards — love ‘em, love ‘em, love ‘em.

  20. Nina Says:

    We would use them for the table card and the favor tags, just to add that additional personal touch. Plus guests get to walk away with a picture from our engagement session. Not to mention it would easy to ship to family that may not be able to make it to the wedding.

  21. Kelly Says:

    i’ve been in lust with those mini-cards for some time! I’d use them as personal calling cards versus the regular business cards i have to show a little more personality.


  22. Anna Says:

    I was thinking they could be used a placecards for the table settings, with Flickr account info on the back so people could upload their pictures.

  23. Jessica Says:

    Mini cards – I’ve been wanting them for STDs for our geek-minded group. Easier for them to put on the wall than a large card or magnet.

  24. Chris Wright Says:

    I’d send them along with thank-you notes and wedding photos.

  25. Maileen Says:

    would love to have a set of mini-cards to use as thank you notes for the wedding favors!

  26. Ada Says:

    I love these! I would use them as table escort cards. They would add such a fun element to my wedding.

  27. aus_chick Says:

    I’m going to use the mini cards to make place cards/escort cards for all my guests. Each one will have a picture of each guest on it. I have pics of most of my guests, and for those i don’t have, I’m going to just use engagement pics of my fiance and me :) . I plan to string them all up in the cocktail area and pin them to the string using mini green clothes pegs.

  28. Jamie Says:

    What cute cards!! I’ve been scouring for a noticable, yet inconspicuous way to leave cab cards near the exit and bar at our reception – this would be a fantastic way to spread that good – and useful news!!!

  29. lisa J Says:

    ohh! Super cute. I would pick the note cards and use them for thank you cards.

  30. Rikkita Says:

    Im getting married in April 09 and would love to win the minicards! I think they would make the cutest key chains. I would add an eyelet to them and then a keychain loop. Im doing a DIY photo booth- key chains and crazy pics go perfect together!

  31. mary elizabeth Says:

    i would love to use the mini moo cards as gift tags… i would have a pattern/photo/design on one side and then a good/funny/inspirational quote on the oppisite side.

    ah, i love moo cards… especially the mini ones! so cute + tiny!

  32. megan Says:

    I am designing the wedding invitations and rsvp cards for my friend’s wedding. She has a very limited budget and I would love to use this as a printing option and maybe even use this for thank you cards for afterwards. This would really be nice for her!

  33. Stacy Says:

    Oooh, I love moo cards! I wanted to incorporate them in our wedding, too! Unfortunately, we ended up not being able to. I’d like to get the mini moo cards so that I could use them as a gift tag on special gifts to friends.

  34. aletha :: pearls events Says:

    I would love to use these as business cards–how completely adorable.

  35. Aggie Says:

    When my FS was looking for another job, I had MOO cards made so he can hand them out to potential prospects. (I didn’t think he would enjoy it BUT he LOVES them.) He had pics that he had taken during the course of the year, so we used those. And I ended up downloading a MOO template from their blog – made it so much more manageable. And I used it for my niece’s birth announcement too! I love the mini’s. Now, I’m going to use them for my niece’s baptism.

  36. jcranfill Says:

    I love all of them! they would make really cute, original thank you cards!

  37. chrisq5 Says:

    I’d love the mini-cards for taxi numbers after our wedding and the postcards as save the dates or the note cards as thank your with photos from the wedding. So glad you posted about this company…the prices are great. Thanks!

  38. Michelle Says:

    I loved your idea for using the moo cards with your favors ever since I saw it ages ago. I would definitely use the mini cards with our favors for our May 09 wedding!

  39. mary Says:

    I love these! I have a set for myself, but would love one for my husband as he launches his new biz.

  40. colleen Says:

    I love the notecards! I’ve been looking for a card that would stand up. We want to use them as thank you’s for the valets to place in everyone’s car so people can see a thank you from us as soon as they leave the party. I love how they stand up, so they can be placed on the dashboard! Fantastic.

  41. {acp} Says:

    The mini cards and note cards are fantastic! I’d definitely use either for rehearsal dinner invites.

  42. International Bride Says:

    I love the MOO cards!! I was trying to figure out what to do with some pictures I edited to give away on our wedding night and this is such an amazing idea!!!

  43. andrea Says:

    I would love to use the notecards for our thank you cards.

