Russell + Hazel Giveaway!

OK, you probably can’t tell since I’m behind a computer and you’re wherever you are, but I am SUPER excited for this week! Ever since the newRussell + Hazel wedding binders came out, I’ve been waiting to get my hands on one to play with…I mean seriously, these are pretty much the coolest planners out on the market right now..and better yet, designed by Anne Chertoff of iVillage! And guess what….they’re letting me give away THREE (thats right, 3!) sets to you guys!!

The set includes:
– Signature Binder
– 12 Section tabs with pockets
– Planning notebook
– Organized adhesive note set
– Sheet protectors
– 2 business card pages
– 10 8-1/2 x 11″ pages
– 5 Multi Format pages (holds 11 x 17″ or 8-1/2 x 11″)

So this is how we’re going to do this….leave a comment below with what you’re using as a wedding binder currently and why you need a new Russell + Hazel one, and we’ll pick 3 winners to get the binder set of their choice! Contest ends July 4th, so get those comments in.

[image from Russell + Hazel]

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151 Comments to “Russell + Hazel Giveaway!”

  1. fontaneg Says:

    Currently I’m using a three ring binder that used to hold some stuff for school to keep all my informaiton. Kind of beat up, actually. It was either that or my trusty junior high school Trapper Keeper. That and my flash drive for pictures. It would be great to have one place to keep all the information (contracts, cards, and all other odd-shaped brochures).

  2. Says:

    I am currently using a binder I put together myself out of a plain binder I already had. I could use the Russell + Hazel” binder because it has more room for more stuff so it isn’t just loose (like in mine) and I fear in mine I am missing some important parts. I have no where to keep business cards and though my binder is tabbed it’s still only half organized. I am on a tight budget, so buying a wedding binder seemed like a silly use of my limited funds.

  3. Kelly Says:

    I am currently using an Excel spreadsheet that I keep on my flash drive. I’d like to get into something like the Russel & Hazel so that I can keep pics, brochures, etc together.

    I never win anything so I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one :)

  4. Valerie Says:

    I’m currently not using an organizer (shows just how organize I am). I have a clear plastic box where I put all the wedding stuff I’ve been collecting (i.e., fabric swatches, business cards, place card holders etc). Unfortunately, the box is overflowing so now I have another pile on top of the box with more stuff (tote bag samples, invitation samples, etc). My tiny NYC apartment is overrun with wedding stuff. I also keep an Excel spreadsheet to track costs, contracts, and payments. I could definitely use a wedding organizer (case in point: I forgot to mail off a second payment to my band; just remembered it was due today and now the payment is going to be late). I’m clearly in desperate need of a one-stop organizer.

  5. mishmash29 Says:

    I got the Office Basics Project Binder ( as a gift from my DOC. While the “binder” (it doesn’t have rings that open/close – just a lot of folders that are bound together) could work in theory, I have so many papers that the thing is so freaking heavy I can’t take it with me anywhere! That means I have to take out only the papers that I need that day, and hope they don’t get crumpled/lost & that I remembered to bring everything that I need. I also have to be choosy with what I put in there, as too many papers rips the folders inside and it won’t close. The Russel + Hazel binder would help me feel less frazzled, more organized, & super awesome.

  6. kerac5 Says:

    I need a binder! I have a pile of folders under my bed currently, and soon I’ll be traveling back and forth from my destination wedding and I can’t take a bunch of folders! I’m feeling scattered and a bit overwhelmed–help me get organized!

  7. liz Says:

    i’m currently using a vera bradley “pocket folio” and while it is very useful, i am not really a vera bradley type girl – it’s too cutesy for me – i really like the look of these russell and hazel binders

  8. Bree H. Says:

    Oh I desperately need help with my organization! I am currently utilizing an accordian file along with spreadsheets on my laptop. :)

  9. s.watanabe Says:

    Exciting! I am just starting to plan and have been researching…planning. A system like this would be a perfect way to start things off right.

  10. Abby Says:

    Oooh! I actually don’t have anything right now but a stack of papers. I am in desperate need of some organization!

  11. Jessica Says:

    I’m currently using a cheap 3 ring binder that I got at Kroger. I’d love to have one with pockets and business card slots. Things constantly fall out of my current binder since the rings don’t fully close.

  12. Nina Says:

    In great need of a wedding binder (or my “wedding trapper keeper” as my soon-to-be calls it), I went out to a local stationary store and fell in love with these Russell+ Hazel binders. So I made my own Russell + Hazel wedding binder out of their current products (tabs, rubberbands, filler paper, etc.). I love my creation, but it doesn’t have great functionality. Lots of magazine pages falling out due to lack of pockets, many business cards lost, etc. I couldn’t believe it when I read your stationary post and I was kicking myself for not investigating it more online before buying all that stuff. R+H clearly have got me beat – but we’re on the same wavelength. I would love the real thing.

  13. Bree Says:

    I’m using a binder I “borrowed” from work. :)

    I printed out some pretty tabs in an effort to organize things, but everywhere I take that binder, I seem to leave a trail of wedding shrapnel in my wake.

    Brochures, business cards, clippings from magazines would all have a place in this amazing planner you speak of.

    I would love one! Thanks Vane!

  14. maureen Says:

    of course i just have to have the r+h binder to stylishly organize my growing wedding plans! i am currently using a plain white binder with post it notes as page dividers; not to mention, things are falling out left and right. it would be fabulous to have a place to store business cards and organized with real section tabs and cute colors to boot!!

  15. Diana Says:

    I’m currently using 8 manila folders that I keep inside the Victorinox bag that Macy’s gives aways when you create your registry with them…not very useful for keeping things organized but I have yet to find the right binder to keep all the wedding stuff, and this one from Russell + Hazel just seems sooooo beautiful and perfect!

  16. Alison Says:

    My eyes just fell out of my head- I recently gutted an ugly wedding binder I picked up from Barnes & Noble and put it inside the black and white Russell + Hazel one pictured… I can’t even imagine what a non-Frankenstein version could look like! I’M SO EXCITED!

