Minted calligraphy

Did you know Minted does calligraphy now? I just did a post for their blog all about Betsy Dunlap, my favorite calligrapher, so head over and check it out.

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6 Comments to “Minted calligraphy”

  1. milkfed press blog Says:

    I love Betsy Dunlap’s work! It looks great in this green!

  2. B'crat Says:

    Question — BklynBride — which of Betsy’s styles is that on your envelopes — I love it, but my fiance and I have been arguing about whether it’s style one or two. Can you help?

  3. Kate Says:

    I love her work. I love the Jill and Sophie.

  4. Vane Says:

    if you’re basing it on what Minted is showing, its definitely closer to style 1, but I actually hired Betsy before Minted, so its based on one of Betsy’s but I asked her to make it a little more readable.

  5. Carlene Says:

    whoa… thats delicious! :D

  6. Kate Says:

    Is Betsy only working through Minted now? I hope not.

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