  44. Tiffany Says:

    I would use the mini cards as part of my wedding decorations. I would cut them into stars (my theme will be celestial to celebrate the winter solstice) and allow guests to take them home with their favors if they choose.

  45. jenelisebeth Says:

    I would definitely use the mini cards for my upcoming wedding and reception!

  46. Subs Says:

    The mini cards are awesome – they would be perfect for me to send as personalized thank you cards to all the guests at my wedding!

  47. margaret Says:

    I would love to use the business cards to show examples of my photography and letterpress to prospective clients and as a mini (purse friendly) portable portfolio!

  48. Heather from the bar Says:

    I’m a big fan of the moo! My FI and I use them as business cards for our on-the-side design business. We are giving my mom’s homemade cookies as our favors and would use the mini moo cards with ‘thank you and enjoy!’ printed on one side and a picture of us on the other and tie them to the bags :)

  49. Sarah Jane Says:

    I would love to win some of the little mini cards – what a perfect way to thank people for being a part of the day that starts your marriage!

  50. Eva Says:

    I love love love the mini cards. My Fiance is an amateur photographer and we’ve been trying to think of a way to incorporate it into our wedding. I think we would totally use these with our favors to show off some of his skills and pictures he’s taken of our wedding venues.

  51. Jessica Says:

    I would use the note cards with funny pictures to keep in touch with all my family and friends who live so far away!

  52. *B* Says:

    wow, how exciting! I have my biz cards printed by Moo too!

    If I win, I’d love the Notecards and I’ll use them to create invites for my daughter’s 5th birthday party. I was never able to give Venise (my daughter) a nice bday party as a struggling single mom, but I am back on my two feet and “army strong” this year, so I am so looking forward to create a unique party for her using some of the ideas from this blog!!

  53. talida Says:

    I’m awful and haven’t sent my thank you cards yet, so I would have our wedding photos printed on them and send them out with the card. And hope that makes up for the delay. :)

  54. Ettiene Says:

    I would use them for our cards to tell everyone to upload their pics from our day onto flickr to be shared by everyone.

  55. Sabrina Says:

    The mini cards are fantastic! I would love to use them to go along with my save the date magnets or (for later down the road), our thank you cards after the wedding. So cute! I’m keeping my fingers crossed….

  56. krys Says:

    I would LOVE to use the mini cards as our favor tags. We’re having little potted succulents on the tables for the guests to take home and enjoy long after the wedding celebrations are over.

  57. Ashleigh Says:

    These are great! My fiance proposed by making me a photo album through filled with pictures of our entire relationship- I would love to transfer those photos to the Moo Cards (mini) and use them at our reception (either on favors or at place settings) to help get every guest involved in the love we’ve shared over the past 3.5 years :)

  58. lynn Says:

    ooooh! mini cards please!! love this!

  59. Jenni Says:

    I’d love the mini cards. I think I’d use them as escort cards for table seating.

  60. John Says:

    I love the mini Moo cards. I would use them for the place cards at my wedding.. I am planning on getting a wine glass screened with our names and filling them with candy and placing the place card in the glass or tying it around the stem!! The mini moo cards would be perfect!!

  61. Darci Says:

    How fun would it be to have photos printed in black and white and hang them from the centerpieces at my reception! Love these!

  62. Lisa Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the mini-cards! I would use them as fun calling cards!

  63. Alison Says:

    I LOVE the stickerbooks (or the mini-cards) and definitely would use them in the out-of-town bags to depict the area (Amish buggies) with the wedding party posing with the “sights.”

  64. Jen D Says:

    Love these!! Thanks for the chance to win!

    I want to use the Moo Mini Card as favor tags. I plan on punching a hole in one end, and tying it on a bag of New Jersey Shore salt water taffy for the favors to my beach wedding.

  65. Nancy M. Says:

    We would use the Notecards for our save the date mailing — we're from different countries, so most of our family & friends don't know each other — sooo it's really crucial to us that as many people as possible can come to the wedding & get to know each other — thus the huge importance of saving the date! :)

  66. Joy Says:

    We just got engaged this past Saturday, so I’d use them for announcing our engagement!

  67. Anonymous Says:

    I would love to use them as my save the date cards

  68. Bree H. Says:

    I have a few different uses that it would be great for – I could utilize the moo cards to encourage guests to upload their photos to a website to share. I could also use the thank you cards as well!!!