  17. Says:

    Hi there,
    I am using a regular blue binder and Excel. Since I am just three months away from our wedding on Sept. 13th I really don’t need a new organizer as beatuful and functional as the Russell + Hazel one is. However, my future sister in law (and bridesmaid) just got engaged (whoohoo) and is planning a wedding for Summer 2009. She is travelling around Asia until our wedding in Sept. so she is going to need all the help she can get when she gets home ;) I would love to surprise her with this little gem.

  18. leighanne Says:

    My wedding is in September and I am still relying on my teacher binder. While I was teaching school I was so overwhelmed with grading papers and planning a wedding that I started stuffing magazine cutouts and post its with important numbers on one side of the binder and student’s papers that needed to be graded on the other! School just ended and I am still carrying around a binder that says, “Teacher’s care,” on the cover. Help me.

  19. sarah Says:

    oh my goodness!!!! i basically gave up on finding a *cute* and practical wedding organizer! this is rather embarrasing but i’ve been using a tiny drawer in my craft table for everything wedding-related! it’s horrible! i’m the worst at organizing – no folders, tabs, nothing … just been chucking it all in the little drawer so when it comes time to pull out certain info, i get to pull everything out and dig till i find it. the russell + hazel binder would be a LIFESAVER! *and* i’d be proud to carry it around to meet vendors, etc.! ;o) what a great contest!! yay!

  20. Michelle Says:

    Right now I am using a white 3 ring binder with some folders that was a left over from a job I had 3 years ago. Our wedding is exactly 11 months away and vendor meetings are really picking up. It would be nice to go to these and pull out a great wedding binder rather than the “hand me down, it’s not pretty, but it works” binder I’ve got going on right now.

  21. jbb Says:

    pretty sad to say but my organizer is an elementary composition book along with pull outs that i’ve been saving and an envelope. we’re currently living in our parents place and have zero space for anything, so having a fantastic organized would be so sweet and needless to say useful for the not so organized person I am….

  22. Suzie Says:

    i am using the pockets of various bags!

  23. Naomi Says:

    I officially have a Binder A and a Binder B. Binder A is one I purchased from the book store BUT it doesn’t allow me to insert my own pages… so all of the cutouts I’ve been gathering from magazines are kept in a separate binder :( … I like my system but it is definitely heavy!

  24. Beanorama Says:

    Well, I don’t have a wedding planner, because it’s my best friend who is getting married.

    As the ultimate bridesmaid & best friend who hasn’t yet given an engagement gift other than a ring pop, this would be a fun little present to give my gal during her planning.

    She is using a hand-me-down planner from circa 1995.

  25. Amy Says:

    I think my fiance would enjoy this more than me! Since getting engaged I have become wedding magazine (and blog) obsessed, which means I have print outs, cut outs, tear outs laying in a messy pile in our apartment! Help!

  26. melanie Says:

    I have been checking to see when the Russell + Hazel binders would be available ever since you posted about them!! I tried to convince myself to just use a nice accordian file folder, but just the trip home from Target banged it up and made me sad. I am in desperate need of a lovely filing system as I am JUST getting started on planning and the magazine clippings, computer printouts and the like are already overwhelming! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  27. HappyAmy Says:

    You have NO idea how excited I am right now….I am currently NOT using a binder bc I had been waiting to splurge on the Russel and Hazel “home management” binder to use as a wedding binder. When I found out recently about the new wedding binder I was SO happy! I planned on asking for it for my birthday, but my bday would be made oh so much sweeter if I won it! It is so gorgeous!

  28. an infinite debt Says:

    Oh goodness ~ Currently I’m not using anything! Seriously. I have a bunch of cut-outs and scrap pieces of paper stuffed inside a Wedding Magazine and then some random bits of info in my email account. And to top it off, my wedding’s only four months away! This give-away just made me realize how unorganized I truly am! It certainly would be nice to organize my thoughts, ideas, vendors in style ~ Please help me!

  29. Amanda Says:

    Umm, a pile of chicken-scratch written notes, vendor contracts and rumpled magazine pages? I need help!

  30. Jennie Says:

    Today I’m using a small, ill-suited to the purpose notebook with one pocket. It’s ok for jotting down ideas, but less ok for holding contracts (which are increasing in number and jargon) and magazine pages. I’m looking forward to throwing one stylish, hip and irreverent wedding next May, and darn it, I need to set the tone with my organizing too.

  31. dani b. Says:

    i am using a lime green, binder that i bought on clearance at target. i had to buy dividers and folders and even those clear folio sleeves to be able to store allll of my info and pages i rip from magazines! it is overflowing with all of my goodies that i have found so i could really use something new!

  32. Stephanie Says:

    I’m using a Russel Hazel 3-ring binder that’s 5 years old. I’m their biggest fan so an upgrade surely be a treat! I also am running out of room and have drugstore dividers that keep falling out!

  33. Chontichar Says:

    Basically not using anything efficient. My organization as of right now are yellow & green post-its, torn out notebook paper or pads and it is all collected into a few manila folders. I also email random notes to and from my work email to my home email address to give me reminders of things I need to do or checkout. Seriously, I am in desperate need of a organized unit that will allow me to insert & remove things randomly. Plus, I am doing my own wedding planning from invites to floral centerpieces. Please help my make my day a success with the Russell + Hazel binder unit. :)

  34. onetensullivan Says:

    Im using a 75cent muji recycled lined notebook, it keeps me focused as I can only tape only my most favorite clippings of inspiration. It looks like a fabulous treasure hunt, rather than a binder that looks like the ones i use for work! its easy to travel with and make notes in along the way. Plus its green!

  35. Anne Says:

    I started keeping all clippings in a binder. But then moved to everything electronic – google reader, google docs, google notebook, excel spreadsheets and many powerpoint presentation. We live in NY and are getting married in Michigan, so the electronic files helped keep the families posted. But some files have gotten too big to email, so now I have a flash drive to travel with me and I have printed out 40 page presentations for all. Now that I am in Michigan meeting with vendors, I wish I had hardcopies of everything and soon I will need a place for the contracts and contact info.

