Snowden Flood plate series

Forget plain white plates…go for some color with these Snowden Flood beauties added to your registry!

[images from Three Potato Four]

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3 Comments to “Snowden Flood plate series”

  1. Martha Says:

    Brooklyn Bride,
    I really enjoy your blog, appreciate that you are no longer planning your wedding, and love your advocacy for local talented designers . . . but, if your blog is no longer going to be about weddings and is now going to be about home accessories, maybe you should change the name?

  2. Vane Says:


    my blog most definitely is still about weddings…the home accessories i may or may not post about are to show that you can find inspiration everywhere…not just from things deemed “wedding”, but from the everyday.

  3. Martha Says:

    Thanks for responding. I see your point. Keep up the good work.

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