  69. connie m. Says:

    would love to use these as LOVE NOTES for my honey…to tuck into his lunch, leave notes around the house.

  70. Heather and Johnny Says:

    mini cards, please! there are so many great uses that we’ve started considering these for – favors, save-the-dates, announcing our wedding website to our invitees, etc!

  71. fastgrl909 Says:

    I would love to use the mini cards– we are using mini terra cotta pots with little plants as favors… it would be nice to add a little touch of “us” to each favor!

    I would also use them to share our flikr photo account with our guests :)

  72. Kalyn Cybulski Says:

    Oooh! I’d love the mini cards…we would totally incorporate them as tags on our favors (which are boxes of homemade cookies – from family recipes). How cute!

  73. Amy@Fiancé Meeting You Here Says:

    I would LOVE to use the mini cards as a creative way to invite my bridesmaids to be a part of my wedding. I’ve known these friends for 20 years and would have a blast creating a “deck” of cards as a timeline of our friendship. I know they each would love it!

  74. jennifer Says:

    i would looooove a set of these since my Moo business cards are running low. :)


  75. heather h Says:

    Oh, I have such a crush on the mini cards. I would use them as a little special something to slip into my thank you notes. Just a little reminder of the day we all shared.

  76. jules Says:

    i love the mini cards! i would love to create a framed collage of some of the best moments of our wedding to give to my grandparents who won’t be there.

  77. (bride.) Says:

    So funny… I was just looking on the moo site to check out prices!! I’d definitely print out flickr cards and put them at the tables as well as in the thank you notes.

  78. deborah Says:

    we used moo postcards for our save the date announcements and now that we are married (as of two weeks ago) we are looking at printing our thank you cards with short notes to our friends and family.

  79. Robyn Joy Says:

    we’re having a photo booth at the wedding–would be perfect to make personalized luggage tags and include them in the thank you cards!

  80. Evonne Says:

    The mini cards are so cute! We’d use them either as photo uplink info cards or to make bookmarks. We’re getting married in a library and they would work great as “bookmark” the dates :)

  81. LaFlacaD aka Dianne Says:

    Goodness – with so many posts I can't imagine I'd win but I'll try. I'd use them for 2 reasons. First and foremost my business cards need to be desperately updated. They are downright sad. Terribly boring.

    2nd my little girl Nilsa is turning one next month and I'd love to personalize her favors – MILK & COOKIES as that's the theme of the party, with them. I love my theme so much.

  82. Lyla Says:

    I love, love, love these moo cards!!!! I would love to use the best wedding shots on them and include them in our thank you notes! Sooo cute!!!

  83. Says:

    I love the mini cards – would definitely use these to show off our new little pumpkin – we are expecting around Halloween!

  84. L Says:

    These are so cute! I would love to use the note cards to send thank you notes to our wedding guests.

  85. carolina Says:

    I love the minis… I would use them to create litle flip book to send as save the date cards for our coming wedding…

  86. Carolyn Says:

    i love moo cards. i think it would be awesome to use them as table cards. i am going for a wine them so they would fit perfectly in corks that have been cut!

  87. maritessb Says:

    i’m a mini and sticker fan!

    i would use either for this baby shower i’m helping with planning. i’d use it for check our flickr for your faux photo booth photos. and create custom stickers as favors for the little kids that attends

  88. La Ballena Elena Says:

    I love moo cards
    specially the small ones

  89. Kt Says:

    I like to keep people entertained, so while we take pictures I thought it would be great to have little Cranium (the board game) type activities for people to play while they have a few drinks and wait for us to make our entrance as newlyweds! This will also help break the ice for guests who are sitting near people they don’t know. The mini cards would be perfect for this!

  90. backyardwedding Says:

    I would use them at the wedding as reminder cards for people to post their wedding pictures on our flickr account.

  91. Ali Says:

    I love the mini cards – so great! I would use them as gift tags and perhaps as save-the-date as well.

  92. Katie Says:

    I would love to use the minicards as a way to announce to our guests that we’ve made a donation in their honor to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

  93. April T. Says:

    I want the mini cards to use as perfect little calling cards. so cute.

  94. jessica lynn Says:

    i would so totally use the mini moo cards just like the first picture in your post! what a great way to accent your favors! we will be having hershey kisses in plum boxes wrapped with raspberry ribbon and I would tuck in the mini moo cards with one of our engagement pictures and our new address for our guests to keep!