  36. Samantha Says:

    I’m using a blue old school spiral notebook- ha! It’s overflowing and overstuffed. It resides in a wicker basket that was originally a sandwich tray from Whole Foods. The evolution from local to destination wedding has taken quite a toll on the notebook needless to say. While traveling with it, my travel mug leaked and now it also smells like old coffee. Ooooh well :) Anyway, would love a planning binder!

  37. Shannon M. Says:

    My current “planner” is a very sad looking black plastic file box I used to keep tax info in. It’s so stuffed it won’t close and too heavy to lift! Very sad :(

  38. Jordan Says:

    Is it horrible that i don’t even have a binder yet? I’m keeping my research findings in a file in my email!

  39. emily Says:

    I’m finding planning my wedding to be completely overwhelming. Trying to keep the budget under control and at the same time taking time to collect information, inspiration, etc. is draining.
    Right now I’m using a accordion folder. It’s completely unorganized and with a tight budget, I won’t be able to buy a nice binder.
    I am nervous that without a complete “wedding binder,” important details will fall through the cracks. Also, it’s been tedious trying to find the saved information I’ve collected to show the vendors! I would also really like to keep all my information protected in order to save it for sentimental value.

    The Russell + Hazel binder would help me so much. It would provide the organization I need to pull this wedding off smoothly, and no doubt even saving me from the massive amounts expected headaches.

  40. Ettiene Says:

    Currently i am using nothing. I have secretly for months been clipping things i like and hiding them so my boyfriend doesnt find them because we werent engaged. That all changed on friday when he finally after 4.5 years asked me too marry him. So now i need a planner to keep me and my ideas and vendors organized.

  41. Sally Says:

    I really need a binder!! I am currently using an old gray ‘pocket folio’ and all the paperwork I stick in there is jumbled up together. I didn’t see the practicality of buying a nice binder at the beginning of this process, but now I am questioning cutting that cost, as the disorganization mounts!!

  42. Lethie Says:

    My fiance knew I wanted a wedding binder, so he went and brought me this huge binder. It was very thoughtful and sweet, but I can’t travel with it. The Russell + Hazel binder would be perfect.

  43. Jessica Says:

    Currently I’m using a blog, google documents and a giant set of bookmarks that the boy and I cut through every few weeks. He’s currently living in a different time zone than me, so it’s the only sane way to compare information before we start crafting.

  44. Le Says:

    I am a certified city planner and it appalls me to say that I have the a pile under my bed, a pile in a shoe box in the living room, and an old fashioned spiral notebook that I tote around. Adding to the character of this system is that fact that my water bottle spilled in my purse and soaked into my notebook about four months ago. The notebook has a “quaint” warp that adds to its character. This is an excellent gift and one that will make a bride -or three- very happy.

    (P.S. Kudos to Russell+Hazel for recognizing the fact that not all brides desire the ultra feminine “pink and purple, lace and ribbon ” design. Some bride have developed a distinct design sensibility and appreciate a product that reflects our personality.)

  45. Spitfiregirl Says:

    I have not one but 3 binders!!! Yes, i’m really that anal about it…one is just for invitations (granted, i also do that for a living), one is for all things bride (hair, beauty, etiquette, attire) and the last one is for all vendor info, flowers, paperwork and inspiration boards.
    I’m using pina zangaro binders ( with plastic sheet protectors.

    Would love the RH binder since it’s stylish and equally suited to type a’s like me!

  46. LYNN Says:

    I just got engaged less than 15 hours ago! So needless to say, I do not yet have a binder. I’m overly organized about everything, and I really can’t wait to get this whole process going. One of these binders would be ideal!

  47. clarissa Says:

    I have a 3 ring binder that I’m supposed to be using. Instead I’m just ripping out pics from magazines and putting them in a wedding bag. All my invoices and contracts are thrown into the same bag. I guess I’m not very organized in that sense. When it comes to keeping tabs of payments – all that is done in Excel and my computer at work. It seems to be working for now – but a Russell + Hazel binder would definitely help! Maybe I wouldn’t need to put random post-its all over my apt to remind me of things I need to do!

  48. melissa jade Says:

    I’m using my old school binder with tabs that are too damn small compared to the clear pages that hold all my magazine clippings and receipts. I neeeed a Russell + Hazel binder to really keep my wedding organized. Receipts slip out, business cards are crowding my wallet, my mother is ON ME about contracts being treated too foolishly. I use excel to organize the guest lists and gifts and addresses (badly) I need that binder- badly.

  49. Says:

    I am currently using a binder I bought at Staples–as well as a plastic bag for miscellaneous brochures and samples. I am on a tight budget so I didn’t invest in a nice wedding oriented one.

  50. Lauren Says:

    Wedding binder!?! Ha, funny! If making do with post-it’s, emails to myself, scribbled notes that are too quickly lost, and urgent pleas to my fiance to remember something important, then I am okay….. Except that I am obviously not! A Russel+Hazel binder would not only save my sanity, but likely my marriage as well. The boy is starting to think that I am nuts!


    Thanks, love all that you do!


  51. Kami Says:

    I am the best procraftinator you have ever met. I am very organized (wink, cough, ahem, mumble). I’ve got a couple of Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s reusable bags full to the brim w/ half-completed projects and brainchild ideas. This is one project, though, where I can’t let the overwhelming feeling of disorganization stop me. The wedding is happening. In fact, I designed the invites this weekend and we are printing them this week. I would love to be included in the Russell + Hazel Giveaway…not only because I feel that I would help me stay organized and actually LIKE taking on the daunting task of getting a wedding together and having every last little detail on hand. Additionally…my cats names are Russell and Hazel(???!!!) and if that doesn’t say, “it was written in the stars!”, then I don’t know what does!

    Happy Marrying to all.

  52. heather@cheeky Says:

    As of this second I am using a hand me down Martha Stewart wedding folder that was already maxed out with all of the pre-printed pages that come with it full of wedding etiquette and the likes. I have been trying to force all of our contracts, etc into it and slowly have been removing the pages that came with it. It makes no sense and makes me feel perhaps more unorganized than if I was just shoving all our papers into a shoe box. I love Russel and Hazel products and this folder would make me feel…well to start with really cute and to boot probably a bit more organized ;) As well, my fiancee wouldn’t be as embarassed as he is now having to pull out a folder that says Martha Stewart on it.

  53. jennyb Says:

    The r&h binder would be awesome! I’m using a large binder, but it’s very disorganized. I don’t have enough folders and the business cards are just thrown in haphazardly. I also have a huge wicker basket that holds everything that I haven’t filed into the binder. I’m rather disorganized at the moment.

  54. budgetsavvybride Says:

    At the moment, I’m more than 9 months out from the big day… and I have yet to purchase a binder or even attempt to organize all the thoughts and scraps and tearouts from magazines that I’ve been collecting for the last 3 months. Basically, my “organization system” is not very organized. It’s pretty much a stack of wedding magazines and torn out pages and fabric swatches and lists on notebook paper and I’m just a hopelessly sad and pathetic little bride. :( Did I mention, I’m also on a tight budget? I couldn’t afford to buy one of these lovely, beautiful, organizational marvels that you are giving away… so I beg of you… pick me. For the sake of my sanity. (and wallet.) :)

  55. mila Says:

    i am using a paper clip!!!

  56. maileen Says:

    What binder? I have a yellow legal pad with a billion scribbles and cutouts pasted onto it. And of course, the electronic folders on my computer with pictures and various scraps of tech files. Organized? Not so much…

  57. simon Says:

    I have piles of loose papers on my desk! I need a beautiful binder to keep them in, please!

  58. holly Says:

    An old Nordstrom shirt box and a giant stack of magazines with pages folded : )

  59. Jenn Says:

    Currently I am using a manilla folder and paperclips to hold all of my information, and because I don’t want to lose any idea pages form the wedding mags I have about four dozen yellow stickies placed on the pages with things that I love. I haven’t yet purchased a wedding binder for two reasons, one I couldn’t find anything that I loved and two we’re on a major budget until my honey takes the bar!

  60. Meg Says:

    Um, I’m supposed to have a BINDER? Gah! I knew there was something that wasn’t quite right about saying “I know it’s around here somewhere” and then tearing up the living room/ bedroom/ desk/ stack of magazines to find the contract/ notes/ picture/ book. This might also explain why I did not have the picture of the cake we wanted with me at the caterers meeting this weekend. Hum.

    As for why I could use a R&H binder. Well, in my real, non-wedding life, I’m actually super organized, and relatively chic. It would be nice to smack my wedding life into line… with a stylish Russell & Hazel binder. Clearly.

  61. Elizabeth C Says:

    I am gonna be straight with you… I just got engaged and within the week I bought a wedding organizer. This one is just a heck of a lot cuter than the one I bought.

  62. Says:

    Help! I’m keeping notes on my hand and I’m running out of room!

  63. Caitlin B Says:

    I’m not getting married, but my best friend is. I’d love to be able to give this to her! She’s been keeping her clippings, inspirations, and guest lists in with her school notebooks and work binder. This would be so perfect – I think she needs a happy little nudge in the right direction!

  64. Says:

    Currently I am using a spiral bound notebook with pocket dividers as my wedding planner that I also use to take my anatomy notes in. (I’m a poor starving graduate school student can’t you tell?)

    It is horrible! The pages are falling out, paper clips are running amuck, post-its & business cards are all over the place and it is completely disorganized. It will probably take me 45784545 days to get through all my wedding scribbles and I will by that time be an old maid.

    However, if you need to know what the insertion and origin of the sternocleidomastoid muscle is I can track that down pretty fast as long as I can get through the extensive color coded highlighting.

    Really?! A spiral bound notebook how professional is that? It’s no surprise when FH and I mosey on in to wedding venue offices they ask us where our parents are. We’ll be nearly 27 & 28 when we marry so how mortifying is that?

    I NEED a Russell + Hazel binder to get my life together. Between the hardcore academia + wedding planning I am thisclose to losing at the very least my wedding estimates and contacts and eventually my mind.

    Please, please, please help a poor bride-to-be out. I just want to look like all the other put together Russel + Hazel brides. I want to be organized, I want to look super cute + chic with my new binder + most importantly I want wedding vendors to take me seriously. It’s about time I grow up don’t you think?

  65. What a small world!!! Says:

    Where shall I start….I’m currently not using an organizer but someone gave me a software to use and that thing is more complicated than anything. So I think an actual organizer would really help me. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on a nice one so perhaps I can be the licky bride to win one of these cool ones. Thanks.


  66. Kaci Says:

    Currently I am using a 3-inch 3-ring binder that I have handmade the divider tabs (I didn’t like any in the stores). I also have an extensive folder on my macbook full of ideas/budget plans/emails.

  67. ley Says:

    Um…I’m using a folder. Not even, like, some organizational office folder. Just one that you’d buy for your highschool math homework. lol. I’m not very organized. :\

  68. m+b Says:

    I’m currently using half a dozen notebooks and a bursting at the seams binder left over from college. I’ve been meaning to consolidate everything into one place and winning the Russell + Hazel wedding binder would be perfect! It has everything needed to plan and stay organized (and stylish!) I’ve been drooling over it since I first read about it. My fingers will be permanently crossed until July 4th.

  69. AnnamalSF Says:

    I currently have about 3 different “organizers” I’m using. An Excel spreadsheet including a random list of inspirational Jpegs, a box of inspirational cutouts, and a 3-ring binder of info. I’m planning a destination wedding myself- no planner and doing everything on my own. All stationary, welcome kits, wholesale flowers, etc. in an effort to save $$. I’m also trying to devise an itinerary so I know when guests arrive and where they’re staying. Needless to say, I’m juggling a lot! I would LOVE to have a beautiful binder to help me stay organized! Thank you!