  95. parutron Says:

    yay moo cards! i would use the mini ones to hide photos of me + the boy for him to find on the day we get married – all over the wedding site, in the pockets of his clothes, etc. i would use the notecards to create a photo curtain of sorts with photos of each guest that served as table cards.

  96. Jans Says:

    We are on a very tight wedding budget, but we want our wedding to be very personal and we love the moo cards! We would use them as invitations to our wedding and we would put a picture of us with the guest to make each invitation extra personal!

  97. nico Says:

    Oh these are perfect! My grandmother is making small traditional west indian rum cakes as our favors and I would use the mini cards as small gift tags with different fun photos of me and my fiance with my grandmother.

  98. AEO Says:

    I’d love the moo cards! I’d use the big cards as our Christmas card. We just got married 3 weeks ago and we’re so excited to use one of our wedding pics for our cards. This would be a perfect way to do it!

  99. Soy Wax Candles Says:

    I really dig mini cards, however I have not had the best experience with Moo. I prefer Zazzel – you have more flexibility with the design.

  100. Lauren Creamer Says:

    I have been eying these for my Save the Dates. I want to use 4 or 5 tied together for each one. They’re awesome…LOVE mini moos!!

  101. Angie Says:

    I plan to use the mini cards as favor tags. The front will have different pictures from our engagement session and the back will describe the edible favors – tradition behind them and ingredients.

  102. AFITTI Says:

    Mini cards are the cuteness thing ever seen!
    I love them !
    I’d use for business cards, thank you notes and even
    to send love notes to my family

  103. Ashley Says:

    Hmmm . . . I love them both, but I think I would use the mini cards as gift tags for my welcome baskets for out-of-town guests!

  104. Lazy Secretary Says:

    I run a volunteer run, nonprofit theater company that creates interactive performances and classes for senior citizens.
    I would use the minicards as calling cards for our company- various pics of seniors and actors on the back and our company logo, website, and info on the front. This way we can pass them out to anyone: potential volunteers, seniors, interested venue staff etc. Its like a business card, but cuter and more flexible (any volunteer or interested party can carry them)
    Sorry its not wedding oriented…but my bf is lame and won’t propose. So all I can do is look at your site and drool.

  105. Isabel Says:

    Ok, first time I’ve entered a contest such as this (I’m a perpetual loser even in raffles – no dice my whole life!). Alas, who would be a better recipient than an anal person with creativity … that’s me! Check it: my wedding invites are 100% designed from scratch, and since the wedding’s in Madrid, and everything has to be bilingual (and printed twice or double sided – including maps, RSVP cards, cards with a web address, etc etc.), well, my poor government salary is stretched so thin … enter the MOO card: Cool, versatile, affordable, and PERSONALIZABLE. It’s the card of choice for displaying all the info we need to get to the guests.

    If I win, I shall be a walking advertisement for MOO. Oh, and did I mention my future husband owns a dairy farm? How fitting!

    PS – he will gladly name a cow after you, Brooklyn Bride!

  106. Amanda Says:

    I would love to use these with our wedding favors!

  107. jacqueline t Says:

    i love the mini cards, we would use them to display pictures of us through the years at the reception.

  108. JHill Says:

    i would use these as swatches for my pattern drawings, and i would give them away! i love the mini ones, such a cute size.

  109. Jenna Says:

    It’s like this comment was made for me! I was already planning on using moo cards to promote the flickr account we are going to create for guests to upload their pictures from the wedding. I already started investiating designs I would like to use from their site!

  110. mosey handmade Says:

    mosey loves moo cards! we use them as part of our tagging on items.

    fun contest!

  111. Clutterchick Says:

    I’d use the mini cards to start drumming up freelance business so I can escape from the cubicle and spend more time with my daughter.

  112. Meghan Says:

    I love all things miniature, so I would DEFINITELY choose the Minicards. They would be perfect for “we’ve moved” change-of-address cards that we want to include in our post-wedding thank-you notes.

  113. Lynn Says:

    I am planning on printing menus to have at each seat for our reception dinner. It would be such a great touch to use photos of us through the years (all 8 of them!) on the mini cards and attach them to the menus.