  70. Allison Says:

    Our current wedding binder isn’t a binder at all. It’s a shoe box that holds clippings and copies of our Excel printouts (budgets, guestlist, etc)and vendor contracts. I keep our vendor’s business cards and my jottings in a small Mead 5 Star notebook (at least it’s college ruled!) with pockets. My notebook is bound together with a sturdy rubber band I took from a rather large bunch of broccoli we bought recently from the farmers market. I haven’t found a wedding binder that I like, so I’ve used what I already had around the house. It’s not exactly pretty, but more importantly, it’s not exactly mobile. It would be a great help to have a R + H binder so I could keep all of our wedding documents organized and easily accessible, especially for meetings with our vendors!

  71. Mackensie Says:

    I’m currently using a 5-star 3 subject notebook that I ended up not needing after I bought it for a class. Every loose piece of paper or business card falls out of the overstuffed pockets dividing the subjects…and it usually takes me a good 10 minutes to find what I’m specifically looking for! I would love love love the Russell + Hazel binder to get my wedding in order!

  72. Nicole Says:

    im currently using a recycled binder from work that is big, fat, white and ugly. of course i was oohing and awwing over the mindy weiss and martha planners a few months back because im oh-so-organized and a neat freak, but decided it would be better to put that money to use somewhere else. I would LOVE to have a cool binder like the Russel and Hazel one!

  73. Natalie Says:

    My current organization system relies upon a M.O slim expanding folio from Kate’s Paperie, which is almost filled to the gills. One section contains all my dress shopping notes/pictures/information (hidden from the view of my fiance), the front section contains everything else! In addition, I have a pile on the floor next to my bed of a few folders that includes contracts and brochures from vendors. My fiance and I just put together a budget spreadsheet over the weekend. Organizing all of our wedding information and work in one place would alleviate those stressful moments of searching through piles to find that one sheet of paper! Having this binder would also help me feel more organized and closer to the calm, cool, collected bride I hope to be.

  74. Tammi Darden Says:

    What am I using for a wedding binder? Well, that’s easy. I’m not using one at all. My “binder” is a manila folder I got from the office. I keep ideas and contracts and things I rip out of magazines in this one folder. It would be great to have such a pretty binder. I could really get organized for a change… and better late than never… my wedding is at the end of November!

  75. Lindsay Says:

    Like a lot of the above, just using a plain binder with tab inserts to divide sections. Printing off things to include. =/ Lame, I know, LOL.

  76. keira Says:

    I have been saving various photos for inspiration, spreadsheets, and address lists on my work computer, since I’m in the process of moving and things aren’t quite organized at home yet.
    Please let me have a Russell+Hazel Binder.
    There is no reason that the IT guys at work should know that I’m thinking of using feathers in my centerpieces.

  77. Emily P Says:

    Right now, I’m using a combination of a Word document and and Excel document. It works ok, and keeps everything in one place, but I can’t look at more than one thing at a time, and sometimes I need to cross-reference stuff. It seems like it would be a waste of paper to print it all out and spread it our over the table (more like the floor, since there are so many pages). I have been looking for a binder but so far nothing is offering what I need/want, or they want to charge you an arm and a leg for it!

  78. Phoebems Says:

    I started out just keeping a pile of tear-sheets on my office floor, and it’s getting so high it keeps falling over! I’d love to be able to keep everything organized and in a stable location!

  79. sparkleBRIDE Says:


  80. Amanda Says:

    I’ve been collecting images online for the past year and a half (I started before we were officially engaged… don’t tell my fiance!) I have yet to put together an actual binder as I think office store binders are gross & rather depressing and I wouldn’t want to look at it. I definitely need some sort of a system as I’m already lost in the organization of a new company I just started and with the planning of our wedding added to mix things could get out of control. I already have a mess of post it notes with songs titles, wedding ideas, and little diagrams I’ve drawn on little pieces of paper when out to dinner with my fiance that I have no clue what to do with now! I NEED HELP!

  81. Ana Says:

    Am I the only one whose entire house is currently acting as a binder?! Seriously, this stuff gets everywhere! I’m mostly trying to carry everything around in my handbag, and have recently started rolling bits of paper up and putting an elastic band around the lot. I think it might be time to get organised… So, why do I need this? So that I actually make it to the wedding!

  82. Pink Esq. Says:

    I would love this binder – first because I love Russel +Hazel – but also because currently I am using my “google notebook and a collection of random magazines with sticky notes and brochures. I know this won’t work for long – but until now, I haven’t seen a planner I really like.

  83. Jenni and Bryan Says:

    Sadly, I have my stuff all over… A note book here, a google sheet there, some jpegs at work, a whole lot of magazines at home. I definitely need a central system. Don’t want any of my wonderful ideas to get lost!

  84. Victoria Says:

    what you’re using as a wedding binder currently and why you need a new Russell + Hazel on
    Right now I’m using a binder that I’ve had and reused for classes throughout my undergrad and graduate school years, tabs that I picked up at a local drugstore, and a bunch of random planning pages that I printed out from various wedding sources. It doesn’t flow, it’s not pretty to look at, and it’s not keep me as organized as I could be. Please help!

  85. Becky and Ryan Says:

    I’m currently filing (read: cramming) everything into a 3 ring binder. I’m usually very organized but I’m printing things and ripping things out of magazines faster than I can get the poor binder open.

  86. Kelly Says:

    Ah…organization. I am using a sturdy brown paper bag to corral my ideas, business cards, massive amounts of print outs from blogs. I am absoulutely certain that the Russel+Hazel Wedding planner would not only help me to complete my wedding planning, but also complete me as a person as well! Help me build my self esteem as the keeps emailing me to remind me that I am a bad bride to be!

  87. Jessica Says:

    Right now I am using one of those acordian folders..needless to say, the acordian has seen better days and is falling apart as the wedding gets closer. You’d think as a teacher I would have an organized binder system but I have so many blue binders filled with work stuff I needed something “different”. The acordian binder got so out of hand, that my finace had to put it in its own basket that we keep under the bed! Its starting to collect dust down there…So, Im in need of a new, more organized system to keep my wedding info!!!

  88. Michelle Says:

    i’m not getting married anytime soon. which is a bummer :( haha.
    but i’m actually commenting for a wonderful and helpful friend of mine who surprisingly has a knack for wedding planning (she has shared with me her plans of planning weddings and being a personal nutritionist for free as a stayhome wife/mom.) i also am very well acquainted with the boyfriend who is planning on proposing real soon! gah i’m super excited. hehe.
    but yes, this would be the perfect tool for her. she loves to organize events (she is currently organizing various fundraisers for our church) and help people. it’d be great for her own wedding and those already on her list!

  89. Kate Says:

    This is great! I just spent 30 minutes looking on their website last night at all the great stuff and trying to convince myself that the binder wasn’t too expensive to buy! Currently I’m using two hard-sided accordian folders from Target. They’re ok…but this would be great! We’re doing a weekend long event in Seaside, FL and it’s 5 hours away from our home, so being able to put everything in one binder would be great for all the trips I’m making down there. Please please please, I’ll be your best friend!!!!! You are sooooo PRETTY and SMART. :)

  90. anexcitedbride Says:

    Because I’m low on cash, I’ve used an old binder I used in law school to stash my excel spreadsheets and random receipts, but every time I look at it, it makes me think of law school, NOT the wedding! I need to be happy when I’m planning, NOT stressed, right? ;)

  91. fastgrl909 Says:

    Oh where should I start!? I am currently using a three ring binder with clear pocket sheets full of cards, ads, etc for my vendors. Then, I have various excel spread sheets going on listing receipts, deposits, etc. I also have pages of notes that I scribble in microsoft word… no format, no cohesion! I would LOVE LOVE an awesome Russell + Hazel binder to keep me organized and sane over the next 11 months!


  92. S Says:

    I am using not just a binder, but multiple pieces that assimilate as a whole to make my ideas come to life. Little notebooks, scraps of paper, emails, etc. How nice it would be to have one binder to manage it all. That is why you should pick me to have such a snazzy binder, so that my bits and pieces may be one. E pluribus unum. Makes sense to me! Russel + Hazel, please make my dreams of unity come true! :D

  93. Jane Says:

    i don’t know why exactly, but i do not have any of my wedding papers bound.

    this is not a very good system.

    in my filing cabinet, all wedding-related ‘things’ are sitting on top, which i suppose worked out alright when i had just an agreement with the church.

    now, i have stacks of different sized papers and it’s starting to leak into my paychecks. i am worried that my fiance will open the drawer and mess up the ‘system.’

    not good, vane. not good!

  94. ellie EGG Says:

    i’m using post its and tylenol to plan my wedding. this could seriously get me on track!

  95. Selina Says:

    A cigar box, a broken solid black binder from college, a crate in the closet, a pile on my desk, a large, loose collection of desktop snapshots on my computer, vaguely titled as “ideas,” and the few nooks and crannies left in my brain are what hold my scattered assortment of wedding hopes.l J and I can’t seem to come up with a clear vision of our wedding day because everything we want to go back and reference is buried! We’re 3 months away with nothing done, but we’re sticking to the date no matter what, even if it means the courthouse. Anything would help us coordinate our ideas and make the day something special, and not resort to a shotgun wedding!

  96. Chelsea Says:

    I just started and am jotting notes/names/ideas on a legal pad & tucking business cards & magazine clippings within its pages! It’s a sad sight — reading through other people’s comments gave me a bit of a panic attack as I am certainly destined for disorganization with this method! I would love to switch over to something smart, streamlined & efficient right off the bat — before things get too out of hand!

  97. Margot Says:

    I’m using an old 3 ring binder with plastic sheet protectors for each of my categories like “ceremony,” “venue,” “honeymoon,” etc. I also have a bunch of pics on my computer in a Wedding file. It’s hard using both because everything is all over the place!

  98. Glee Says:

    i have everything in a paper folder with pockets.

  99. Michelle Says:

    I would LOVE one of these binders. I’m planning my wedding while 600 miles away from my fiance, so I need a way to stay super-organized with his suggestions, my ideas, and suggestions from my sister (who is getting married three weeks before I am). I’m currently using a little unlined journal that is dangerously about to become very disorganized. I’m doing a lot of DIY projects as well, and their contents are starting to take over my room.
    Plus, my colors are black, white, and yellow! Perfect!

  100. funkycoldmedina Says:

    One of my best friends who lives in Brooklyn is planning her wedding. I’d like to enter into this give away for her. She is probably right now using a notebook to write down ideas and is not yet even thinking about the paperwork, etc. she’s going to have to keep together. She’s a graphic designer who loves pretty things and she’s just great and I’d love to surprise her with this cool binder!

  101. eliza Says:

    Please give me something as pretty as this to gaze it as I am in the midst of sorting out all our itty bitty details! Right now I have a binder I bought at Target, which serves the purpose, but I would love something with more color, style, and the ability to provide a smile with every use.

  102. Helen, Linda, & Holly Says:

    my work portfolio is currently sharing with my wedding paperwork.. shhh don’t tell my boss! :)

  103. Rina Mae Says:

    I am actually in search of a wedding binder that can be acquired for a reasonable price and preferably in English. Originally from San Francisco, I find myself currently living, studying, and planning a San Francisco wedding in the Netherlands. I have been saving all my “ideas” onto my trusty laptop, but it would be great to be able to organize everything in creative and functional “wedding binder”. In fact, even finding a place in the country that sells a “wedding binder”, complete with tabs and other useful organizational compartments is a journey all on its own. =)

  104. Keats Says:

    I have a stack of papers, magazines, pictures, something that resembles as binder, and boxes that may or may not be empty on the bottom of the pile – all stacked on a bar stool at the end of my counter. This binder would probably help end the sleepless nights I have stressing about where everything is! Plus, my super-organized fiance would be totally impressed at his messy-turned-structured love of his life! Not to mention it helping my adorable golden retriever stop snacking on gorgeous pictures of dresses she sneaks away from the pile.

  105. Casie Says:

    I am using an old binder from College, and let me just say that the 3 rings keep getting stuck and the pages keep falling out. I would love to win this.

  106. Lesley Says:

    I’m not using a binder, or a box, or even a note book. I’m using my email draft folder to create an email that has a subject line that describes what the links I’ve pasted into the email to be. For example “Ceremony Decor & Flowers” and then I have so many links pasted into the email that I’ve forgotten what I’ve put in there.