  114. Mrs. in May Says:

    I love these! I have never seen them before and now I am just sitting here thinking of all of the things I can do with them. My wedding is going to be beachside in my hometown. I am thinking of taking pictures all over town and using them in notecards for guests or mini cards with tidbits of information on them.
    I have also gotten so many ideas just now from reading people’s comments. This is great!

  115. MandaDot Says:

    i think the mini cards would make great escort cards… we are using our favorite places as our table names. it’d be like a little hide and go seek for the guests.

  116. Pamela Says:

    OOO I’d love to get notecards to send to my vendors as thank-yous: they’ve been such a help!

  117. Sarah Says:

    When I was a child, I had preprinted cards with my name on them, almost like a business card for a child! We would use them to put on birthday gifts for friends and family, and they were so useful. I would love to use Moo cards to put our info on for gifts and to include in thank yous. Then we could also share some of our e-pics!

  118. lauren Says:

    I’ve loved this idea for the longest time … but am yet to get a set. I would adore having the mini cards as a way to promote my business. (custom made bridal jewelry)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  119. Says:

    I’ve been tinkering with the idea of using the MiniCards as personalized escort cards at my June wedding. I think it would be too cute (and so much more fun) for guests to search for their photos instead of just their names. With the ability to use a different image on each card, this could definitely work! :o )

    sent from:

  120. 10.18.08 Says:

    I’d use them as bookmarks in the little notepads I’m using as wedding favors. Pick me, pick me.

  121. jiddle Says:

    I would use the mini cards as a complement to my favors, or use the larger cards to announce the after party by sporadically placing these cards on the dining tables. So many ideas I can’t decide!

  122. Inkspot Workshop Says:

    These will make great party favors for my son’s 3rd birthday!! I love these little cards!! Moo to You!

  123. Lori Says:

    I love the mini cards! I would use them as tags for our welcome bags.

  124. Erinf15 Says:

    Oh I love these!! I would love to use them in thank you cards and take snapshots of my soon-to-be-husband and I using whatever gift we received to show the gift-giver how much we enjoy it!!.

  125. C Says:

    I absolutely love Moo products! I am having a destination wedding (in St. Maarten), and what better way to thank my guests that were able to make it to my wedding, then with a either a postcard or greeting card of my picture with them at the wedding and a hand-written thank-you note? I could also send pics from the wedding to guests who couldn’t make it, letting them know that we missed them and thanking them for their gift.

  126. Loretta Says:

    Lovely! I’d use this card as escort card on my wedding!

  127. esunwoo Says:

    I would love to use the mini cards for Save the Dates for our wedding to show how our wedding will incorporate our culture and fun side :P

  128. Jenn Says:

    I would love to use these as save the dates. So cute!

  129. Anna K. A. Says:

    Love the mini-cards, big suprise!
    i would definitely use them for save the date or something else wonderfully adorable.

  130. Cheapest Chicest Wedding Says:

    This are so great and could be used for so many different wedding ideas. I would love to use these outside at our reception to create a hanging chandelier.

  131. lori Says:

    I would love to use the Moo cards on the gift bags that each of our guests will get when they leave the wedding. They are as unique and fun as we are ….

  132. Leanne Stamatellos Says:

    A freind of mine sent me one of her moo cards and I instantly fell in love. Oh, I’d love to use them to give to friends especially new friends that don’t have the details of my husband and I (like address and email and phone) – of course with a whole heap of different pics on the front.

  133. Casie Says:

    I would love to use the mini moos for my favors. I am baking star shaped cookies and I would love to have a little tag that says “Thank you”

  134. bloorozez Says:

    i love Minicards !!

  135. sally Says:

    I’d love the mini cards~!! they are sooooo cute!!

  136. lyn Says:

    I would love to win a set of the mini cards. I am working on a design for my mother’s 80th birthday party in late September and at the same time updating everyone of her new address. These would be wonderful for this special occasion.

  137. Abbie Says:

    I would use the minicards with our favors. What a fun giveaway!

  138. soontobemrsjacobs Says:

    i love the mini cards…i want to have 100 different cards with photos to attach to our wedding favors! thank you!

  139. megan Says:

    oh i love MOO! We used MOO postcards for our save the dates! I would use the notecards as holiday cards with a picture from our wedding :-)

  140. Lauren Says:

    my sister is just getting started an artist – I just built her webpage, and would love to surprise her with a set of mini cards to use as business cards, with pictures of her art on the back!

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