    I need a binder so that I can print out the photos, or clippings from my magazines to keep my dreams organized. :)

  107. Ada Says:

    I’m currently using a mish mash of Post-its and random papers jammed into a Five Star notebook. I’d love this binder!!

  108. anne-marie Says:

    i’m using my office floor, a box of thumb tacks and a prayer. (my hard drive is where all the action takes place.) i would use the R+H binder post-wedding, since I’m not the scrapbooking type, to savor the madness and the memories.

  109. StickerQueen Says:

    Love it! This will sure make my
    post-its jealous! I have been called the Sticker Queen. I have them everywhere, on the fridge, around our desk and computer anywhere that has room. I just hope they will come through when the date comes closer and I need all these notes. With that said, yes! I will need a Russell + Hazel binder haha :)

  110. Megan Says:

    Well, I actually just got married in April but would LOVE to give the Russell + Hazel planner to my newly-engaged best friend. I never did figure out a good system for everything – I had my excel sheets, a basket full of fabric swatches, and two three-ring binders (both gifts) that held all my vendor contracts, wedding ideas, magazine clippings, invitation samples, etc. I have learned from my mistake of not being completely organized and would like to help my girl out from the beginning!!

  111. Lyla Says:

    I would absolutely love some stylish organizational help!!! I have a mess of sticky notes EVERYWHERE. Please help!

  112. Nicole Says:

    i am currently using napkins to keep track of contact information and important wedding-related dates. it is embarrassing. i could use this cutie binder because my desk is starting to look like the paper goods section of my local dagastino threw up on it.

  113. sas Says:

    I’m using a utilitarian black binder with sheet protectors, pages of plain paper and hole-punched magazine pages. The Russell+Hazel binder would add helpful features like the notes. Plus the planning notebook would help with all the things I know I’m forgetting.

  114. zueger Says:

    a huuuge 3-ring binder i swiped from work. oops. the russell&hazel binder would be the perfect size and relieve me of my guilt.

  115. seersucker&cashmere Says:

    Two places, 1. small black moleskin (squared of course) and 2. starred items on my google reader.

  116. Brandy Says:

    I stuff all of my lists, brochures and photos into the Winter 2008 InStyle Weddings magazine. That is currently stashed in a cabinet in my half bathroom because I can’t get my wedding act together. 9 months until the wedding (engaged for 3) and in the post engagement dumps because I’ve realized that planning a wedding is a lot of hard work and not always that much fun.

    I desperately need this planner to get my ass in gear once again. I need to be organized and confidant that I can plan a beautiful, romantic wedding and awesome party on a budget. And it would be pretty cool to be that organized so my fiance can flip through and be more involved in the planning. Please help me get myself together!

  117. Maria Says:

    I am using a binder that one of my students left behind and didn’t want. Its a little tagged up with some of his favorite Tupac lyrics. I would love something more organized because I just started a new school year(its a multi-track) and its going to be too hectic for me to find time to come up with my own system.

  118. Michelle Says:

    I think even through the computer screen i can feel your excitement for these Russell + Hazel binders- because my heart skipped a little beat when i saw your contest for them! I am a pretty organized person as it goes, with all sorts of spreadsheets and color coordination, but this binder would just make the wedding planning so much more fun. I currently have a three ring binder i picked up at Staples, but it’s just not doing it’s job with no pockets or tabs or special organization!

  119. Jasmine Marie Says:

    Just a three ring binder with dividers and colored paper. :)

  120. Maria D Says:

    Its so sad but Im using an old tack board from college and the surrounding wall to pin up all the magazine pages and other ideas. It drives my fiance crazy. im also using MS OpenNote as a folder type to organize all my findings on the computer. It enables you to have folders so its really user friendly. My wedding is actually half way around the world in Asia so it would be great to have this to keep myself organized and keep my fiance sane. Good Luck to All!!

  121. mnk ♥ Says:

    my current wedding binder? HA. my “organization” consists of a laundry basket which holds my stack of folders containing haphazardly torn magazine pages, lists of chicken-scratched ideas and the tiny “official” stack of receipts and contracts thus far. HELP! this is out of control! the laundry basket isn’t even cute. it’s cheap and white and totally bland.

  122. tina Says:

    i´m just starting planning the big day so i don´t have any binder yet and it would be the perfect time for one of these beauties…
    i was sooo often on the russell+hazel website to look through these really nice papers, binders… and i wished i could order some, but i´m from germany and they don´t ship to europe. so i really hope that i´m lucky and you choose me.
    it would be sooooo great :-)

  123. lauren Says:

    i also am using an old three-ring binder from school. though i haven’t put anything in it for a very long time. i could use something a little more inspiring to organize my stuff!

  124. Beach Bride Says:

    binder? what binder? i have a little spiral bound notebook that sheds paper bits at random. it’s not making the process for a newly engaged girl easy!

  125. roopa Says:

    Right now I’m pretending to use a big blue 3-ring binder left over from my grad school days – it says BIOSTATISTICS on the cover in big black letters. I don’t manage to get half of what I want in there, but even when I do, it is totally not wedding planning worthy.

  126. Lauren Says:

    i’m using gmail and a manila folder – it is a huge mess. I need help!

  127. Sandra Says:

    I am currently using a very generic staples plastic black three ring binder and a wedding planner binder that I received as a present – problem is that the wedding planner binder is that it is not a three ring binder, so I can’t add additional materials to it. Problem with the black three ring binder is that it is functional, but kind of ugly :) . I would love a Russel + Hazel binder, as it is both functional and aesthetically so modern and chic looking….also, I could use another binder to file all my tearouts and inspirational pages from magazines, etc.

  128. RED Says:

    no binder yet, I’ve been waiting for the ‘perfect one’ – and this is it! All the info right now is on a flash drive I tote around.

  129. dave and Says:

    Currently my the backside of my notes for my child development class are where I have been jotting my wedding plans, lists etc…I am a graduate student in social work who really could use a charming binder to organize my upcoming wedding.

  130. Genevieve Says:

    I’d like to give this binder to my recently engaged co-worker; I’m helping plan her wedding. She’s feeling totally overwhelmed and scattered, and I’d love for her to have this. I used Russell + Hazel binders and storage files for my own wedding planning and jiggered them to fit my needs, so it’s great that they’ve come up with this. Thank you for considering me, love love love the blog. And congratulations on your wedding!

  131. Susan Says:

    I desperately need the binder…my current 1 1/2 breast cancer awareness binder is no longer cutting it! I’m in need of style…and my birthday is the 4th – not just irony I think!

  132. Abbie Says:

    I don’t use a binder per se… more like Excel, a folder in my email and a stack of pictures yanked out of magazines. You could say my organizational level is at an all-time low. Thanks for offering up the giveaway!

  133. Angela Says:

    Dragging photos off of blogs & websites and into my Mac folders is my current “binder” of choice! And this is between two different Macs… ugh. I just wait for the day when I have to consolidate. I’m also keeping a notebook full of magazine tears & handwritten notes and drawings. Please help! :)

  134. librarianism Says:

    Yea for contest extension! I love, love paper and stationery and organization, but my wedding plans are scattered across slips of paper and emails and strewn all around my computer and living room. I would LOVE to have a good way to organize all of my scraps and notes!!

  135. Jess Says:

    I use a binder with tabs for each category. I have a bunch of files on my computer with anything I find online. I also have a french memory board with ideas that I can have in front of me while I’m figuring out if they will work!

  136. Neesann Says:

    I am using a purple paper folder right now that has my contracts and potential vendor information. I also have a folder labeled “wedding” on my laptop that has pictures and guest list. I have a word document that consists of pictures I have copied and pasted since I was engaged. I have used these pictures to create my inspiration board. I am a wedding blog fanatic and am constantly adding to the document of things that I love. It would wonderful to have something to put everything in. I could print of all my documents and store them in an organizer. I am currently a fourth year medical student. I love planning my wedding during my study breaks. Well, basically, I haven’t studied that much since getting engaged because honestly this is way more fun!I randomly find business cards and magazine clippings in my textbook or journal articles that I have read. It would be great to have something really cute and functional to organize everything!

  137. Evie Says:

    To my eternal shame, I am using an old Branflakes box to house my wedding plans.Everything stuffed into an A4 pad and stuffed into the cereal box. At least Im regular….. :)

  138. janet - roses or ranunculus Says:

    i have a pile of magazine rip outs, a few manila programs with contracts, and a folder labeled “weddings” in my gmail :)

  139. meredithbee Says:

    I tried to make mine out of the cover of an old encyclopedia-don’t ask. I’m pretty horrible at making anything except maybe lasagna. Anyways, it would be quite the proverbial weight off this little ol’ bride-to-be’s shoulders if I won.

  140. meredithbee Says:

    I tried to make mine out of the cover to an old encyclopedia-don’t ask. I’m pretty horrible at making anything, except maybe lasagna. Anyway, it would be quite the proverbial weight off this little ol’ bride-to-be’s shoulders if I won.

  141. Barbara Says:

    looks and sounds amazing! thanks for the chance to win. happy 4th!

  142. Jessica Says:

    I have a drawer. A big, ugly, un-bindery drawer.

  143. Lisa Rodriguez Says:

    i am a wedding planner on the gorgeous island of puerto rico! and i would love to win this organizer so that i can stop using my pleather, make believe portfolio that is weather beaten and so maybe i would look a bit more professional when i whip it out :) thanks for the opportunity.

  144. Melissa Says:

    i save all my images divided between a brown paper envelope & our computer currently! we live in brazil, where blacouts are quite common, so i’m not always able to get on the computer .. i’d love to organize myself more with one of these beautiful, sexy folders!

  145. Kimberly Says:

    Google reader, a bunch of magazine clippings I have saved over the years (kept in a folder I ‘borrowed from work’, my blog (which I keep screwing up whilst trying to make three columns) my checkbook (my thought is ’if I wrote a check to them – they must be a vendor”) and my poor fiancé’s memory (who is OCD and is having a hard time with my disorganization.) I had a binder that I created based off what I thought would be a logical order, but somewhere a long the way we decided we didn’t like each other and parted ways.
    Why I need this binder!
    1.When I think of the cost of this lovely binder – I automatically think – $75 equals a guest
    2.While I am sure that this binder will not stop the stress totally, I think it will help the panic feeling I get when I realized how unorganized I am and started fretting the I will forget something big, like finding a preacher (we actually just realized that we have not found one yet!)
    3.I am not a ‘scrapbooker’ but since day one I have saved everything through out this process with the hopes of putting it together one day and handing it to my little girl (or my little boys fiancé) when their times comes. My mother passed away a few years ago and all I have to go off is my dad’s hazy recollections. I think it would have been really neat to having something like this from her.

  146. Amanda Says:

    These binders look great! I currently have a pile of venue folders and magazines sitting on a shelf in our coffee table. I am gathering ideas in this pile and with all my online bookmarks. It’s hard to find what I need and show it to others. I can’t wait to get a binder and get all of my ideas in one place.

  147. Melinda Says:

    I don’t currently have a wedding binder, but as I keep finding random information/paperwork for the wedding it’s becoming increasingly apparent that I need to start! Maybe you’ll decide I need the Russell + Hazel binder!

  148. NaomiT Says:

    i’m currently using…nothing! i’d love something to organize everything i have thrown all over my house! i heart R&H…and your wonderful blog. thanks! :)

  149. joy Says:

    i have to confess i’m obsessed with russell + hazel.. in planning a sustainable wedding i’ve been eyeing this planner (they’re all 100% recycled)… currently i have a crazy long list of bookmarks… a coffee table full of mags and cutouts.. and a journal i stitched together using scrap paper and my sewing machine!

  150. Emily Says:

    Unfortunately, we are just using a sad old three ring binder. All of our important documents keep falling out and the Russell + Hazel binder would certainly help us stay more organized.

  151. sWs Says:

    where in nyc can i find this?

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